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Christmas 2017

‘hello’<br />

next step<br />

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Contents<br />

6 Fashion pages<br />

naughty, or nice?<br />

14 West End Live<br />

with Greg Kane<br />

16 Christmas All<br />

Wrapped Up<br />

21 Westender<br />

Christmas gift guide<br />

28 WIN! An overnight<br />

stay at Crieff Hydro<br />

30 Writer’s Reveal<br />

meets Medeia Cohan<br />

34 Sweet Liberty<br />

36 WIN! A gift bag of<br />

goodies from SPiRiTO<br />

WIN! A Style makeover<br />

at RRI Great Western Rd<br />

37 Cocktails and Pan<br />

Asian food at Wudon<br />

39 Restaurant Review<br />

at Basta Pizza Bar<br />

41 Bar Review<br />

The Ben Nevis<br />

42 Top Things<br />

44 Artist Interview<br />

with Moy Mackay<br />

48 Legal Matters with<br />

Mitchells Roberton<br />

49 Accountancy Matters<br />

with Murrison & Wilson<br />

51 Mum’s Notebook<br />

52 Local charity Coach<br />

House Trust<br />

54 Interiors article:<br />

Scandi Christmas<br />

vs Victorian<br />

59 The Christmas table<br />

66 Hand picked<br />

Christmas tree<br />


4 | www.westendermagazine.com<br />

contributors<br />

Suzanne Martin<br />

Editor<br />

Gregor Reid<br />

Photographer<br />

Jacki Clark<br />

Fashion Stylist<br />

Nicola Maule<br />

Writer<br />

Roberto Parrucci<br />

Writer<br />

Emily Donoho<br />

Writer<br />

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the publisher.

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www.westendermagazine.com | 1<br />

www.westendermagazine.com | 1<br />

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…he’s gonna find out who’s<br />


NICE<br />

Images Gregor Reid<br />

Stylist jacki clark<br />


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top, solo. boots, daniel footwear.<br />

jewellery, liquorice tree<br />

opposite page - top, jewellery & gloves, jasmine. boots, daniel footwear

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www.westendermagazine.com | 9<br />

dress, solo<br />

shoes & bag, charles clinkard<br />

Jewellery, LIquorice Tree<br />

coat, jasmine<br />

opposite page<br />

dress, solo<br />

boots, daniel footwear

10 | www.westendermagazine.com<br />

lingerie, silks. shoes, daniel footwear<br />

opposite page - lingerie, silks

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12 | www.westendermagazine.com

www.westendermagazine.com | 13<br />

skirt, top & bangle, jasmine.<br />

opposite page - skirt & top, jasmine. boots, charles clinkard. necklace, pink poodle<br />

model erin charters @ Coloursagency.com MUA terri craig, terricraig.co.uk<br />

stylist jacki clark, jackiclark-stylist.co.uk location hotel du vin, hotelduvin.com/glasgow<br />

photography gregor reid, gregorreidphotography.com

14 | www.westendermagazine.com<br />

LIVE<br />

December<br />

Blue Rose Code<br />

Friday 1st December 7.30pm<br />

Milngavie Folk Club<br />

tickets.jmsconcerts.co.uk<br />

'Imagine John Martyn meets a young<br />

Van Morrison shipwrecked with a crate<br />

of Chet Baker records'. That’s how Time<br />

Out described the sound of Edinburghborn<br />

singer/songwriter Ross Wilson<br />

who goes by the name Blue Rose Code.<br />

His latest studio album . . . And<br />

Lo! The Bird Is On The Wing has<br />

contributions from legendary bassist<br />

Danny Thompson (John Martyn),<br />

Hollywood A-lister Ewan McGregor<br />

as well as a role call of some of the<br />

finest musicians in Scotland.<br />

I’m not really a fan of the pursuance<br />

of jazz/folk fusions but Blue Rose<br />

Code seem to have the balance just<br />

right. This version works well, enough<br />

to convince me and maybe even enough<br />

to set the bar for the many others<br />

who attempt this type of mashup. He’s<br />

steadily growing his tribe on and off<br />

the stage. Check out his Live At The<br />

Queens Hall, Edinburgh documentary<br />

on YouTube, it’s a great little exposé<br />

of who he is and what he’s trying to<br />

do.<br />

Choice Track: Blue Rose Code<br />

‘Grateful’<br />

Moulettes<br />

Monday 4th December 7pm<br />

Òran Mór, oran-mor.co.uk<br />

Moulettes are an experimental five<br />

piece folk-rock band from Glastonbury.<br />

All are multi-instrumentalists and<br />

judging by the skill and execution<br />

of their vocal harmonies all are very<br />

capable singers too.<br />

Their music does not fit easily into<br />

any musical category but it is heavily<br />

influenced by the folk/prog sound of<br />

70s bands like Pentangle and Gentle<br />

Giant. Progressive Rock is very<br />

difficult to pull off. There’s also not<br />

much payback for all the effort you<br />

have to put in as it does not attract<br />

the huge audiences it once did so you<br />

have to be committed and that should<br />

be admired.<br />

So with all this ability and<br />

commitment Moulettes have carved<br />

out a niche for themselves and are<br />

currently one of the most talked about<br />

bands on the Prog scene. They are out<br />

on tour promoting their new record<br />

Preternatural so with kaftans and<br />

tie-dye at the ready you should go see<br />

their elaborate octopus-chameleon<br />

inspired lovecraftian horror blend of<br />

progressive rock. I dare you.<br />

Choice Track: Moulettes ‘Songbird’<br />

LANY<br />

Friday 8th December 7pm<br />

Queen Margaret Union, qmunion.org.uk<br />

It’s quite unsettling watching 30<br />

year old men singing of teenage angst<br />

(They describe it as 'Make Out Music').<br />

Cynical old songwriters usually hide<br />

behind petty popstars to punt their<br />

skilfully constructed hooks, but props<br />

to LANY (pronounced Lay-Nee) for<br />

coming out from the shadows to front<br />

this electro-pop trio.<br />

In my day our quirky named electro<br />

pop trios were spearheaded by the<br />

Norwegian boy band Aha, and Take On<br />

Me was and still is an iconic slice of

www.westendermagazine.com | 15<br />

by Greg Kane<br />

pop. Can LANY get anywhere close to<br />

that yardstick? Only time will tell,<br />

but they are armed with the focus,<br />

enthusiasm, ambition and the deep<br />

pockets of Polydor Records required to<br />

succeed in the cut throat business of<br />

pop.<br />

For me the French band Phoenix do<br />

electro pop better, but LANY are pretty<br />

skilled at it too.<br />

Incidentally LANY stands for Los<br />

Angeles New York … clever eh?<br />

Choice track: LANY ‘ILYSB’<br />

James Edwyn & the Borrowed Band<br />

Saturday 9th December 9pm<br />

The Bon Accord, bonaccordpub.com<br />

This Scottish band were formed in<br />

2013, influenced by Gillian Welch,<br />

Woody Guthrie and Ryan Adams, their<br />

music is a mix of alt country folk rock<br />

roots orientated Americana.<br />

The whole thing is centred around the<br />

heavily bearded singer songwriter/<br />

guitarist James Edwyn. He’s got a good<br />

voice has our James and the subject<br />

matter of his songs are personal day<br />

to day observations presented in a<br />

reflective mood, perfect for this type<br />

of music.<br />

They are out promoting their recently<br />

released 2nd album High Fences coming<br />

off the back of a successful album<br />

launch at the Glasgow Americana<br />

Festival last month.<br />

I’ve seen many alt country acts play<br />

at The Bon Accord and it’s a perfect<br />

setting for this kind of music, with a<br />

great sounding room and a bar with<br />

one of the most extensive Whisky<br />

collections anywhere in town. All<br />

makes for a good night.<br />

Incidentally, as I was researching<br />

this band I stumbled upon The Fallen<br />

Angels Club ... a kind of appreciation<br />

society/promoter for Americana in<br />

Glasgow. If this is your bag then you<br />

should definitely go have a look at<br />

their website.<br />

Choice Track: James Edwyn & the<br />

Borrowed Band ‘Pushing Statues’<br />

King Krule<br />

Friday 15th December 7pm<br />

SWG3, swg3.tv<br />

I’ve always been a fan of the self<br />

indulgent – Krule is the King of selfindulgence,<br />

especially on his new<br />

record Ooz.<br />

Listening to the 23 year old Londoner,<br />

Archy Marshall aka King Krule can<br />

be quite an unnerving experience.<br />

It can sometimes be like listening<br />

to old school Bill Withers but after<br />

the consumption of some serious<br />

hallucinogenics. It’s sometimes like<br />

The Cure – there’s also some early<br />

Radiohead in there – and thanks to his<br />

musical parents he also draws on the<br />

likes of Talking Heads, The Pixies,<br />

The Damned, Weller and the inimitable<br />

Donny Hathaway for inspiration, but<br />

ultimately it’s all King Krule.<br />

After a very successful tour of the US<br />

in 2013 he decided not to come back<br />

home to Old Blighty so this tour at the<br />

end of 2017 is a bit of a homecoming<br />

for him. Be under no illusions this<br />

music is dark and demanding but if you<br />

can manage to commit to it then the<br />

rewards are well worth the effort.<br />

Choice track: King Krule ‘Czech One'

16 | www.westendermagazine.com<br />

Christmas Shop at<br />

The Liquorice Tree<br />

Christmas…<br />

all wrapped up<br />


Desperately trying to pass seriously slow tourists on<br />

Buchanan Street on Christmas Eve, or merely inhaling<br />

the not so yuletide aroma of wet umbrellas on the jam<br />

packed underground; just don’t go there – to town that<br />

is. Instead, here is our guide to everything you need for the festive<br />

season right here in the winter wonderland of the West End.<br />

Ican’t deny it, I love Christmas. I am one<br />

of those annoying peeps who can’t wait<br />

to get the tree up on the 1st of December.<br />

In my head I’m living in the final scene of<br />

‘White Christmas’ where the Christmas tree<br />

has candy canes and candles, snow falls<br />

silently as good neighbours wave from their<br />

horse drawn sleighs. And there is absolutely<br />

nothing wrong with wearing a Santa-themed<br />

red velvet ball gown whilst doing the<br />

housework.<br />

Granted, in reality the candles have to be LED<br />

for health and safety, I have to make do with<br />

my dog Lucy in a reindeer headband instead<br />

of the horse and well, the velvet ball gown?<br />

Primark do a rather fabulous line in novelty<br />

Christmas jumpers. Never the less, I feel Bing<br />

would be proud...<br />

So to get in the festive mood, here is the<br />

Westender’s gift to you; a guide to sprinkling<br />

some Christmas cheer.

For The Christmas Home<br />

Christmas first and foremost is about<br />

togetherness and having your home as<br />

Hygge as possible is a priority. First stop in<br />

achieving this is the West End wonderland<br />

that is the Liquorice Tree Christmas shop.<br />

Down stairs in the Great Western Road venue<br />

is an Aladdin’s cave of festive finds. The<br />

Christmas shop has decorations and gifts for<br />

every theme. Silver fine glass baubles blend<br />

with glass Christmas tree candle holders.<br />

Stunning snow globes with Scotty dogs<br />

and Labradors in the snow sit alongside a<br />

fabulous tartan selection of baubles – pipers,<br />

highland cows – perfect for sending to loved<br />

ones abroad. And as far as gifts go, there are<br />

some stunning champagne flutes available<br />

– diamante, gold or silver. Why not go the<br />

whole hog and opt for a Christmas themed<br />

bottle stopper? Liqorice Tree has it covered<br />

as far as Christmas decorations go – even<br />

stocking a snowflake handwash dispenser for<br />

the bathroom. Now that’s dedication.<br />

Along on Cresswell Lane, Nancy Smillie also<br />

has some lovely touches to complement<br />

your home. In particular the beautiful dried<br />

www.westendermagazine.com | 17<br />

fruit and wicker garlands and wreaths:<br />

round, heart-shaped, or in lengths, give<br />

a lovely natural appeal to a festive home.<br />

In the same vein, the boutique is also<br />

stocking many wooden and felt tree<br />

ornaments, super trendy and very homely.<br />

With a choice of lovely stained glass angel<br />

and Christmas tree votive holders, there are<br />

some nice optional Christmas themes at the<br />

Cresswell Lane shop.<br />

And for something a little more traditional,<br />

Shearer’s Candles on Byres Road stock<br />

an incredible amount of options to have<br />

your home smelling of yuletide yumminess.<br />

For gifts, the Highland range are beautifully<br />

packaged and have some stunning scents<br />

– Hogmanay, Red Red Rose and Ae Fond<br />

Kiss – evocative of the scents of Scotland.<br />

To get your home smelling like a full on pot<br />

pourri of all things crimbo, there are aromas<br />

such as cranberry and ginger, orange and<br />

pomegranate, frankincense and myrrh and<br />

cinnamon spice, all available in candles and<br />

home fragrance sprays. With a full range of<br />

Christmas stock still to arrive, make a trip to<br />

the Byres Road store.<br />

Yuletide yumminess at Shearer Candles

18 | www.westendermagazine.com<br />

stalwart of gift boutiques, stocks some really<br />

interesting items from all around the globe.<br />

Always a strong supporter of local artists,<br />

there are some great present ideas, with a<br />

good selection for the boys. The Cath Waters<br />

ceramic collection are striking – mugs,<br />

coasters, but so much more than that. The<br />

Culinary Concepts Huntsman range is to die<br />

for; a collection of beautiful wooden items<br />

embellished with silver stag detail. Without<br />

doubt, you won’t leave Cassiopeia empty<br />

handed.<br />

Personalised gifts at Spirito<br />

The Thought Really Will Count<br />

For thoughtful, unique gifts for all the family,<br />

there are some fabulous little boutiques<br />

on our doorstep. Spirito in Broomhill have<br />

a fabulous range of personalised gifts for<br />

him, her, young and old. Gifts that can be<br />

personalised range from oak keep sake<br />

boxes to cheeseboards and cufflinks. It’s<br />

a really nice way of making a thoughtful<br />

unique gift that extra bit special. The Crow<br />

Road store also has some stunning jewellery,<br />

unusual fragrances and the gift that no<br />

woman can resist – some beautiful candles.<br />

Along the road in Hyndland, Cassiopeia, that<br />

Festive Food and Drink Gifts<br />

Trying to think of gifts that aren’t run of the<br />

mill can be quite a chore. Let’s face it, these<br />

days if we like something, we often buy it for<br />

ourselves. So what do you get the loved one<br />

who has everything? A gift from Eusebi that’s<br />

what! This fabulous Italian deli and eatery<br />

on Gibson Street has some great creative<br />

Christmas gifts available. For the woman<br />

who has everything why not go for ‘Mama’s<br />

Night Off’, a hamper of delights wrapped in<br />

Eusebi’s own retro gift boxes. Inside, find the<br />

deli’s home-made panettone as well as an<br />

exquisite bottle of Capriana Bellini imported<br />

all the way from Harry’s Bar in Venice. Not to<br />

leave the guys out, ‘Dad’s Night On’ gift box<br />

includes Eusebi’s own olive oil, tomato sugo<br />

and pasta – everything he needs to get dinner<br />

going! But to ease his pain, the Eusebi team<br />

have also added their specially imported Labi<br />

craft beer, the only outlet for the Italian brand<br />

in the UK. And for a really fabulous gift, why<br />

Cassiopeia, a strong supporter of local artists

www.westendermagazine.com | 19<br />

not buy the Labi gift box? With a range of<br />

four craft beers to choose from, a bottle of<br />

your choice comes in a stunning presentation<br />

box with two Labi fine craft ale glasses. If it<br />

were my choice however, I don’t think you<br />

can ever go wrong with a Coffee Lover’s Gift<br />

Box: Derocci beans, with a mini panettone<br />

and a gorgeous Eusebi espresso cup. I can<br />

smell the aroma from here...<br />

For something a little stronger and<br />

gorgeously packaged, Demijohn on Byres<br />

Road is a Christmas staple in terms of gifts.<br />

Sloe gins, ginger wine, bramble scotch<br />

whisky liqueur…perfect tipples for night<br />

caps by the fire. In terms of gift ideas,<br />

the Demijohn team have great gift sets of<br />

stacking bottles, be they gin, vodka or even<br />

specialist vinegars such as Tayberry and<br />

Damson, available in sets of three or five.<br />

For a seriously opulent gift, why not opt for<br />

the Demijohn Drinks Chest – a gorgeous oak<br />

chest containing ten glasses and six small<br />

bottles of artisan liqueurs of your choice.<br />

There is also an option of smaller stacked<br />

bottles in oak presentation cases.<br />

Try before you buy at Mellis Cheesemonger<br />

And For Afters…<br />

Christmas isn’t Christmas without getting the<br />

cheeseboard out. And the annual event of<br />

queuing outside Mellis Cheesemonger in the<br />

days leading up to Christmas has more of a<br />

‘Blitz comradery’ atmosphere than any usual<br />

migraine inducing pre-Christmas queue.<br />

Pray tell the reason? Why there is free food<br />

and great service to be had! Is there any<br />

better shopping experience than tasting<br />

cheese, getting some advice about cheese…<br />

then tasting some more cheese? I think not!<br />

As usual the staff at Mellis will be delighted<br />

to advise you and this year they are putting<br />

together basic cheese boards which you can<br />

then add to for 6, 8 or 10 guests. And with<br />

the enormous array of crackers, chutneys,<br />

salamis and cured meats available, where<br />

will there be room for the actual Christmas<br />

dinner?<br />

Finally, popping across the road to Valhalla’s<br />

Goat, the staff will be delighted to discuss<br />

your wine, champers or spirit requirements.<br />

The staff at the Great Western Road shop<br />

have a wealth of expertise and can advise<br />

you based on your menu. In terms of<br />

gifts, the number of specialist rums and in<br />

particular gins available will ensure you aren’t<br />

stuck for choice. The team stock smaller<br />

specialist producers of wines and spirits too<br />

so it’s nice to be supporting the little guys.<br />

Festivities commence at Valhalla’s Goat<br />

Some unique ideas to get you started –<br />

without ever having to venture beyond St<br />

George’s Cross! I’m off to don a rather jovial<br />

flashing snowman jumper to do the ironing.<br />

Well it is November the 20th after all…

20 | www.westendermagazine.com<br />

C U R A T E D C O N T E M P O R A R Y L I F E S T Y L E S T O R E<br />

F E A T U R E D : T U B E A U D I O S P E A K E R , D E S I G N B Y P I E T H E I N E E K / 8 0 G B P<br />

6 5 H Y N D L A N D S T R E E T / G L A S G O W

www.westendermagazine.com | 21<br />

Christmas<br />

a merry west end<br />

Gift Guide<br />

for home<br />

Chrome Tube Clock £80<br />

Concept 65<br />

Seashore Champagne Bottle Holder<br />

£140, Cassiopeia<br />

Apple & Cinnamon Bauble<br />

Candle £12, Shearer Candles<br />

Copper LED String Lights<br />

£8.99, Liquorice Tree<br />

Beeswax Candles from<br />

£14-£19.50, Hoos<br />

Teatowel & Cheese Slice Set<br />

£19.95, Nordic Outdoor<br />

Mikasa 4 Balloon Glasses<br />

£45 reduced to £20, Papyrus<br />

Ribbon Clock £44.95<br />

Nancy Smillie<br />

Marbled Garland £10 each<br />

Glasgow School of Art Shop

22 | www.westendermagazine.com

for her<br />

www.westendermagazine.com | 23<br />

Blue Silk Scarf £34.95<br />

Nancy Smillie<br />

Binge Thinker Notepad<br />

£8.99, Liquorice Tree<br />

Handmade Designer Cuff<br />

£700 Cassiopeia<br />

Gift Boxed Cerise Jar Candle £20<br />

Shearer Candles<br />

Spot Print Pyjamas £45<br />

Spirito<br />

Fjällräven Ovik Fleece Hoodie<br />

£129.95, Nordic Outdoor<br />

Karl & Coco Kokeshi Dolls<br />

£35 each, Concept 65<br />

PomPom Hats from £15<br />

Papyrus<br />

Tree of Life Brooch by Gist £18,<br />

Quirq<br />

P. Kirkwood Hobo Bag £156<br />


24 | www.westendermagazine.com

for him<br />

www.westendermagazine.com | 25<br />

Stop Snoring Mug £7.99<br />

Liquorice Tree<br />

Harris Tweed Accessories<br />

from £19, Cassiopeia<br />

Golf Ball Ice Mould £11.95<br />

Nancy Smillie Shop<br />

Dale of Norway Tor Sweater<br />

£179.95 Nordic Outdoor<br />

iBeani Cushion £25.99<br />

Spirito<br />

Bookmark and Pen Set £10<br />

Glasgow School of Art Shop<br />

D42 Brass Watch by Leff £189<br />

Concept 65<br />

The Liqueur Tower (with oak<br />

gift box) £88.15, Demijohn<br />

Fingal Laptop Backpack £95<br />

Trakke<br />

Felt Bedside Caddy £20<br />


26 | www.westendermagazine.com<br />

for kids<br />

Net of Chocolate Sprouts<br />

£1.99, Liquorice Tree<br />

Harry Potter Colour Change Glass<br />

£10, Papyrus<br />

Tropical Bird Mobile £28<br />

Glasgow School of Art Shop<br />

Supersoft Mittens for Babies £10<br />

Cassiopeia<br />

Didriksons Bjornen Coverall<br />

£99.95 each, Nordic Outdoor<br />

Cuddly Penguin Toy<br />

£14, Spirito<br />

LMF Fire Starting Kit £16.95<br />

Nordic Outdoor<br />

Official Emoji Game £8.50<br />

Liquorice Tree<br />

Christmas Ducks from Dcuk from £16<br />

Cassiopeia<br />

Olesen Crochet Fox £25<br />


for foodies<br />

www.westendermagazine.com | 27<br />

Alessi Pizza Cutter £35<br />

Liquorice Tree<br />

Panettone & Amarena Cherries £20<br />

Eusebi Deli<br />

Cordial Gift Set of 3 £29.10<br />

Demijohn<br />

Joseph Joseph Chopping Boards £50 Now £35,<br />

Sabatier Knife Block £100 Now £63, Papyrus Cookshop<br />

Christmas Tea in Caddie £6.99 and Christmas<br />

Pudding or Snowmen Chocs £5.99, Cassiopeia<br />

West End Suppliers<br />

Cassiopeia 165 Hyndland Road G12 9HT 0141 357 7374 cassiopeiaonline.co.uk<br />

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A Crieff New Year<br />

Start 2018 as you mean to go on with fun,<br />

festivities and a good old knees up at<br />

Crieff Hydro.<br />

With trees twinkling from floor to ceiling,<br />

decorations throughout the hotel, and the<br />

crisp Perthshire countryside outside, you’ll<br />

enjoy your three-night New Years stay in a<br />

real winter wonderland.<br />

Their famous ceilidhs, discos and non-stop<br />

entertainment mean you can spend all day<br />

doing something completely different, or<br />

simply kick-back and relax without lifting a<br />

finger. And with all of your meals included,<br />

from brilliant full breakfasts, right through to<br />

the Hogmanay ‘Fizz and Stovies’ feast – you’ll<br />

be that well fed, you could hibernate until<br />

spring.<br />

It’s not just their reputation for seeing in the<br />

bells with a great party that makes their New<br />

Year stays so memorable (although their<br />

traditional January 1st Survivors’ Photo will<br />

confirm that) – there’s also an incredible<br />

choice of onsite activities available too.<br />

Fancy spending New Year with all your<br />

friends and family?<br />

Crieff Hydro’s ‘home from home’ self-catering<br />

lodges, cottages and apartments are the<br />

perfect base to celebrate 2018 with the<br />

whole clan. You can still have the at home<br />

experience, with all the added extras of a<br />

hotel experience – including the famously<br />

warm welcome, leisure facilities and action<br />

-packed entertainment programme.<br />

So, bring the family away for some<br />

countryside escapism this New Year or<br />

Christmas and the Crieff Hydro team will be<br />

sure to make it a magically memorable one.<br />

WIN! An overnight stay for two at<br />

Crieff Hydro this winter. Ts&Cs apply.<br />

Visit crieffhydro.com/westender to<br />

enter and follow the instructions on<br />

the page. Good luck!

www.westendermagazine.com | 29<br />

Shake<br />

things up<br />

this Christmas<br />

at Crieff Hydro<br />

Join us for a<br />

famously warm<br />

welcome, family<br />

traditions, twinkling<br />

trees and fantastic<br />

Scottish ceilidhs.<br />

Our Christmas and New Year<br />

breaks include:<br />

• Three nights’ accommodation in Crieff Hydro<br />

• All your meals<br />

• Action packed entertainment programme<br />

• FREE childcare for 2 – 12 year olds<br />

• FREE access to leisure pool, gym and cinema<br />

• Special events including welcome drinks<br />

reception and Hogmanay party in our<br />

Melville Hall<br />

Christmas<br />

Package<br />

Only £499<br />

per person<br />

for three nights<br />

New Year<br />

Package<br />

Only £799<br />

per person<br />

for three nights<br />

Self-catering<br />

breaks<br />

From £60<br />

per person,<br />

per night<br />

Book now crieffhydro.com/festive | 01764 655 555<br />

Terms: Based on two adults sharing standard double accommodation, arriving on 24 or 30 December 2017 for three nights.<br />

Subject to availability, full terms on request.

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Writer’s Reveal<br />

meets Medeia Cohan<br />


www.westendermagazine.com | 31<br />

simplicity – each page is dominated by a<br />

brightly coloured picture. Text is kept simple<br />

and pronunciation phonetic. Amongst others<br />

we are introduced to a Sikh man in a turban,<br />

a Jewish woman in a Tichel and a young boy<br />

in a kippah.<br />

The modest construction of the book makes<br />

it easy to underestimate the amount of<br />

research that went into it. The book took over<br />

a year to narrow down which head coverings<br />

to include, and in her quest for absolute<br />

accuracy Medeia travelled the world to meet<br />

faith leaders, costume curators, anthropology<br />

and religious studies professors.<br />

‘It’s a great responsibility to talk about<br />

something as delicate as faith and there<br />

is an awful lot of misinformation out<br />

there,’ Medeia explains. The research was<br />

painstaking. ‘I now know why the book didn’t<br />

exist previously’ she laughs. ‘Our research<br />

included speaking with the curators at the<br />

Smithsonian and the African museum in<br />

Washington. We also consulted with theology<br />

professors, religious leaders and faith<br />

members, and ordered every book on faith<br />

for children out there.’<br />

As well as Jewish and Sikh faiths the book<br />

features Christian, Rastafarian and Islamic<br />

examples but there were many coverings<br />

that just didn’t make the final cut. Medeia<br />

picks up. ‘The African head wrap was a tricky<br />

one. I really wanted to include it but within<br />

every African country and within that – every<br />

African tribe – there are different reasons<br />

for wearing one and different names for it.<br />

I really wanted to be sure that what I was<br />

putting out was accurate and factual.’<br />

Could you easily identify the head<br />

coverings you see around you today?<br />

Would you know a Tichel from a<br />

Turban? This was the starting point for<br />

mother turned writer Medeia Cohan who<br />

struggled to find a book for her young son<br />

which describes the different ways people<br />

cover their head to show love for their God.<br />

Hats of Faith is a brightly coloured board<br />

book covering five faiths and nine different<br />

types of head covering. Its genius is in its<br />

First drafts of the book included information<br />

about each head covering which the<br />

publisher suggested be taken out. Media<br />

was devastated. ‘I had thought it was really<br />

important we explain and rationalize head<br />

coverings. But actually when we took the text<br />

out it highlighted that head coverings are a<br />

shared custom across all faiths. What the<br />

text had done was actually emphasize the<br />

differences between faiths.<br />

The book was published in August and<br />

Medeia has been busy promoting it – touring<br />

her home country of America and getting

32 | www.westendermagazine.com<br />

involved in Interfaith week here last month<br />

(an awareness raising and celebration of the<br />

different faiths in Scotland). She is also taking<br />

part in workshop based events for families in<br />

conjunction with the Scottish Book Trust.<br />

Reaction to the book has largely been<br />

positive with many parents sharing pictures<br />

on social media of their children reading it<br />

but not everyone approves. ‘We have had<br />

some haters,’ Medeia says, with people not<br />

keen to engage in discussion about different<br />

faiths or practices. The other issue that has<br />

caused debate has been the books title. ‘We<br />

have taken a fair amount of flack for calling<br />

head coverings ‘hats’ but the book is aimed<br />

at young readers and that is the term young<br />

readers are more familiar with.<br />

Originally from Massachusetts, Medeia<br />

came to London 12 years ago to study and<br />

moved her family to Scotland earlier this year<br />

enjoying the slower pace of life here. She<br />

is keenly aware of differences in UK and<br />

American classrooms.<br />

‘We do live in a more diverse setting in<br />

Scotland being physically closer to Europe<br />

and the rest of the world. When I do school<br />

workshops here and I ask if you have seen<br />

an African head wrap or a hijab the answers<br />

are much more frequently positive – yes<br />

my mum wears one. Whereas doing that in<br />

America, even in a diverse classroom, no-one<br />

knows any of the head coverings in the book.<br />

America is very different culturally.<br />

‘I come from a very liberal family,’ she<br />

continues, ‘and find when I go back home to<br />

the States these days the Trump bandwagon<br />

Competition!<br />

We have two signed copies<br />

of Hats of Faith, to give away.<br />

Visit westendermagazine.com<br />

and click on competitions by<br />

the 31st of December 2017.<br />

is very hard to stomach. I think a book like<br />

this is really needed in America and it is the<br />

right moment for it – I want our future to be an<br />

inclusive one.’<br />

Medeia has big hopes for this little book.<br />

‘I want it to encourage tolerance and help<br />

prepare young people for the culturally<br />

diverse world we live in today. It’s a starting<br />

point for discussion on interfaith diversity.’<br />

Lesson plans are being created and will<br />

be available from the Hats of Faith website<br />

(colouring sheets are already available) and<br />

more books may follow. Medeia is keen to<br />

tackle festivals of faith next.<br />

Moreover, the amount of knowledge<br />

accumulated for this project won’t go to<br />

waste, ‘I could do a PHD on head coverings<br />

now,’ she chuckles. It is quite ridiculous for a<br />

12 page book. Winston Churchill once said<br />

that ‘if I had more time I would have written a<br />

shorter letter.’ I now realize how hard that is<br />

– it was no mean feat to create this book but I<br />

am proud that we have done it!’<br />

hatsoffaith.com<br />

Website special offer: Buy one book and<br />

donate one for half price to a school,<br />

library or children’s hospital.<br />

£2<br />

Hats of Faith<br />

OFF<br />

*<br />

RRP £8.99<br />

*Exclusive offer for WESTENDER readers<br />

at Waterstones 351-355 Byres Road<br />

branch only, by 31st December 2017.

www.westendermagazine.com | 33<br />


Neighbourhood dining. Italian infused menu. Stunning décor.<br />

Booking for Christmas. Gift vouchers available.<br />

Call Now to Book<br />

240 Crow Road, Glasgow G11 7LA<br />

facebook: Pianola&co web: www.pianolaglasgow.co.uk tel: 0141 334 6171

34 | www.westendermagazine.com<br />

Guilty Pleasures from Westender’s American in Glasgow<br />

It's Christmas! Go<br />

completely nuts with the<br />

decoration - more is more,<br />

in this case. Mismatched<br />

glasses look especially<br />


AMerican eggnog<br />

www.westendermagazine.com | 35<br />

by Liberty Vittert<br />

I start listening to Christmas music in October<br />

and my tree goes up in November, so I have<br />

clearly been waiting for this eggnog with greedy<br />

taste buds.<br />

Eggnog has many purposes: keeping the cold at<br />

bay when your central heating is on the fritz, a<br />

sweet nightcap before turning in, or (my personal<br />

favourite use) your booze/dessert in one allowing<br />

you to still squeeze into that holiday dress that<br />

just doesn’t quite zip the way it did before all the<br />

Christmas cookies.<br />

Eggnog has been around for ages, in many<br />

different forms, but really what I love about this<br />

modern day eggnog is the decoration. Easy peasy<br />

to make, both kids (the non-boozy version please)<br />

and adults can have a blast choosing their festive<br />

spirit decor.<br />

K<br />

Shopping List<br />

5 eggs, separated<br />

5 tbsp sugar<br />

1 nutmeg<br />

250ml bourbon<br />

(or whole milk)<br />

500ml single cream<br />

500ml whole milk<br />

1 tsp cinnamon<br />

1/2 tsp cloves<br />

1 tsp vanilla extract<br />

to decorate: food colour,<br />

crushed oreos, cinnamon<br />

sticks, chocolate sauce,<br />

sprinkles, etc.<br />

L<br />

Method<br />

1. Beat the egg yolks and sugar together.<br />

2. Grate in one nutmeg.<br />

3. Add your bourbon, stirring constantly;<br />

(Replace with whole milk if not using).<br />

4. Beat the egg whites to a light froth,<br />

and mix them nicely with the above.<br />

5. Stir in the cream, milk and other<br />

spices.<br />

6. Have fun decorating individual glasses<br />

for some Festive spirit (see what I did<br />

there…)<br />

7. Serve cold. Drink up!<br />



OFFER<br />

Set of 6<br />

Alternato<br />

Glasses<br />

£14.40*<br />

RRP £30<br />

*Exclusive offer for<br />

WESTENDER readers<br />

at Papyrus,<br />

374 Byres Road

36 | Westender www.westendermagazine.com<br />

Magazine Promotion<br />

The Gift of<br />

SPiRiTO<br />

W<br />

ith their direct line to The Big Man<br />

in Red, SPiRiTO Gifts on Crow<br />

Road are geared up and ready for<br />

Christmas 2017! Stop panicking, now...<br />

SPiRiTO’s Denise is predicting Katie Loxton’s<br />

clutch bags, scarves and candles will be<br />

big sellers, ‘I especially love Katie Loxton’s<br />

Hey Beautiful Pouch,’ explains Denise. ‘It’s<br />

colourful and fun and just the right size.’<br />

Marion loves the huge array of candles that<br />

are new in-store for the Festive period. Just<br />

what we need to cosy up and feel all Hygge.<br />

‘Pilgrim jewellery is always a sure fire hit<br />

at Christmas,’ says Marion. ‘Pilgrims new<br />

necklaces are elegant and very versatile with<br />

chains that can be worn long over a tunic top,<br />

or doubled up to collarbone length – two gifts<br />

in one really!’<br />

RRI<br />

I<br />

by John Parker<br />

n the run up to Christmas it’s going to<br />

be extremely busy here at Rainbow Room<br />

International. At the Great Western Road<br />

salon the team are doing some extra training<br />

outwith the salon on party hair and dressing<br />

it quickly. Our assistants will also be working<br />

on their braiding techniques in the lead up to<br />

Christmas – which is great as many clients<br />

love a braided updo for festive parties.<br />

We also have some exciting new hair colour<br />

shades from Schwarzkopf in the salon, which<br />

include blood reds, petrol blues and greens.<br />

These new shades are beautiful and perfect<br />

for clients who want to go for a bright, bold,<br />

on trend colour change for winter – or to see<br />

in the New Year in style.<br />

Finally, we are delighted to announce that<br />

Tiffanie from our Great Western Road<br />

salon, who has been with Rainbow Room<br />

International for 16 years, has been promoted<br />

from Master Hair Designer to Consultant<br />

Designer. Congratulations, Tiffanie!<br />

WIN! SPiRiTO are offering one lucky<br />

Westender reader an amazing prize<br />

of Katie Loxton scarf and clutch<br />

bag, alongside Pilgrim necklace,<br />

earrings and bracelet set (worth in<br />

excess of £120)! For your chance to<br />

win this exclusive SPiRiTO gift enter<br />

online at westendermagazine.com<br />

by the 31st Dec’ 2017*. *Ts&Cs apply<br />

Spirito Gifts<br />

317 – 319 Crow Road, G11 7BU<br />

0141 337 3307<br />

spiritogifts.com<br />

follow – Rainbow Room GWR<br />

Rainbow Room International<br />

607 Great Western Road G12 8HX<br />

0141 337 3370<br />

rainbowroominternational.com<br />

WIN! Rainbow Room International<br />

are offering one lucky reader a hair<br />

makeover in their Great Western Rd<br />

salon. For your chance to win go to<br />

westendermagazine.com and click<br />

on competitions by the 31st Dec’17.

Christmas cocktails<br />

Take a break from the hectic Christmas<br />

shopping and endless Festive tunes and<br />

celebrate another shopping trip survived<br />

by heading to Wudon for cocktails and fresh<br />

nourishing food.<br />

Based at 535 Great Western Road just up<br />

from Kelvinbridge underground station, and<br />

on the frequent 6/6A First Bus route from the<br />

City Centre, it won’t be long before you’re<br />

happily working your way through Wudon’s<br />

cocktail list and relaxing over tempting wee<br />

plates and devouring an array of Pan Asian<br />

main dishes.<br />

Whether you’re looking for some fresh sushi<br />

or a Bento box, comfort food Ramen bowl, or<br />

a tasty Katsu chicken curry, Wudon’s team<br />

of chefs freshly prepare the food which is<br />

then served straight to your table by smiley,<br />

knowledgeable staff.<br />

at wudon<br />

Westender Magazine Promotion | 37<br />

www.westendermagazine.com | 37<br />





*OVER 18S ONLY, OFFER ENDS 24TH DEC 2017.<br />

With its contemporary bar area Wudon<br />

serves up a great selection of fine wines, Far<br />

Eastern beers and sake. Or why not catch up<br />

with friends over a bottle of<br />

prosecco? This sisterly run<br />

restaurant is always ready<br />

with a friendly welcome.<br />

Wudon, 535 Great Western Road<br />

0141 357 3033<br />

wudon-noodlebar.co.uk<br />

Images I Gregor Reid

38 | www.westendermagazine.com<br />


worth £19.50, when you spend £20<br />

or more in one transaction.<br />

learn sushi<br />

gift vouchers<br />

Learn with Kumiko in<br />

her West End home.<br />

Take home a platter for<br />

friends and family.<br />

learnsushi.co.uk<br />

£85 07766 760888<br />

Shearer Candles 388 Byres Road | Glasgow G12 8AR<br />

T: 0141 357 1707 Mon To Sat 10-6pm | Sun 11-5pm<br />

* T&C's apply<br />



£75<br />

email: suzanne@westendermagazine.com<br />

for a media flyer, or call: 07905 897238<br />


www.westendermagazine.com | 39<br />

BASTA<br />

Reviewed by<br />

Roberto Parrucci<br />

@hen<br />

W<br />

you enter Basta Pizza bar you’re<br />

immediately caught by the fresh<br />

breeze of funk music, the flow of<br />

Earth, Wind and Fire and the breakbeat of<br />

Grandmaster Flash to create an ambience of<br />

true relaxation fused with the smell of freshly<br />

baked pizza dough.<br />

Yet the music is never too much, allowing the<br />

perfect soundtrack to create a blissed-out<br />

atmosphere without disturbing conversation.<br />

Playlists are all from Basta – you can find<br />

them on Spotify as Basta561, by the way, if<br />

once you leave you still have the beats stuck<br />

into your head. ‘Good times’ indeed, to steal<br />

the words of Grandmaster Flash.<br />

Basta is well-appointed at the end of<br />

Dumbarton Road where an array of small<br />

local bars and restaurants are starting to<br />

bring a wonderful local flavour in this quieter<br />

part of the Partick/Thornhill area.<br />

This bar stands out for its interior with a<br />

distinct greenish hue and several wellappointed<br />

plants bringing colours to a<br />

relaxed, cosy and friendly pizza bar. The food<br />

on offer is incredibly flavoursome – as an<br />

Italian living in Glasgow I feel a certain sense<br />

of happiness to have a quality pizza place<br />

quite so close to me. I will fear Glasgow rain<br />

no more!<br />

While the simple Margarita is impressive, if<br />

you prefer a Scottish touch you can select the<br />

(odd) but nationally much-loved ingredients<br />

within The Special, an 8-hour Irn-bru infused<br />

ham, fresh pineapple, tomato and mozzarella.<br />

My suggestion for these autumnal months?<br />

When it’s gloomy outside and you just don’t<br />

think you can take the dark nights any longer<br />

hit Basta for a rather decisive but delicate<br />

pizza with Tomato, Butternut Squash, Goats’<br />

Cheese, Mozzarella and Sage toppings<br />

(Number 3 on the menu). Being B.Y.O.B. you<br />

can just choose the booze you like and bring<br />

it with you to match your favourite pizza.<br />

For desert there’s no better choice than<br />

Basta’s homemade vanilla cheesecake<br />

which is of a density and sweet flavour that<br />

will leave you satisfied enough to begin your<br />

winter hibernation right there and then.<br />

It isn’t just good music and pizza though,<br />

Basta is your local bar, where the owner – a<br />

true Westender, will welcome you and make<br />

you feel part of the neighbourhood – you<br />

might even catch him dancing with staff to<br />

the rhythm of the music.<br />

Basta is also take-away designed so you<br />

can just pop-in and order your freshly<br />

baked pizza en route back from work, or<br />

alternatively, you can call and they’ll helpfully<br />

text to let you know when your pizza is ready.<br />

There’s also a handy fridge magnet to take<br />

home with their number emblazoned on it so<br />

that the next time you frustratingly close the<br />

door to your sad, empty fridge the next thing<br />

you’ll think is ‘Mon ya Basta!’<br />

Basta Pizza Bar<br />

561 Dumbarton Road G11 6HU<br />

0141 339 8698<br />

bastapizza.com<br />

Image I Gregor Reid

40 | www.westendermagazine.com<br />

celebrate<br />

Give the gift of<br />

of Portavadie<br />

Spa Experiences from £91<br />

Overnight Breaks from £129<br />

Surprise your loved ones with<br />

one of our exclusive gift<br />

vouchers, this festive season.<br />

Gift Vouchers from £25<br />

+44 (0)1700 811075 | info@portavadie.com | portavadie.com

@<br />

The<br />

Ben Nevis<br />

www.westendermagazine.com | 41<br />

Reviewed by<br />

Emily Donoho<br />

The Ben Nevis on Argyle Street is almost<br />

as much of an institution as its<br />

eponymous mountain in Fort William.<br />

The pub has been in this location for over<br />

15 years and was popular before Finnieston<br />

became a hub of pubs and restaurants.<br />

One of its enticements are the traditional<br />

Scottish music sessions, running<br />

Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays.<br />

It draws some of the best musicians in the<br />

city, many of them students at the Royal<br />

Conservatoire or professional musicians<br />

from bands like the Treacherous Orchestra,<br />

Peatbog Fairies, Rura, and Session A9, to<br />

name a few. Admittedly, the layout of the bar<br />

isn’t the most conducive for a session: as the<br />

bar is one room with no nooks nor crannies,<br />

it can be challenging to hear the tunes above<br />

the din on a busy night, and you have to crawl<br />

over the session to access the ladies loo.<br />

But these difficulties certainly don’t put off<br />

musicians or listeners.<br />

The Ben, as it’s affectionately known (just<br />

like the mountain), isn’t only a music venue.<br />

It has one of the best malt whisky selections<br />

in the West End. Dozens of whiskies occupy<br />

the back wall behind the bar, all the way<br />

to the high Victorian ceiling (the whiskies<br />

stacked on top of one another are supposed<br />

to represent climbing a mountain). There are<br />

about 160 of them – all the standard malts<br />

and many rare ones as well. You can spend<br />

anywhere from under £2 to over £60 for a<br />

dram of your choice.<br />

The pub has a wide selection of beer,<br />

with two rotating cask ales alongside taps<br />

with beers from local Drygate and West<br />

Breweries, as well as Tennents, Guinness,<br />

Heverlee, Caledonian Best, and others.<br />

When I had a pint of one of their guest ales,<br />

I thought the cask could have been better<br />

kept, but they may have been having an off<br />

day with the cask ale. The taps, however, are<br />

always a safe bet.<br />

The interior décor really makes The Ben<br />

stand out. Designed by the architect Ranald<br />

MaCall, it’s modern in style, but all the<br />

materials are natural and Scottish; every<br />

seat, panel, window, and wall decoration<br />

representing something from Scotland’s<br />

history. There’s a wooden beam from a 100-<br />

year old pier; there are old house-building<br />

materials, thatch and timber, on the walls;<br />

there are iron tables and brass fittings<br />

suggestive of the ship-building industry on<br />

the Clyde; and of course, Ben Nevis itself<br />

on the windows outside the bar. There are<br />

many more – you can visit the pub on a<br />

quiet afternoon and ask the bar staff what<br />

everything means. Architecture students from<br />

the university do.<br />

You can also bring your dog to enjoy the<br />

music and the drink. The Ben won the most<br />

dog friendly pub of the year award in 2016.<br />

It’s an interesting bar for its unique<br />

architecture, the single malt enthusiast’s<br />

dream, and it has some of the best traditional<br />

sessions in the city, but if you visit on popular<br />

night, you have to be prepared for it to be<br />

rammed and expect to be standing.<br />

The Ben Nevis<br />

1147 Argyle Street G3 8TB<br />

0141 576 5204<br />

thebennevis.co.uk<br />

Image I Gregor Reid

42 | www.westendermagazine.com<br />

Top Things To Do<br />

in the West End<br />

by Tracy Mukherjee<br />

Merry Christmas to one and all! Give in Scrooge<br />

and walk towards the light. In December there<br />

is no point trying to avoid the holiday spirit.<br />

Embrace the season! Whether it’s gladrags for<br />

the Christmas night out, best of the sparkly<br />

spots to have some Hogmanay bubbly or<br />

merriment at Christmas markets, here’s the top<br />

things for the top time of year.<br />

Top for Christmas Markets<br />

Avoid the crowds in the centre of town and<br />

consider alternative and unique Xmas markets<br />

available. On the 9th and 10th of December Tea<br />

Green Festive Market are holding their seasonal<br />

event in the stunning venue of the Kibble Palace.<br />

Showcasing the work of Scotland’s best creative<br />

talent e.g. Doris Does Doodles, The Canny<br />

Squirrel and Victoria Leisa Bowles, there will be<br />

a myriad of unique Christmas gift ideas.<br />

Tea Green Pop Up Festive Market 9th/10th<br />

Dec 10am-4pm, Kibble Palace, Botanic<br />

Gardens, w:teagreen.co.uk<br />

A little further afield, but with a great Christmas<br />

vibe, why not take a trip to The Christmas Market<br />

at Loch Lomond Shores. The regular Balloch<br />

based weekend market will be transformed with<br />

Christmas themed cabins and a selection of<br />

festive goodies. The market runs each weekend<br />

throughout December until Christmas Eve.<br />

The Christmas Market at Loch Lomond<br />

Shores, 19th Nov-24th Dec from<br />

10am, Loch Lomond Shores, Balloch<br />

w:lochlomondshores.com<br />

Top for Meeting Santa<br />

We all know Santa is super fast at getting from<br />

place to place and there are just so many great<br />

opportunities to have THAT CHAT with Mr C<br />

before the big day. For example, what could be<br />

nicer than having Breakfast or Tea with Father<br />

Christmas and lots of fun into the bargain?<br />

Dobbies, Milngavie is running this event each<br />

weekend until Christmas. It requires booking<br />

and can sell out, but if Santa is a tad busy at<br />

breakfast time (he does like his grub) then why<br />

not visit him in his enchanted Christmas grotto<br />

at Dobbies?<br />

Dobbies Garden Centre, Boclair Rd,<br />

Milngavie, G62 6EP w:dobbies.com/events/<br />

upcoming-events/breakfast-or-tea-withfather-christmas<br />

Dashing through the snow, Santa is also<br />

available for a super snowy chat at Snow<br />

Factor. Set in the Christmas room, you can<br />

have breakfast, lunch or dinner with dear old<br />

Santa. Then its story time with a gift, followed<br />

by 30 minutes of sledging on real snow! This is<br />

a very festive experience and one that definitely<br />

requires booking well in advance. The event runs<br />

weekends from 25th Nov till Christmas Eve.<br />

Snow Factor, Soar INTU, Braehead, G51<br />

4BN snowfactor.com/kids/santa<br />

Top for Panto<br />

Our top picks for Christmas pantomimes are<br />

two classics... both with a twist! At Oran Mor<br />

Cinderella 2: I married a Numpty is brought to<br />

you by the team behind A Play, A Pint and A Pie<br />

so you are guaranteed first class entertainment.<br />

Given that in this version, Prince Charming<br />

becomes Prince Kelvie (a G-Twelvie), you can<br />

imagine that many a local West End in-joke will<br />

abound. It seems that life with a G-Twelvie isn’t<br />

all it was supposed to be (we can all empathise<br />

there) and our heroine Cinders makes a daring<br />

escape. Promoted as an hour of 'seasonal<br />

silliness', this show is a great choice and just<br />

long enough to maintain smaller children’s<br />

attention.<br />

Cinderella 2: I Married A Numpty, Oran<br />

Mor, Byres Rd, Mon 27th Nov – Sat 30th<br />

Dec, matinee performances w:playpiepint.<br />

com/plays/oran-mors-christmas-panto-<br />


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Top Things To Do<br />

in the West End<br />

Our second seasonal selection takes place in<br />

the hallowed halls of Websters Theatre. Jackie<br />

and the Baked Bean Stock is guaranteed to be a<br />

cracking family show. With a great cast, lots of<br />

laughs and songs to sing along to, the show runs<br />

throughout December at the Great Western Road<br />

venue. The team behind this year’s offering from<br />

Websters were responsible for last year’s smash<br />

hit Snow White and the Seven Wee Muppets.<br />

With a pedigree like that, this is one not to miss.<br />

Jackie and the Baked Bean Stock,<br />

Websters Theatre, Great Western<br />

Rd, Thurs 30th Nov – Sun 31st Dec,<br />

matinee and evening performances<br />

w:webstersglasgow.com/events/jackiebaked-bean-stock<br />

Top for Full On Spirit<br />

of Christmas<br />

If anything is guaranteed to bring a tear to my<br />

eye at Christmas, it’s a choir. Therefore I can<br />

only imagine the family (XXL) sized box of<br />

Kleenex required were I to attend the events<br />

being held at Glasgow University in December.<br />

Beginning on the 1st of December, Light in Winter<br />

is a glorious celebration of music and poetry<br />

performed by the Miguda Quartet and from a<br />

new collection of poetry by Alan Riach and Henry<br />

Marsh. On 3rd December the Madrigirls perform<br />

their annual advent service by candlelight. This<br />

simply beautiful production merges carols as<br />

well as readings for the advent period. Finally the<br />

University’s Family Carol Service will be held in<br />

the University chapel on 12th December with the<br />

quite wonderful Kevin Bowyer at the organ and<br />

the chapel choir in attendance. If this doesn’t<br />

fill you with rousing joy and hope for the future,<br />

nothing will.<br />

Glasgow University Christmas Concerts,<br />

University Memorial Chapel, The Square,<br />

University Avenue, Glasgow G12, 8QQ<br />

w:gla.ac.uk/events/music<br />

Top for Meaning of Christmas<br />

Give a Dog a Bone is a charity that gives older<br />

people the best gift that money can’t buy;<br />

companionship. The charity brings over 60s<br />

dealing with loneliness together with animals<br />

in shelters. As well as helping those living with<br />

loneliness to see that adopting an abandoned<br />

pet can absolutely enhance their quality of life,<br />

the charity helps the local over 60s with the<br />

cost of looking after their pet. This can often<br />

be a reason for having to hand over a beloved<br />

companion to a shelter. In aid of their funds,<br />

a charity screening of 'It’s a Wonderful Life'<br />

will be held at the Blythswood Square Hotel.<br />

With a glass of prosecco on arrival followed by<br />

afternoon tea, it will soon be time to settle down<br />

to the absolute epitome of Christmas movies.<br />

As Clarence the Angel’s card says at the end of<br />

the movie 'No man is a failure who has friends'.<br />

Let’s get behind eradicating the epidemic that is<br />

loneliness by supporting this incredibly charity.<br />

It’s a Wonderful Life, Blythswood Square<br />

Hotel, Blythswood Square, Sat 16th Dec.<br />

w:giveadogabone.net<br />

Finally, Top for Hogmanay<br />

As if there was ever any doubt it is, of course, the<br />

Ashton Lane Hogmanay Street Party 2017! This<br />

New Year’s Eve fun fest is set to be the best yet<br />

with the usual outdoor bars, barbeque aromas<br />

filling the air alongside the high energy tunes of<br />

live ceilidh bands as well as DJs. Remember, this<br />

is a ticketed event. Get wrapped up and although<br />

we always applaud a stunning stiletto remember:<br />

it’s December, you may have consumed one or<br />

two glasses of bubbles and... it’s cobbled. Enjoy<br />

dear Westender readers. Merry Christmas and<br />

see you on the other side.<br />

Ashton Lane Hogmanay Street Party<br />

Sunday 31st Dec 7pm – 12.45am<br />


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‘O<br />

thers have seen what is and why. I<br />

have seen what could be and asked<br />

why not’ – Pablo Picasso<br />

There is a wonderful openness in the<br />

understanding that we all see things<br />

differently, with the idea of many possibilities<br />

being fundamental to the concept of<br />

creativity. A powerful and relevant message<br />

outside the boundaries of art however it<br />

is certainly more tangible when looking<br />

at an artist’s body of work and directly<br />

experiencing their unique and personal<br />

expression.<br />

The landscapes of artist Moy Mackay voice a<br />

dreamlike feast of vibrant colour with an air of<br />

magical wonder, a glimpse of a world where<br />

this colour reigns supreme and skill of hand<br />

forces the viewer to look closer and then<br />

closer again. The picture itself lends itself<br />

comfortably to the frame and glass façade<br />

but it is not as first glimpse might suggest,<br />

built upon painted swaths of oils on canvas.<br />

It’s a rather more intricate process involving<br />

layers of detailed application using tools of<br />

the traditional crafter. ‘I use merino fibres<br />

as my base, building up layers of colour and<br />

form [much in the same way] as a painter

www.westendermagazine.com | 45<br />

Lavender Dream © Moy Mackay<br />

unique<br />

eye of<br />

Moy<br />

Mackay<br />

WORDS<br />


would use paint. My set of carders, which are<br />

just like giant dog brushes is my palette. The<br />

beauty of this method is that I can move parts<br />

I am not happy with until I find the correct<br />

place for it, without waiting for paint to dry.<br />

Once finished I will cover the work with a fine<br />

mesh and then add soap and hot water to<br />

matt the fibres together by agitating,’ Moy<br />

explains.<br />

This is the first of four processes, the second<br />

is needle felting where she uses fine barbed<br />

needles to add fibres and thirdly through use<br />

of a sewing machine, but without a guiding<br />

foot allowing her to manoeuvre the work and<br />

use it for fine lines and mark making before<br />

lastly adding another level of texture to the<br />

work with hand stitches.<br />

The result is as unique as it is fascinating,<br />

a rich landscape that the iconic legend of<br />

colour and pattern, Kaffe Fassett was to<br />

comment and admire, ‘Moy’s passionate use<br />

of colour and deep texture created by felting<br />

are what draws me to her work. I also like<br />

the way she concentrates her surroundings<br />

for her subject matter – her work is very<br />

free.’ Lavender Dream is beautiful, whisps

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Prussian Sky, Plockton © Moy Mackay<br />

of fibre offer an ethereal delicacy, of stories<br />

and possibilities and Prussian Sky, Plockton<br />

depicts a scene of heightened vibrancy, bold<br />

in colour and atmosphere.<br />

Moy’s reach through her unique practise<br />

and the paintings themselves attract an<br />

appreciative global audience, one which may<br />

not as yet be fully accepted into the mould of<br />

the traditionalists. ‘I was a contestant on the<br />

Sky Arts programme Landscape Artist of the<br />

Year in 2016. It was great to receive feedback<br />

from the three judges but I fear one may<br />

have not quite been ready for this medium,’<br />

she tells me. Adding, ‘the main reason I<br />

applied was that I wanted to see if such a<br />

show, that had been mainly focusing on<br />

paint, despite being called Landscape Artist<br />

not Painter of the year, would be open to my<br />

form of painting. Since my days at art school<br />

I was always very well aware of the divide,<br />

snobbery even, that seems to exist between<br />

what is seen as fine art and what is craft,<br />

design or anything else for that matter. I was<br />

keen to try do my little bit towards bridging<br />

that gap and thought how better than on<br />

national television!’<br />

With two very successful published books,<br />

pictures hanging in private collections<br />

around the world and a third book, The Art<br />

of Moy Mackay, due out late 2018 there is a<br />

widespread fascination and love for Moy’s<br />

paintings. I am very excited about this one as<br />

it is going to be quite different from the first<br />

two. My new book is going back to basics<br />

Summer Pines, Glenelg © Moy Mackay<br />

in a way, a bit like a first year at art school.<br />

It hopefully will have more of a sketchbook<br />

feel with lots of ideas, drawings, colour<br />

swatches etc. within the pages. The idea<br />

is to take readers back to the beginning to<br />

create their own compositions, [by way of]<br />

becoming more aware of their surroundings.’<br />

This intention to give yourself permission to<br />

start again, to look differently at the world<br />

is a liberating scenario and what better way<br />

to begin a new, fresh look at the way we see<br />

than through the medium of art. ‘It’s amazing<br />

that often we don’t actually look at what is<br />

around us. Cloud formation, different lights<br />

and different times of the day, years etc.<br />

Simple things but things we often don’t give<br />

much thought to. I find when I teach people<br />

they will later get in touch saying how they<br />

have just started noticing all sorts of things<br />

around them that they may not have given<br />

much thought to in the past,’ she says.<br />

The wonderful thing is, the possibilities are<br />

endless and the results will undoubtedly be<br />

fruitful and perfectly individual, fuelling the<br />

energy and spirit of creativity and very much<br />

opening the question up as Picasso states,<br />

from the ‘what is’ to the ‘why not’.<br />

moymackaygallery.com<br />

Moy’s paintings are available in The Thistle<br />

Gallery, Park Road, and Lemond Gallery,<br />


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Primary 1 Insight Morning<br />

Friday 1 December – 10.00 - 12.00 noon<br />

Friday 2 February – 10.00 - 12.00 noon<br />

Come along to see why more parents are choosing KA than ever before?<br />

• See our P1 class teachers in action<br />

• Check out the small classes where every seat is a front row seat<br />

• Experience one of our Forest School sessions<br />

• See our pupils learn with specialist teachers in Music and PE<br />

• Learn why mindfulness sessions are so important<br />

To book a place call Lynda Andonovic, Admissions Registrar on 0141 357 3376<br />

Connect with /kelvinside1878<br />

www.kelvinside.org<br />

Charity number SCO 03962

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Magazine Promotion<br />

Legal Matters<br />

Glasgow legal firms Kerr Barrie and Mitchells Roberton<br />

set to merge<br />

Glasgow-based Mitchells Roberton,<br />

which can trace its involvement in<br />

Scottish legal affairs back to the<br />

1700s, will merge on Wednesday I November<br />

this year (2017) with another long-established<br />

city legal firm, Kerr Barrie. The merged<br />

firm will continue to be known as Mitchells<br />

Roberton.<br />

and Margot and to working with them and<br />

their experienced colleagues.’<br />

Martin McLellan, of Kerr Barrie, said, ‘We are<br />

very pleased to be bringing our clients into<br />

the Mitchells Roberton stable. As a firm, they<br />

have the same outlook as we do and they<br />

think the same way.’<br />

The merger will increase Mitchells Roberton’s<br />

complement of eight partners and 55 staff<br />

by five. Of Kerr Barrie’s two partners, Martin<br />

McLellan will become a partner and Margot<br />

Manson will become a consultant. All will<br />

transfer from offices in the city’s West George<br />

Street to Mitchells Roberton’s premises in<br />

North Hanover Street.<br />

For Kerr Barrie, which can trace its history in<br />

Glasgow back to 1813, the move represents a<br />

return to its roots: John Kerr, who established<br />

the firm, having first come to the city to train<br />

as a clerk with James Hill (a founding father<br />

of what is now Mitchells Roberton).<br />

Donald Reid, partner and chairman of<br />

Mitchells Roberton, said, ‘We are all very<br />

much looking forward to welcoming Martin<br />

Mr Reid said, ‘Both of our firms are relied<br />

upon, and trusted by, our clients. We aim to<br />

create a reassuring environment in which<br />

clients can feel safe. We share the same<br />

values and emphasis on integrity. And we<br />

have a tradition of putting clients first, rather<br />

than client value.’<br />

Mitchells Roberton Solicitors<br />

& Estate Agents<br />

George House<br />

36 North Hanover Street G1 2AD<br />

0141 552 3422<br />


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Accountancy<br />

Matters<br />

by Bruce Wilson & Simon Murrison<br />

Don’t stand still.<br />

Grow your business online.<br />

Might seem unusual for accountants<br />

to put forward the case for mobile<br />

website development but we’re<br />

also business strategists. We understand<br />

21st century business growth depends on a<br />

strong web presence to grow your business<br />

fast.<br />

‘4 out of 5 consumers conduct local<br />

business searches via mobile’<br />

A mobile friendly site is more than a site that<br />

fits a range of mobile devices and pleases<br />

Google. Any web developer worth their salt<br />

will tell you mobile design delivers a great<br />

user experience enticing return visits that<br />

convert to sales.<br />

Put simply, not having a mobile site is costing<br />

you money.<br />

a mobile website in your business plan<br />

for marketing, lead generation and rapid<br />

business growth.<br />

Do look at our own mobile website at<br />

muwca.co.uk. You can discover more about<br />

our services, meet our clients, meet us,<br />

watch videos, download free guides or read<br />

our blogs.<br />

Murrison & Wilson, CA is a full service<br />

accountancy firm specialising in<br />

business and tax planning for private<br />

individuals, the self-employed and<br />

small to medium sized businesses.<br />

Offering a free consultation, fixed<br />

and competitive fees, why not get<br />

in touch on 0141 290 0262.<br />

Consumers are surfing the web on the<br />

go – day and night. Whether it’s for a local<br />

plumber to fix a leak, find a hairdresser<br />

open late or last minute Christmas tree<br />

delivery. Everyone wants an answer, instantly.<br />

The numbers back this up with 61% of<br />

consumers more likely to contact a local<br />

business if the site is mobile friendly.<br />

Businesses without mobile sites aren’t as<br />

successful. Site visitors are five times more<br />

likely to leave a site that’s not mobile friendly.<br />

Our professional advice is definitely include<br />

Murrison & Wilson Chartered Accountants<br />

10 Newton Terrace G3 7PJ<br />

0141 290 0262<br />

info@muwca.co.uk<br />


danceSing Westender_November 17 AD_122 x 91_Layout 1 22/10/2017 12:06 Page 1<br />

50 | www.westendermagazine.com<br />

P U T T I N G T H E F U N I N T O K E E P I N G F I T<br />

First Class is a<br />


Classes run during Term Time<br />

Tuesday<br />

10.30am - 12 noon<br />

Killearn Village Hall<br />

Killearn G63 9NL<br />

Wednesday<br />

10.30am - 12 noon<br />

The Western Baths Club<br />

Glasgow G12 8BZ<br />

Membership NOT required<br />

Call<br />

Natalie<br />

07712 862823<br />

www.dance-sing.uk<br />

F u n & F r i e n d s h i p • H e a l t h & W e l l b e i n g<br />

PI ATES<br />

*Flexi-Class passes available * One-to-ones<br />

* Relaxing West End locations * Good for Posture<br />

Great for Runners, Cyclists, Golfers, Desk Workers..<br />

* Suitable for Beginners *Great for de-stressing!<br />

www.pilatesglasgow.com 0787 647 3381<br />

kerrystewart07@hotmail.com<br />

Glasgow Line Dancing<br />

Beginners Line Dancing<br />

No partner, no fancy clothes or footwear<br />

required. Fun easy to follow routines.<br />

All welcome – Mondays 6.15pm - 7.15pm<br />

Broomhill Church of Scotland, 64/66 Randolph Rd G11 7JL<br />

(Westend of Glasgow). £4 pay as you go. Please wear flat shoes.<br />

For further details contact Allison<br />

on 07783 027 757 or email info@glasgowlinedancing.co.uk<br />

For a full timetable of classes, please check the website -<br />


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Endmum’s<br />

West<br />

notebook<br />

by Michele Gordon thelanguagehub.co.uk<br />

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas… there,<br />

I’ve said it, I used the C word as many call<br />

it in the run up to the 25th. Well, I have,<br />

and I don’t care, I love Christmas! I admit,<br />

booking tickets for the theatre on Christmas<br />

Eve back in August this year did feel a little<br />

early but what can one Christmas loving<br />

person do if they want to be prepared?<br />

As some of you know, I do miss some of the<br />

German Christmas traditions. I especially<br />

miss celebrating the four Sundays of Advent,<br />

lighting the candles on the wreath or opening<br />

the doors on the advent calendar which<br />

are all reminders of why people actually<br />

celebrate Christmas. I miss the Christmas<br />

markets where you spend time with friends<br />

while enjoying some Glühwein and usually<br />

greasy or very sweet food. All these things<br />

make up a more festive period, I feel, and<br />

allow you to prepare and slow down before<br />

the big day – which, in Germany, is of course<br />

Christmas Eve!<br />

However, there are also plenty of things to<br />

do in the West End starting at the end of<br />

November; there seems to be something for<br />

everyone. Mums, if you’d like to get actively<br />

into the Christmas mood, check out the<br />

wreath making masterclass at the Grosvenor<br />

Cafe in Ashton Lane on the 10th December<br />

(11am-3pm); it even comes with a festive<br />

lunch for all your hard work. Or make an<br />

everlasting advent calendar! If you like the<br />

idea, then sign up for the Sew Confident<br />

Glasgow workshop on the 25th November,<br />

10am-3pm (Hidden Lane, 1103 Argyle Street).<br />

They will also be running a ‘make a Christmas<br />

Jumper’ workshop in December in case you<br />

are in need of an additional gift.<br />

But if you’d rather shop for some presents<br />

then maybe the Paul O’Gorman Christmas<br />

Fair at Hillhead Sports Club on the 26th<br />

November (2-5pm), the Green Tea Festive<br />

Market on the 9th and 10th December<br />

(10am-4pm) at the Botanics, or the Riverside<br />

Christmas Fayre (Riverside Museum, 11am-<br />

5pm) on the 2nd and 3rd December will be<br />

for you, the latter will also provide some<br />

entertainment for the little ones.<br />

And if you need more things for the children<br />

you can always book Brunch with Santa at<br />

The Kelbourne Saint just off Queen Margaret<br />

Drive (25th Nov, 3rd and 10th Dec 10-11:30am<br />

and then just move on to one of the 2 o’clock<br />

Christmas themed shows at the Scottish<br />

Mask and Puppet Centre (8-10 Balcarres<br />

Avenue, G12 0QF); there is one scheduled<br />

every week. However, if you’d prefer a<br />

proper panto, then definitely check out this<br />

year’s performances at The Websters or the<br />

Oran Mor.<br />

Sadly, for me personally, all these events<br />

cannot make up for the fact that the West End<br />

still does not have its own proper Christmas<br />

market. A Christmas market with traditional<br />

stalls offering original arts and crafts, yummy<br />

food and brass bands playing Christmas<br />

carols. I’d love to see one on Mansfield Park,<br />

I think it’s the perfect spot and I’m convinced<br />

it would go down a treat…one can dream I<br />

suppose. I was delighted though to hear that<br />

this year, Byres Road will at least have its<br />

own Christmas tree with an offical ‘switching<br />

on the lights’ too! So, there is still hope to<br />

bring more outdoor Christmas cheer to the<br />

West End. At The Hub, we will do our bit<br />

with our annual Christmas party on the 9th<br />

December from 4-6pm; if you’d like to come<br />

along, contact us for details. This leaves me<br />

to wish you all Frohe Weihnachten und guten<br />

Rutsch, see you in the New Year!

52 | www.westendermagazine.com<br />

Coach House Trust<br />

a charity with social inclusion at its heart<br />

by Hannah Westwater<br />

The West End boasts hidden gems aplenty.<br />

With its cobbled streets and tree-lined<br />

terraces, it can be a joy to explore the<br />

nooks and crannies of what’s right on our<br />

door step. But tucked away just off Great<br />

Western Road is the Coach House Trust, a<br />

stone-built sanctuary that’s easy to miss.<br />

With social inclusion at the heart of its<br />

mission, the Belmont Lane charity works to<br />

empower vulnerable people to change their<br />

lives. People referred to the Trust may suffer<br />

from poor mental health, be recovering from<br />

addiction, have learning disabilities or have<br />

been homeless. They may have become<br />

isolated as a result of their circumstances<br />

and need a helping hand reintegrating into<br />

their community.<br />

At the Coach House Trust they receive<br />

tailored workshops – in art, horticulture,<br />

music, healthy eating and IT – as well as<br />

continual support in order to overcome<br />

challenges and develop their potential.<br />

Launched in 1998 from a log cabin still visible<br />

in one of their gardens, the Coach House

www.westendermagazine.com | 53<br />

Trust refurbished their current building before<br />

moving in 2003. The former outbuilding is<br />

now a quirky-but-tranquil getaway adorned<br />

with stained glass and artwork produced<br />

by service users. With light streaming<br />

through large windows into the open, bright<br />

space, it’s difficult to disagree with business<br />

manager Una Clive when she describes it<br />

as ‘good for the soul’. If there is a home for<br />

meaningful activity and empowerment then it<br />

must surely be this.<br />

The charity’s involvement with the area<br />

reaches far beyond the ivy-strewn walls of<br />

its headquarters, though. Having developed<br />

several gap sites into workable spaces and<br />

charming gardens, they also sell produce<br />

grown from seed by their service users and<br />

volunteers from their market garden on<br />

Alderman Road, Knightswood.<br />

Bespoke garden furniture and hanging<br />

baskets are also sold, while their team of<br />

professional gardeners provide landscaping<br />

under the moniker CH Contracts. At a time<br />

when available funding is decreasing, the<br />

charity looks to social enterprise to ensure<br />

they can do the most for their service users.<br />

People are referred to the Coach House<br />

Trust through a variety of avenues – social<br />

workers, community psychiatric nurses and<br />

self-referral. Tutors harness the therapeutic<br />

benefits of horticulture and music but they’re<br />

keen for time spent there to be dictated by<br />

the clients themselves. ‘We are a personcentred<br />

organisation – it’s at the core of what<br />

we do,’ says Una. ‘It’s what the service users<br />

want and need.’<br />

Promoting employability and the ability to<br />

move onto further education, the charity first<br />

makes a point of teaching skills which many<br />

of us may take for granted. Healthy eating<br />

workshops, for example, were identified as<br />

a necessity when staff realised the lunch<br />

they provided could be the only meal some<br />

service users would eat that day. And with<br />

technology becoming ever more ubiquitous,<br />

IT and smartphone workshops give clients<br />

access to a world they may otherwise have<br />

been excluded from.<br />

‘You can actually see a direct correlation<br />

between people’s attendance and their<br />

confidence, their feeling of self worth, their<br />

ability to try new things and expand their<br />

geographical footprint. For some people,<br />

getting on a bus is a big challenge. Once<br />

they’ve done that, the next challenge upon<br />

arriving here is interacting with people they<br />

don’t know. And all these challenges that<br />

they’re supported to meet make a huge<br />

difference to their confidence and their ability<br />

to move on with their lives.’<br />

The charity is staffed by a team of employees<br />

and volunteers who very much instil the idea<br />

of community into everything they do. ‘It’s a<br />

privilege to work with such a diverse bunch<br />

of people. It makes work worthwhile,’ says<br />

Una. When questioned as to the best way for<br />

the local community to support their work,<br />

she points to their seasonal fairs – equipped<br />

with stalls, face painting, a bouncy castle and<br />

produce for sale, locals are encouraged to<br />

attend.<br />

They can also make use of CH Contracts,<br />

as opposed to a commercial business, for<br />

gardening jobs. Perhaps most importantly,<br />

though, people can think of them if they know<br />

anyone who would benefit from the charity’s<br />

services.<br />

Winner of the People Make Glasgow<br />

‘Inspiring City’ award in 2015 for their<br />

environmental work within communities,<br />

the organisation’s praises are best sung in<br />

testimonials from service users. The Coach<br />

House Trust is described as ‘a place of<br />

acceptance, friendship and motivation’ by<br />

one. ‘[The charity] has given me confidence<br />

and shown me how to live again,’ says<br />

another. ‘I’ll forever be grateful.’<br />

As Una guides me between gardens,<br />

we bump into the music group who have<br />

just finished practising. The band insists<br />

on delaying their tea break so that they<br />

can play me a tune. Shortly after, as I’m<br />

treated to a great rendition of an Eagles<br />

song, I’m touched by just how tangible the<br />

organisation’s belief in people is. Their values<br />

are clear - we all have potential and everyone<br />

should have the opportunity to embrace<br />

theirs.<br />


54 | www.westendermagazine.com<br />

Homes & Interiors<br />

by Susan<br />

Robertson<br />

Minimal or<br />

Maximised<br />

What’s your Christmas style this year?<br />

Susan Robertson weighs up some of the<br />

options for creating that festive feel.

www.westendermagazine.com | 55<br />

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!<br />

I particularly love the festive editions of the Westender,<br />

and pondering in these pages about baubles and<br />

twinkly lights seems more of a treat every year I do it.<br />

Christmas has always been a favourite time of year<br />

for me. In our household, it’s our main annual break<br />

from work so that makes it particularly precious as a<br />

time for rest and togetherness, and we deliberately<br />

approach every year differently depending on how we<br />

feel, and how we want to spend it.<br />

There is however the big Christmas bag that comes out<br />

from the depths of the cupboard, earlier and earlier<br />

every year for us. Every family has their stash of stuff<br />

they bring out every December and we add at least<br />

one new personal thing to ours religiously every year.<br />

The process of going through the stuff is always part<br />

of the fun – amazing how quickly I can forget what we<br />

added just a year ago. But these things have traversed<br />

different rooms and homes and can complement most<br />

Christmassy looks in their own way.<br />

So what will your approach be for this year’s festive<br />

feel? Do you have the same tree you bring out every<br />

year or do you get a fresh one? Are you in a new<br />

home, or have you decorated since last Christmas,<br />

find any excuse you can to take a fresh look at your<br />

environment.<br />

There are often two general overarching themes for<br />

Christmas decoration. As with any type of interior<br />

decorating, we often see tendencies towards ‘less’, in<br />

the minimalism of Scandinavian styling, or ‘more’ in<br />

the more traditional exuberant Victorian styles.<br />

Choosing the right route for you will be a personal<br />

choice based on your own taste, the style and<br />

decoration of your home, and also practical factors<br />

such as, do you need to go minimal to keep curious<br />

pets and toddlers from the temptation of sparkly<br />

things to grab at?<br />

The traditional Victorian feel of Christmas is possibly<br />

the one we immediately jump to in our minds, these<br />

were times when Christmas began to be celebrated<br />

more elaborately and images filter through to this day<br />

in black and white films, and Christmas cards with<br />

pictures of families dressing over-sized trees together<br />

in front of a roaring fire, while people skate in little<br />

red jackets and white mittens on the frozen lake<br />

outside the window.<br />

This type of image is an ornate and opulent<br />

impression and creates a sense of warmth and comfort<br />

so it has great appeal. It’s all about grandeur and<br />

colour, so think extra-large Christmas trees with<br />

pearl beading and huge golden baubles. Lots of tall<br />

candelabra and layers of light, thick heavy fabrics in<br />

reds and golds, large floral arrangements and drapery<br />

across mantelpieces. Thankfully we have safer options<br />

than actual candles on the tree now too – I’ve never<br />

quite understood how they did that although I’m sure<br />

it looked and smelled amazing to have a candlelit tree.

56 | www.westendermagazine.com<br />

Homes & Interiors<br />

Sticking to these loose themes will help to create<br />

a warm and traditional Christmassy look and<br />

feel to your home. You could make big draping<br />

arrangements of greenery on your mantelpiece with<br />

fairy lights and wide ribbons intertwined. Use lots of<br />

big golden baubles on the tree and go overboard on<br />

fairy lights. And make a big leafy wreath in green and<br />

red for the front door.<br />

Alternatively, there is an increasing trend towards<br />

the Scandinavian look to Christmas decorations. This<br />

is very much the opposite to the traditional look in<br />

that it is very understated and minimal. There are a<br />

couple of core looks that we see more often now. One is<br />

a simple palette of red, white and green decorations.<br />

Going this route, less is definitely more and think<br />

modest real trees, matte rather than shiny, simple<br />

clean lines, small white lights.<br />

There’s also another look in this theme that is about<br />

simple layering of whites and greys with touches of<br />

matte silver or white glitter – another really lovely<br />

look. Think of solid, pale colours, natural fabrics<br />

and materials so lots of soft woollies and simple<br />

wooden painted shaped decorations, and piles of<br />

freshly chopped logs at the fireplace. You could try<br />

hanging clear glass baubles at different heights above<br />

your table, or spraying small pine cones white and<br />

hanging them in front of the window. Create a simple<br />

structure with pale twigs and hang some baubles<br />

from it. Use some clear glass bottles to hold tall, white<br />

candles or make a twiggy wreath and spray it white.<br />

So which way will you go this year? I am always a<br />

bit torn on this one. I love the minimal look in the<br />

magazines and the Scandinavian feel probably<br />

appeals more to my taste at any other time of the year<br />

and maybe one day I’ll try and focus Christmas that<br />

way, but when we open our big Christmas bag and<br />

haul out the boxes of tinsel, and giggle over memories<br />

represented by our collected gatherings, it tends to<br />

naturally go a bit more towards the other direction.<br />

The little light-up Christmas house with its tinkly<br />

tune, the oversized handmade stockings and the<br />

baubles with the flashing Santa noses don’t really fit<br />

into any theme and I think, for us, I quite like it that<br />

way.<br />

© Timorous Beasties

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58 | www.westendermagazine.com<br />

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OFF<br />

2 nd – 22 nd December<br />

Up to<br />

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www.westendermagazine.com | 59<br />

by Susan<br />

Robertson<br />

Homes & Interiors<br />

Whether you go for the full turkey<br />

dinner or a nut roast feast, the time<br />

gathered round the table is the focus<br />

of Christmas Day, Susan Robertson has<br />

some ideas to make it look and feel<br />

really special.<br />

Dressing<br />

for dinner<br />

The Christmas dinner is the focus of the day when<br />

families and friends gather to eat and drink far too<br />

much every 25th December. The choice of festive<br />

food varies depending on family traditions and<br />

preferences, but generally we gather around a big<br />

roast dinner.<br />

It will take some time in the planning. Do you order<br />

a turkey from the local butcher, get an online shop<br />

booked for a Christmas Eve delivery or do you brave<br />

the supermarket yourself? Do you bother with the<br />

sprouts, what about chipolatas? Do you have a starter?<br />

How many puddings? And then the sauces, who likes<br />

bread sauce or cranberry jelly, what type of gravy?

60 | www.westendermagazine.com<br />

There is a list of things to think through for a<br />

traditional Christmas dinner. You can also of course<br />

just ditch it all and go out, go to someone else’s house,<br />

or do something else entirely – all of which sometimes<br />

becomes more appealing the later it gets in December.<br />

However, if you’re the host on Christmas day and<br />

you’re doing a full Christmas dinner, it’s worth<br />

thinking about the look and feel of the whole occasion.<br />

This means the focal point of the festivities, the dining<br />

table.<br />

It makes sense to start with the practicalities with this.<br />

Do you have a big enough table to fit everyone around,<br />

do you have enough chairs to go around, will you need<br />

to have a kids’ table and an adults’ one to get everyone<br />

seated? Depending on your numbers, this can be a fun<br />

option anyway and means you can tailor the tables a bit<br />

more. Keeping the candles and the wine bottles for the<br />

‘big table’ and the streamers and apple juice for the wee<br />

ones is an option to consider if you have a large group.<br />

Once you get the tables and chairs sorted – then you<br />

can get creative. Think of the room as a whole, and<br />

decide on your theme to carry through to the table. If<br />

you need to use a tablecloth, think of this as the colour<br />

basis, do you want to make this a colourful statement<br />

in bold red or green, or will you go for a crisp clean<br />

white perhaps? Would you leave off the tablecloth and<br />

use a festive runner up the middle of the table? You<br />

can have a bit of fun with these in strong Christmassy<br />

prints and patterns, or keep it really clean and simple<br />

in whites and greys. Will you use placemats for each,<br />

and is the best silver coming out?<br />

The main areas for personalising and fun statements<br />

are the centrepiece, the name places and the crackers.<br />

Consider firstly making sure that everyone can see<br />

each other across the table and you have space to<br />

actually put the plates and serving dishes down. You<br />

might benefit from an extra table at the side for drinks<br />

and dishes so that you can keep the table as clear as<br />

possible. Then the centrepiece comes into play. If you<br />

have a circular table, you might be more inclined to go<br />

for one chunky centrepiece, a rectangular table might<br />

lend itself more to a long, thin display or a few small<br />

focal points.<br />

It’s helpful to think of all the parts of the table coming<br />

together as a whole. So, for example, you could choose<br />

a simple arrangement in the centre with big chunky<br />

candles surrounded by holly, ivy and berries, topped<br />

off with a bit of tartan ribbon for a great traditional<br />

look.<br />

Personalised crackers can double up as place holders<br />

simply by adding name tags to shop-bought crackers.<br />

Cut out green paper holly leaves with gold pen names<br />

written on them, attached to red tartan crackers make<br />

a lovely addition. Don’t forget to check what’s in the<br />

crackers – the days of being impressed by a golf tee or<br />

a mini pack of cards are long gone now and you can<br />

get a wonderful array of options. Even better, make<br />

your own, this is simple to do and you can match<br />

your colour scheme easily and create an added layer<br />

of surprise and delight by adding little special pieces<br />

of jewellery as the gift, or make it personalised jokes.<br />

You can add your festive games here too with dares<br />

or charades as little notes inside. Or, you could add<br />

in little memories from the year gone by – a funny<br />

thing that person said, or a great thing they achieved<br />

that year. The crackers are a lovely way to add other<br />

elements to the meal and the group dynamic.<br />

Or, you could go for something a little bit different, how<br />

about a ‘deconstructed Christmas tree’? No-one would<br />

miss a few branches snipped from the back of the<br />

tree to make into a long, jaggy construction down the<br />

centre of the table. Think a little bit abstract, envisage<br />

it as a structure rather than an arrangement, ditch the<br />

candles and use battery operated fairy lights to drape<br />

around the needles, and sprinkle the whole thing with<br />

glitter. Make the baubles into the name placers, use a<br />

gel pen to write names and the date on some colourful<br />

tree decorations and everyone can take theirs home for<br />

their own tree when they leave.<br />

The opportunities are endless but the key to it all is<br />

remembering it’s the people that matter. Getting<br />

loved-ones together is one blessing, then making them<br />

feel special with personalisation and little surprises<br />

is another, and adding in some laughs is even better,<br />

think of your table that way and you have the ideal<br />

starting place for a festive feast.

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Homes & Interiors<br />

Hand picked for the tree<br />

You can never have too many baubles on your<br />

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part of the fun of the season, and there are certainly<br />

plenty options to choose from in the independent<br />

boutiques around the West End. Here are a few ideas<br />

to add to your collection.<br />

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Cassiopeia, 165 Hyndland Road, 0141 357 7374, cassiopeiaonline.co.uk<br />

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Fairy Bauble,<br />

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