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10 th March Today at

10 th March Today at school was a full day of tests. We had 4 tests, but there is no problem because I did everything I could to pass them. Outside is sunny and I’m glad. After school I went with my friends to eat something in the town and then I went home. All I was thinking about was my puppy. I don’t like leaving her alone while I’m at school or somewhere else, but that’s it. When I arrived home she was very happy to see me. I spent the rest of the day staying in house despite the weather, but I was actually tired and I don’t know why. Well, that’s enough for today. See you! 4

11 th March I don’t have anything special to tell you today. It’s rainy here but it feels good. The rain calms me. As you can see I like to stay home, in bed. I’m lazy, but I love to do things like reading or listening to music, or playing with my dog, or watching series. Today I did all these things and nothing special. Actually I think I have the flu because I’m feeling a little tired even if I just woke up and I’m showing the symptoms. Well, that is a bag thing but to be honest I’d love to stay home and not go to school. This is the last page I’n writing here because I am kind of bored of this Diary, so don’t be mad. Actually, it was very useful for my English class. I’m sure I will get an A for this. 5

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