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Coupons Code: Used to Drive Revenue and Customers Loyalty

Coupons Code: Used to Drive Revenue and Customers

Coupons Code: Used to Drive Revenue and Customers Loyalty There will be a time frame when most online merchants will have to face a situation in which they will have to take a decision of whether to offer discounts when to offer discounts and how much the discounts should be worth. To provide discounts for your online store can be a very powerful weapon in your conversion to drive your customer’s loyalty. 99 Coupon Codes offers discount coupons of many popular online stores such as eparks, littlegiantladder, culturesforhealth, muttropolis, and many more. All these online stores fall under different categories and are popular in their area. There are many ways to provide discounts and offers to the customer by using coupons code, let’s go through few of them: • Free Shipping Shipping cost is one major reason for shopping cart desertion. When you offer free shipping coupons code, it is a great way to increase conversions. You can also limit this discount type to specific groups of customers and countries. Free shipping coupons code can increase the customer’s interest to purchase a product from your online store. • Discounts Based On Percentage It is the most popular way to provide discounts based on a percentage of different products by coupons code. The discounts include small percentages like 5% or 10% off, there are larger discounts that really drives sales like 20% and 25%, or you can also provide percentages like 50% off on specific products or brands. You can also easily provide these discounts according to the multiple collections of products and locations. • Pre Launch Offers This type of offers attract more customers, as the products to be launched fascinates them. You can provide the coupons code for them to be launched products which are searched a lot by the

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