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CF Apr May 2018

Whether design is

Whether design is inherit or taught, one cannot disregard that the end result of a creative process will always captivate a consumer who loves the arts and all things design. But how is this design taught and what are the outcomes of this? The University of Johannesburg’s Jewellery Design and Manufacture Department is one of the few institutions in the country that equips students with the ability to design and manufacture jewellery. This month we review some of the end-of- year 2017 jewellery pieces that are products of the department’s learning programme. Each piece is representative of a student’s design inspiration and is also made according to a project brief or research title. A play on metallic textures and to the overall designs. One cannot help but admire the way in which these students explore a contemporary direction that is a more artistic, yet sophisticated experession of their design inspiration; intricate, delicate but contrastingly bold pieces that make a statement and tug at the heart strings of a jewellery enthusiast.

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