Run Two External Monitors on an HP Laptop


Contact our certified technicians to connect an external monitor to your laptop and use two screens simultaneously for additional screen space. An HP laptop user can work virtually from anywhere and can run two external monitors on an HP laptop to make your work easy. Dial HP laptop customer service phone number +1-877-645-7494 to have quick support for HP laptop.
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HP Laptop

ong>Runong> ong>Twoong> ong>Externalong> ong>Monitorsong> on an

HP Laptop

With an HP laptop, a business individual gets the benefit

of working virtually anywhere. Although, the HP laptops,

usually seems to be restrictive and unproductive in the

office due to its small screen. There is always an option

by which you can connect an external monitor to your

laptop and can use two screens at the same time for

additional screen space. If you want to open most of the

applications or browser windows at once, then the two

screens might not be enough in order to avoid minimizing

and maximizing programs. Moreover, we have discussed

the steps to run two monitors on an HP laptop and for

further help, consult experts at HP Support Phone


Connect First ong>Externalong> Monitor

First of all, you need to log out of Windows

and power of the HP laptop.

Now, connect the first external monitor to the

white DVI or blue VGA port on the rear of the

HP laptop.

Next, simply turn on the external monitor and

then turn on the HP laptop.

Connect Second ong>Externalong> Monitor

Here, you need to launch the CD/DVD drive on

the HP laptop and further insert the installation

disc for the USB video adapter.

Next, you have to directly plug the USB video

adapter into a blank USB port on the HP laptop.

Now, you have to simply connect the monitor

cable to the video port on the USB video adapter

from the second external monitor.

At last, you have to press “Win-P” in order to

refresh the display screens and open the Multi-

Monitor configurator pop-up window.

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