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The DevOps Void & Value Stream Mapping

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In the above multi­process diagram, we can see the Data team takes: • 180 minutes of operations (real value), • 5 days of waiting (wastage), • Or 2.5% Efficiency (Value Operation / [Value Operation + Wastage]). Not exactly something you want to write home about. However, not an “untypical” in­efficiency, and a serious opportunity for improvement. Imagine if for each team could move from 2.5% to just 25%. The benefits would be enormous, and over the lifetime of a project we could be saving weeks, maybe months, of time which translates to early “time to market” and significant IT project cost savings. Enter Value Stream Mapping Originally employed in the car manufacturing space, Value Stream Mapping (VSM) is a lean method that helps you better define a sequence of activities, identify wastage & ultimately improve your end­to­end processes. A set of methods that can be applied to any type of operation, including of course IT Environments & DevOps.

Wikipedia Definition: Value­stream mapping is a lean­management method for analyzing the current state and designing a future state for the series of events that take a product or service from its beginning through to the customer. How do I go about implementing a simple* Value Stream Mapping for DevOps? 1. Select the Product e.g. CRM application 2. Select the Delivery Process of Interest e.g. Build a test environment 3. Gather the SMEs, as VSM is a team event. 4. Visually Map Current State (material flow / operational steps) 5. Identify Non­Value between steps 6. Add a timeline for both Operations (green line above) + Non­Value (red line above) 7. Review Value Stream 8. Design Future State (Optimize) 9. Return to (3). Tip: When getting started, steps 4 to 8 may initially be completed on whiteboards and simply use guesswork (in place of real data). However, for ongoing improvements, consider using tools that allow you to model your DevOps processes, track the operations and report on stream actuals. As an example, you could use the “Visual Runsheets Manager” functionality inside the Enov8 platform.

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