How to Paraphrase - APA Style Guide


Howdy! Take a look at this article and discover how to paraphrase correctly with professional APA style guide.

How to Paraphrase - APA Style Guide

Students often run into the obstacle of not knowing how to go about their

paraphrasing apa efforts. In order to provide a solution and shed some light on

the problem, we’ve come up with our very own APA style guide that will give

you some valuable pointers on how to approach it.

Paraphrasing tips

1. How to handle quotes

One way is to include a quote directly by using quotations marks (“).

However, it’s important this could trigger a duplicate content issue, so it’s better

to ​paraphrase quote in order to avoid plagiarism entirely. Such a quotation needs

to include the author’s name, the date, and the page number where the reader

can go check the original quote.

2. On paraphrasing

Simply put, when ​paraphrasing essay​, you are using your own words to

state the same thing. Even though the meaning might be the same, it’s very

important to do this in order to avoid running into plagiarism issues. Most

modern universities use automated plagiarism checkers, so you’ll be caught

within mere moments if you’re not careful. Again, make sure to say the same

thing by using your own words, but at the same time, point to the original

resource so the reader can always check it out manually if so desired.

3. An example of APA style paraphrasing

John Newshire and his crew were not too fond of the challenges that

awaited them, but continued to persevere despite the hardships. The analysts of

today are still amazed with how the tale was put together by using a distinct and

unique writing style (A fairytale untold, 2012, pp. 16–17).

4. You can also cite the source without listing the exact page number

If you don’t feel like listing the exact page number, you can also count

the number of paragraphs from the beginning of the document. Depending on

the type of publication you’re trying to reference, this might be a better way of

going about it. In certain cases, however, this can get complicated, since you’ll

have to quote the first section of the paragraph, then paraphrase the rest and add

a paragraph number. You can also get some ​paraphrase paragraph help by

looking at other examples posted online.

5. Final pointers

You can also use ​online paraphrasing generators and services, which

should be of much aid to you and allow you to wrap up the project quicker and

in a manner that is way more time-efficient. By using an online APA style

generator, all you need to do is to input the variables, then the generator will

output the results in exactly the right format. This is especially useful if you

don’t like to memorize things if not absolutely necessary.


That’s pretty much it! Remember, whenever you’re in doubt, there are

plenty of examples posted online on how to paraphrase APA style. After a

while, you’ll become a natural at this, even though it’s going to take a little bit

of practice in the beginning. Still, your efforts will pay off in a very short while.

More detail guide on how to paraphrase well is

available below:

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