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HRM 600 Complete Course Project Deliverables DeVry

Submit the assignment.

Submit the assignment. HRM 600 WEEK 7 COURSE PROJECT (DUE IN WEEK 8) This week your team works on the final parts of the project: the HRIS piece (included in the final project only) and the presentation. For information about what to include in the HRIS portion of the paper, review the template for the paper project, which you have been using all term. Note this portion will only be graded one time (in the final plan), and therefore has a few more points allocated than do the other parts. (See the rubric). Download the PowerPoint presentation template from the Files section of the Course Menu, and review the tips in the Grading Rubric, and the Course Project Overview area. Also, carefully read the grading rubric for the presentation, so you know upon what aspects your Professor will be grading. Your final paper, presentation, and peer review will be due in Week 8. See the Syllabus or your Professor’s announcement regarding the final due dates and time for your presentation. HRM 600 WEEK 8 COURSE PROJECT FINAL PAPER 1. Edit and synthesize your HR Plan. Editing means to consolidate and organize all parts of the plan. Use the template and create a professional document. You can create a logo for the final paper if you desire. Review the grading rubric one last time and be sure all parts are present! Teams may want to post the final version in the team area in the Files section of the Course Menu so that everyone can be sure the right version is being submitted. Once verified, the team leader should submit the plan. All teams MUST use the template documents in the Files section of the Course Menu for all deliverables. 2. Submit your HR Plan: Have your team leader upload the final plan to your team’s area in the Files section of the Course Menu and submit for grading with the title Course Project: Final Paper.

See the Course Project Overview area in Introduction & Resources for more details. HRM 600 WEEK 8 COURSE PROJECT PRESENTATION Finalize your presentation and submit it before the deadline given by your Professor. You can create a logo for the presentation if you desire, Your Professor will need it to load to the presentation area. For campus students, be sure to have your presentation ready and in usable format for the live presentation. Your Professor will schedule the final team presentations. Your professor will provide information about the virtual meeting room for live, virtual presentations and will work with the teams to schedule your presentations. Live presentations on campus will be scheduled by your Professor. See announcements and emails for more information. See the Course Project Overview area in Introduction & Resources for more details. Don’t forget to submit your assignment. HRM 600 WEEK 8 COURSE PROJECT PEER REVIEW Each team member must complete and submit a peer review for every team member. Download the template, fill it out, and submit. Note it is a weighted template with formulas, so just follow the instructions and it will work out to a number no more than 75 points for each student. See the Course Project Overview area in Introduction & Resources for more details. Don’t forget to submit your assignment. Download Now

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