For Manty, my triangle

They got in the car

and they drove to Yellowstone.

It was a beautiful day out there.

When the sun went down, the

night was beautiful too.

But when it rose again the next

morning, they were gone.

He ran down the road, chasing

them for as long as he could.

But they disappeared over the horizon.

They had forgotten him.

That night, he heard sounds from

beyond the trees.

It was the wolves, hunting

in the woods.

He followed them

and ran with them through the fields.

He learned to howl at the moon.

When dawn broke and they

returned to their den, so did he.

Each night he roamed through

Yellowstone with the wolf pack.

Each day he slept among his kind.

Then one day, as the sun was

setting and he was returning to

his den, he saw his family.

But he didn’t belong to them anymore.

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