Viva Brighton Issue #64 June 2018




Simon Murie

SwimTrek founder

So how do you go about swimming from Europe

to Asia? The swim across the Dardanelles straits in

north-western Turkey takes around an hour but,

as Simon Murie found out, getting the necessary

permissions and finding a willing boat to escort

you across takes a great deal longer. “It’s a very

hard swim to organise” he tells me, “Gallipoli

on one side, Troy on the other. The area is so

militarised.” But he did the groundwork and

made the trip and there began an even longer

journey: founding SwimTrek, the first open water

swimming adventure holiday company. He’s still

organising epic swims almost 20 years later.

“We can sort out anything to do with open water

swimming. Whether that’s swimming from island

to island, swimming down the river Thames,

or taking people across the Hellespont, where

Leander swam across to his lover Hero in Greek

Mythology… It’s about swimming in places where

there’s a reason to do it, where you wouldn’t

normally be able to go.”

From their HQ in Hove, they organise swims in

40 worldwide locations, arranging local guides

and safety boats for swims in Lithuania, Greece,

Slovenia, Oman, the Maldives, Russia… Simon

spends much of his time devising new itineraries.

“We’re increasingly developing the wilder, more

exotic destinations. Like Galapagos, Komodo and


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