7 months ago

Marketing Bulletin - April

Vetpro Digestive

Vetpro Digestive Function Vetpro Digestive Function is now available to order from Centaur using the code below! Digestive Function is a natural high strength probiotic paste which replenishes the natural balance of gut bacteria by promoting friendly bacteria and helps to normalise digestive function. This marks the next step in our own branded products strategic initiative that we wish to build upon over the next few years and adds another quality product to the Vetpro range. Benefits of Vetpro Digestive Function: ✓ Helps maintain normal digestive function ✓ Promotes friendly bacteria ✓ Replenishes natural balance of gut bacteria ✓ Binds toxins ✓ Improves stool consistency ✓ Highly palatable natural formula ✓ Reduces flatulence Digestive Function - 30465207 FREE marketing material is available to support the entire Vetpro range. Order via Centaur by simply searching Vetpro.

NAG Bulletin NAG data…… Do you have the right person receiving the NAG data? Do we have the correct details? Do they understand it? Do they share it with their colleagues? Do you get it? Do they motivate the team? Do they take action depending on the data? Do they identify the weakest link? Do they praise the team when they’ve done well? For further information please contact Kath on 07712 551376 or