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APPENDIX GLOSSARY A Accent lighting: Also called display lighting, this is directional lighting designed to provide additional lighting on display merchandise, in contrast with lower ambient, or general, light levels. It can be recessed, surface mounted or mounted to a pendant, stem or track. Ambient lighting: Also known as general lighting, this lighting is designed to provide fairly uniform illumination throughout a space. Ambient lighting is generally supplemented by task lighting and accent lighting. Astronomical time-switch control: An automatic lighting control device that switches lights ON or OFF at specified times of the day, or during astronomical events such as sunset and sunrise, to prevent energy waste when daylight is available. These devices can account for geographic location and calendar date. Multi-level astronomical time-switch controls reduce lighting power in multiple steps between full light output and their off setting. B Beam angle: Also known as beam spread, the width of the cone of light emitted from a light source, defined from the center of the beam to the angle where the intensity of light is half of its maximum. Narrow beam angles create a spotlight effect while broader beam angles spread light more evenly across a larger area. C PHOTO: ACUITY Candela (cd): Unit of measurement for luminous intensity. One candela (cd) is equal to one lumen per steradian (lm / sr). A candle flame emits light with a luminous intensity of approximately one candela. Case lighting Lighting designed for enclosed cases, such as glass display cases, that display jewelry, electronics or other valuable items. Center beam candlepower (CBCP): Luminous intensity at the center of the beam from a reflector lamp, such as a parabolic aluminized reflector (PAR) lamp. CBCP is measured in candelas (cd). NONRESIDENTIAL LIGHTING GUIDE 99

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