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Ukebladet 16


HOLD AV DATO KULTERE UT I VERDEN I år er det to jubileum som skal feires: 27.september feirer Senter for kjønnsforskning (SKF) 30 år. 28.september feirer Senter for teknologi og samfunn (STS) 30 år. I got to talk about my old & new Så hold av datoene. Invitasjon research at the seminar for Phd og program kommer etter students at the Visual Cultural Studies, hvert. University of Tromsø. Mvh Maggi, Nora, Roger og Maria Sara KULTERE I MEDIA Merete's input on reproduction is online! Enjoy!

VELKOMMEN TIL KULT! Mandag kom Deborah Scott som gjesteforsker fra Universitet i Edinburgh og hun blir i tre uker. Hun sitter på gjestekontoret. Kari Basse, the most beautiful game Stemming from the early years of the 20th century, basse emerged as a homegrown sport from the Trønder working class. As winter gives way to spring, old bike tires are cut and tangled, circles are drawn with chalk and the little ball of rubber is kicked around. We at KULT is immensely proud to continue this hallowed tradition, and as winter (boo!) turns to spring (yeah!), we will play sporadically. Inboxes will be flooded, people will be collected from their offices, and it WILL be fun for everyone! Never played before? Don't worry. Basse is not only the world most graceful game, it's also the most intuitive and inclusive. Ingvild vs Tomas in one of the first finals of the year. The editors can't quite remember who won

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Spring ’16