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METHODS AND BEST PRACTICES Communication Management An established communication infrastructure ensures that projects are on-schedule and that all teams are in sync throughout the development process. Meeting Type Goal Frequency Algoworks Participants Partner Participant Medium Product Team Interactions Resolve / Clarify Project-Related Issues Daily / As Required Offshore Team Technical Contacts Conference Call, Email, IM Product Status Review Review of product status (should also cover issue status) Weekly Product Delivery Manager, Tech Lead Product Delivery Manager Conference Call, Email Product Steering Committee Steer the Partnership for Success Monthly Engagement Manager, Product Delivery Manager Executive Sponsor, Program Manager, Product Delivery Manager Conference Call

METHODS AND BEST PRACTICES Risk Management Identifying risks and creating appropriate mitigation and contingency plans Risk Mitigation Plan Environment Setup Requirement changes or additional requirements once the scope has been finalized Delay in response to queries from client’s side Delay in communicating the finalized test cases by client Delay in setting up UAT environment Attrition in team UAT not completed in accordance with agreed upon timelines Timely approval not received for the deliverables sent Have a knowledge transfer session with client Have an agreement that any change will be taken care of by the Change Management Process and authorized by the Change Control Board Agree on timelines within which client’s team must respond to team queries Agree on timelines within which communication must be sent by client’s team Calculate the time when the UAT environment is required and ensure readiness accordingly Have a Knowledge Management Plan Discuss the impact of the delay of UAT on cost / schedule Agree on timelines within which approval must be given by client

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