How to fix all “Printer Offline” Error in Windows and Mac?


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Printer Offline

How to fix all “Printer Offline” Error in Windows and Mac?

The HP “Printer Offline” Error is generally displayed on the computer screen by

controlling printer from printing the papers. This is an offline status message which

indicates that the PC is not in a state to interconnect with the printer. In few

environments, the printer may even go into offline mode unpredictably. Let’s see

how to fix HP Printer Offline Error by explanation steps in specifics. If you want to

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The Common Step for Solution of Printer Offline Error

Step 1: Scan the system for the connectivity problem

Make sure that your printer is turned on with papers properly installed and

is well connected to the PC.

Now download the “HP Print and Scan Doctor “tools

Double click on the HP Print & Scan Doctor icon which is easily found on the

Windows desktop.

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Printer Offline

Click on the “Start” button

Select the printer and then, click the “next” button

If your screen is being displayed as” Selected product is not connected”

message then, hit the connection type, and respond to the information

provided further.

Tap on the “Fix Printing” button and then wait for the screen updates with

all new information

Review all necessary information on the screen and then, respond to the

wanted action

Click on the “Test Print” icon for verifying more issues

Step 2: Set the default printer and then, the un-pause printing process

Turn on and off the printer to make it in a ready state

Find for all specific devices, and then tap on the “Devices and Printers” icon

Find the printer icon which you have installed.

Right-click on the default printer icon and, then select the “See what’s

printing” section.

Click the “Printer” icon now and see if a checkmark is displayed just next

to “Pause Printing” and “Use Printer Offline” icon.

Step 3: Reset the printer

Now just reset the printer and then, execute a check for the connection


Make sure that your correct port is selected first and then, update the printer


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