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Cork birthday parties

SOHO BBQ’s cork SoHo came recommended from our guide, and it is easy to see why. The place is located in the heart of Cork, not too far but not too close to everything else you would want to stop by . And the place is positively massive, with patio seating giving way to bar tables, a small venue for a band/DJ, lounge seats in the windows and even an upstairs. SoHo may be its own self-contained city within Cork, actually. SoHo should be a place you try at least once some night. It's bustling with activity, the prices are fair, the staff are all sharp, the drinks are "out there" in the best way possible and the food is decent. Not a bad way to start, or finish, your weekend! ADDRESS : SoHo - Restaurant and Bar Cork 77 Grand Parade, Cork, T12 NF70, Ireland E-Mail : CALL : 021 4224040 WEBSITE :

Cork birthday

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