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Wootton Case Study

Jump Start programme

Wootton Case

Jump Start Programme Wootton Upper School 9 June 2017 – 20 October 2017 Headline: School Involved: Type of learner: Background of Programme: Wootton Upper students were given a boost to their confidence, self esteem, problem solving and teamwork skills by attending the Jump Start programme to help them focus on their future careers. Wootton Upper School, Bedford Eleven Year 9 & 10 students who are at risk of disengagement or who are vulnerable. We designed a programme specifically for these learners to help raise their aspirations, increase their motivation and develop their employability skills whilst empowering them to take control of their future. This programme is designed and delivered as 12 group sessions followed by 1:1 bespoke mentoring tailored to help identify progression routes and career pathways based on the foundation work carried out in the group sessions. The programme is also designed to instil self-confidence, to create a positive mind-set and to increase a sense of self-worth and how to set personal goals, build on them and achieve the desired outcomes. Outcomes: A variety of skills were covered during the sessions. The three main outcomes achieved by Wootton Upper students were: • Development of leadership & team working skills • Development of empathy towards each other, in the group and towards other people • A clear idea of progression routes, goals and dreams These outcomes can be used as evidence against Ofsted’s Common Inspection Framework under: • Outcomes for pupils - personal development, behaviour and welfare

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