Buy High quality Sarms GW 501516 (Cardarine) Powder Online

flyagina - GW-501516 powder is great for pretty much everything! Incredible endurance benefits from it are probably the most prominent reason to use this product. Of course, fat loss is at the top of the list of reasons why many people love GW-501516 powder so much. Striations and veins get more noticeable and your journey to fat loss becomes a lot easier, without the catabolic effects that most fat burners and drugs can have while trimming down. Fat loss from cardarine is a result of increased glucose uptake in skeletal muscle.

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Buy High quality Sarms GW 501516(Cardarine) powder online

1.Buy GW 501516(Cardarine) powder online:

Most of the benefits attributed to GW-501516 powder--particularly better muscular

endurance and increase fat burning are based on inferences drawn from rodent studies.

GW-501516 powder is great for pretty much everything! Incredible endurance benefits

from it are probably the most prominent reason to use this product. Of course, fat loss is at

the top of the list of reasons why many people love GW-501516 powder so much.

Striations and veins get more noticeable and your journey to fat loss becomes a lot easier,

without the catabolic effects that most fat burners and drugs can have while trimming

down. Fat loss from cardarine is a result of increased glucose uptake in skeletal

muscle. Essentially, you're making better use of the nutrients you consume every day

and decreasing the amount of carbohydrates or fat stored as adipose tissue. As a result,

cardarine is not only fat burning and anti-catabolic, but it's also a little bit anabolic as

well.That said, it does have a legitimate mechanism of action by which it may burn fat

additional.The detail benefits of GW-501516 powder are like:

GW-501516 powder enhance exercise endurance

GW-501516 powder increase fatty acid utilization

GW-501516 powder improve insulin sensitivity

GW-501516 powder helps lose weight

GW-501516 powder Improves Muscle Growth and Stamina

GW-501516 powder Protects the Brain

GW-501516 powder Benefits the Heart

GW-501516 powder Protects the Kidneys

GW-501516 powder Helps the Immune System

GW-501516 powder Protects Against Liver Damage

GW-501516 powder May Help Heal Skin Diseases

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2.What is GW 501516(Cardarine)?

GW 501516, better known as Cardarine, is a unique medication officially classified as a

PPAR receptor agonist (PPAR-RA). Research for this medication began in 1992 in a

conjoined effort between GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and Ligand Pharmaceuticals. Research

into this product was set forth in an effort to provide treatment for various cardiovascular

diseases, as well as diabetes, obesity and other conditions. It was soon discovered that

the PPAR-RA was highly effective at enhancing endurance, but it was also shown to carry

a high potential cost. It was discovered that Cardarine increased the chances of cancer

significantly, and as a result, GSK dropped all further research. However, the studies that

produced cancerous results used doses of Cardarine that were 500 to even 1000 times

the amount that a human being would take. If cancer is a risk with standard dosing is


As research continued to grow, bodybuilders quickly caught on to GW-501516 powder ,

calling it “the ultimate endurance enhancing supplement.”Plus, Cardarine’s ability to burn

off excess fatty tissue, enhance recovery, and dramatically increase endurance has made

this product a staple in every athlete’s cycle and PCT. With no harmful side effects found

in the past 20 years, no wonder why GW-501516 powder has become a legend in the

world of sports and athleticism.

3.What is GW 501516(Cardarine) powder?

Name: GW501516/Cardarine

CAS: 317318-70-0

Molecular Formula: C21H18F3NO3S2

Molecular Weight: 453.498

Melt Point: 134-136℃

Storage Temp: RT

Color: Light yellow crystal powder

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4.How GW 501516(Cardarine) Works?

GW-501516 powder is is a PPARδ agonist and NOT a SARM, but does work in very

similar ways. In this case, GW-501516 powder targets the androgen receptors that

stimulate glucose uptake and skeletal muscle tissue. Currently, it is being suggested as a

potential treatment for obesity by rapidly melting through through what’s called “fatty acid


Also, Cardarine is said to increase HDL by an average of 79% (good cholesterol) and

decrease LDL (bad cholesterol) in current Phase II trials.These help increase your HDL

levels from an enhanced expression of the cholesterol transporter ABCA1.

Cardarine (GW-501516) binds to the PPAR receptor, specifically a group of nuclear

receptors (sensors that detect thyroid and steroidal hormones in the body) that initiates

the PGC-1a enzyme. This action leads to gene expression, specifically genes that revolve

around energy expenditure.

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Studies involving GW-501516 have shown to increase the metabolism of fatty acids in rats.

It was also shown in the same studies to reduce the odds of obesity despite poor eating

habits as well as prevent Type-2 diabetes. Cardarine was also shown to increase HDL

(good cholesterol) and decrease LDL (bad cholesterol) in a study using monkeys. The

effects seemed to hold true with or without exercise.

5.Effects of GW 501516(Cardarine)

The effects of GW 501516(Cardarine) are fairly significant and may be a welcomed

addition to the stack for a performance athlete. Increased endurance may be the

PPAR-RA’s most incredible attribute. Those who use the medication will find they do not

tire out as easily and can train harder and longer. The cardiovascular endurance that

comes with Cardarine is so strong it has been shown to do away with the cardio issues

that surround the popular anabolic steroid Trenbolone. Many who use Trenbolone report

breathing becomes a bit more difficult and that cardio becomes a more arduous task.

Cardarine seems to negate this negative effect when using Tren.

The effects of Cardarine also help tremendously with fat loss. If nothing else, you’re able

to perform your cardio more intensely and longer. Further, it doesn’t carry any catabolic

effect that is associated with many thermogenics or fat burners, meaning muscle loss due

to use is of no concern. More importantly, GW-501516 has been shown to increase

nutrient efficiency. Simply put, you make better use of the nutrients you’re consuming.

Those who use the compound will find increased levels of glucose uptake and fat stores


6.The dosage of GW 501516(Cardarine)

Men and women's normal dosage is 20mg everyday. Myocardial half-life is 20-24

hours.This means that the dose is completely normal once a day.Some athletes prefer to

use all 20 milligrams an hour before exercise, while other athletes will split the dose in AM

and PM in half.It is best to spray the liquid into your mouth, swallow it, and then chase with

some juice or water.

To increase endurance:

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GW 501516 will give benefits in both endurance and fat oxidation at 10-15mgs per day

for an ideal 8 week cycle; however, 20mg per day for 8-12 weeks is the recommended

dose to get you the absolute optimum results in and out of the gym

The two most popular ways to take cardarine are either half the dose in the morning, and

half in the PM, or simply all-day dosing 1-2 hours before the workout.

The recommended cycle time for cardarins is 8-12 weeks. There will be no danger to

health of the user when used longer, but it loses its effectiveness when used for an

excessively long time. Therefore, it is recommended to take regular breaks from this

compound, and let the corresponding receptors get highly regulated.

For the effective fat reduction:

10-20mg per day for 8 weeks. Here again the combination with S4 and Ostarine is

suitable for maximum results.

Female use GW-501516 powder

As mentioned above, GW 501516 is not hormonal, and has no anabolic, or androgenic

properties. Therefore, it is absolutely safe for women to use this compound. Actually,

women who should take the same dosage as men.But since everybody's endurance is

different,so adjust the dosage according yourself,the dosage below is just for references.

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7.The important benefits of GW 501516(Cardarine)

GW-501516 powder Protects the Brain

In animals, GW-501516 powder protects brain vessels when they are under oxidative

stress.Activation of PPAR by GW-501516 powder could drive the development of nerve

cells.Additionally, it prevents blood vessel dysfunction, especially in brain vessels.

GW-501516 powder Benefits the Heart

GW-501516 powder prevents oxidative damage in the heart.It decreases the risk and

severity of atherosclerosis (plaque buildup in the arteries) through a number of

mechanisms. GW-501516 powder increased levels of nitric oxide, which protects against

atherosclerosis.It also reduces lesions and inflammation associated with atherosclerosis

in mice.

GW-501516 powder increases VEGF production from human blood vessel cells, which

triggers cell and blood vessel formation.GW-501516 powder results in an increase of HDL

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cholesterol and a decrease in triglycerides in animal studies, potentially decreasing the

risk of cardiovascular disease in patients.

GW-501516 powder Helps the Immune System

GW-501516 powder is associated with the suppression of inflammation.Activated PPAR

suppresses inflammation in the liver in animals by inhibiting molecules that contribute to

inflammatory responses.GW-501516 powder can activate PPAR which protects specific

skin cells from undergoing spontaneous cell death during the wound healing process.It

was also shown to accelerate diabetic wound closure.

8.GW 501516(Cardarine) Stacking

Stacking GW 501516 means running it in combination with other compounds. What

makes GW 501516 stand out is it can be used with almost anything (cutting, bulking or


Bulking – clean up your gains and make that bulk cleaner while maintaining size.

Cutting – totally optimal when it comes to weight loss while holding on to muscle


Recomping – perfect for building lean muscle and losing fat

The most common way to use GW 501516

is in a triple stack involving LGD 4033 and

MK 2866. You’ll have all the gains, endurance, fat loss and size gains by taking all three.

9.Does GW 501516(Cardarine) have any side effects?

The known side effects of GW 501516(Cardarine) primarily surround increasing the

chances of cancer; however, it’s not quite that cut and dry. Studies that showed increased

cancer rates in rats used doses of the PPAR-RA far above and beyond what any human

would take. Further, additional studies have shown GW-501516 decreased existing

cancerous tumors and in effect cured the existing cancer. The truth behind the

relationship with this drug and cancer is unknown at this time. Because there is a potential

relationship between the medication and cancer, we may never know the truth as it’s

unlikely any major pharmacy group will undertake any additional study.

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Estrogenic: There are no estrogenic side effects associated with GW-501516. Water

retention, bloating, gynecomastia and high blood pressure associated with water retention

is not possible as there is no conversion of testosterone to estrogen.

Androgenic: The side effects of Cardarine do not include any of an androgenic nature.

Hair loss, acne and virilization symptoms in women are not possible with this medication.

Cardiovascular: There are no negative side effects of Cardarine associated with

cardiovascular health; in fact, lipids may improve. In a study done by the Journal of

Cardiology, GW-501516 was stated to possibly reduce the risk of heart attack.

Testosterone Suppression: GW-501516 will not suppress natural testosterone production.

Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) is not needed when using this PPAR-RA.

Hepatotoxicity: Cardarine is not toxic to the liver.

10.GW 501516(Cardarine) overview:

Nowadays,more and more bodybuilders tends to buy GW 501516 powder,but what is it?

Cardarine (GW-501516) is grouped in the category of SARMS CAS 317318-70-0,

however in structure and definition, it is a PPAR modulator. As a PPAR modulator, it

activates AMP-activated protein kinase and stimulates glucose uptake in skeletal muscle

tissue. GW-501516 possesses abilities to reverse metabolism problems by stimulating

fatty acid oxidation. GW-501516’s ability to burn off excess fatty tissue, enhance recovery,

and dramatically increase endurance has made this product a staple in every athlete’s

cycle and PCT. It is considered a strong treatment for fat loss and other related


Based on its positive attributes, Cardarine may be one of the single best products an

athlete could buy. However, although not an anabolic steroid, numerous sporting bodies

have already banned it and it will show up in sports doping tests. But when it comes to the

benefits, endurance and enhancing nutrient efficiency are two benefits that are hard to

beat. It’s hard to beat this into the head of many athletes, recovery, endurance and food

itself are the three most important factors associated with making gains or improving

performance, and Cardarine does just that.

Although the benefits of Cardarine are undeniable, we are still left with the glaring

possibility of use-induced cancer. Regardless of how much muscle you carry or how low

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your body fat is, cancer is going to ruin the physique you’ve built, not to mention your life.

The odds of cancer, from looking at some of the studies that were done they do appear to

be somewhat flawed, while others scream warning. It is truly hard to say what would

happen if you were to try this drug, but there does appear to be a legitimate risk, and

enough of one to cause a very large pharmaceutical giant to completely give up on what

could have been a highly profitable drug had the cancer scare not existed.

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