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Company Car & Van April 2018


CV TEST: MERCEDES-BENZ CITAN More road reports at Citan’s opening the door to the qualities of Mercedes-Benz CC&V FACTFILE Price: £19,677 CO2: 133g/km RPM for Max power: 4,000rpm Max power hp/PS: 90 Max torque Nm: 220 Load length: 1753mm Load width: 1460mm Load height: 1258mm Load volume: 3100 li Payload: 523kg Based on 109CDi Long Data courtesy of JATO Dynamics Continued from page 40 Set cruise control on the motorway and the Citan begins to drive like a car, and with a full steel bulkhead between the driver and load area is particularly quiet at motorway speeds. The ride quality itself is very good. There’s no swaying or lurching around corners and the suspension, even when empty, cossets one over the current crop of pot holes and ubiquitous speed-calming bumps. Although it looks like a Kangoo from the outside, Mercedes has beefed the Citan up a bit by including Mercedes’ own trapezoidal air intake in the front bumper, just like on the Vito and Sprinter. The front also contains a grille which includes the three-pointed star in its midriff and the addition of front fog lights and daytime running lights add to the overall style of the Citan. In this respect the Citan will score highly with those who want a more macho-looking product. Mercedes has also spiced up the safety on the Citan by offering adaptive ESP, ABS and acceleration skid control (ASR) with brake assist (BAS) as standard across the range. The radio/ MP3 player is straightforward, but be warned, there’s no CD player, as technology has now left it behind. Bluetooth connectivity was easy to set up on my mobile and a single touch of the controls on the system allows one to answer any incoming calls very easily. I mentioned the Eco Stop/Start function earlier and this helps contribute to the impressive fuel economy on offer – up to 65.7 mpg on the combined and emissions of just 112g/km. In CC&V world we averaged just over 46 mpg, an impressive result for us and one sure to appeal to SMEs across the board. The five-speed gearbox works well, with a neat quick action, although the fact that there isn’t a sixth gear available is a bit of a mystery as it really would benefit from one at motorway speeds. Talking of which, my test van was supplied with a roof box in black, which matched the exterior colour of my test van. Around town and at speeds of up to 65 mph the box generates zero noise. Accelerate above 70 mph on the motorway, however, and the noise increases exponentially. 42 | April 2018 | Company Car & Van

The revised Citan shows that clearly Mercedes has thought about its target market and created a typically Mercedes product, robust, attractive, practical and frugal, with a lot of goodies for your money. Perhaps the Citan’s ‘Ace in the Hole‘ is its dealer network, which has an excellent reputation for looking after its customers, just like its passenger car counterparts. The trick for dealers is to get potential customers to try the Citan and experience the ‘Mercedes Factor’ for themselves. If they can do this, I see no reason why it won’t continue to grow in popularity and one day be as successful as the Vito and Sprinter. CC&V VERDICT Ticks all the boxes as far as those Mercedes-Benz staples of quality, workmanship and reliability are concerned. Will make all big van users look twice when searching for a smaller load-lugger and open the door to the three-pointed star for a host of other commercial operators. Versatile, driver-friendly and delivers on efficiency. Residuals higher than rivals and will cut into any difference on initial purchase. Rating: Company Car & Van | April 2018 | 43

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