MDF Annual Report 5-18-11.pptx - Marshall Direct Fund

MDF Annual Report 5-18-11.pptx - Marshall Direct Fund




Our Mission

To improve

relations between

the west and the

Muslim world by

working together

to alleviate

poverty and

illiteracy via


educational and






2010 donations helped MDF provide:

600 full scholarships

67,200 nutritious lunches

960 uniforms and shoes






An education

directly affects

one’s chance to

earn a living,

allowing one to

provide for their

family. It also offers

an alternative to

joining extremist

groups. MDF

creates those

opportunities. Zahid’s Story

Zahid Khan is one of 5 siblings and an

extended family of 13. With

increased terrorism in their village, he

was forced to discontinue his

education and his father’s shop, the

only source of the family income,

was closed. Luck would bring this

family to an area outside of

Islamabad where starting a life with

so little was incredibly challenging.

They tried to enroll the children in

several schools, but could not pay

the enrollment fees or meet the

entrance standards that require

English and Urdu. Zahid was from a

region that did not speak Urdu and

he did not have enough previous

education to learn English. In

desperation, Zahid’s father enrolled

him in an Islamic religious school, but

after learning about the Marshall

Direct Fund school nearby, they

opted to attend this school instead.

Now Zahid can speak and write Urdu

and he and his siblings are all getting

an education at one of Marshall

Direct Fund’s schools.

Message From The Founder

“Don’t be afraid of opposition. Remember, a kite rises against,

not with the wind.” – Hamilton Wright

The whole world is watching as revolution

spreads in the Middle East and South Asia.

People are demanding change. They want

freedom, jobs, civil liberties, and schools. They

want opportunity for all, not just the privileged

few. This hope for a better life is precisely what

we see with the “everyman”, “everywoman”,

and “everychild” we have the opportunity to

work with in Pakistan.

Drones attacked parts of northwest Pakistan on

average every three days in 2010. As U.S. drones

and Pakistan’s Army attacks northwestern

regions, extremists move to urban areas of

Pakistan to take cover among the masses. There

they have combined forces with Punjabi

extremists to wage war against civilians,

policemen and politicians on the streets of

major cities. In 2010 alone, terrorists murdered

2,913 Pakistani people and injured 5,824. The

extremist groups continue to do most of their

recruitment in the urban areas. The attempted

attack in Times Square by Faisal Shahzad signals

that Pakistani extremist groups’ ambitions may

be growing.

At our annual Aspen fundraiser at Shelly and

Golda Friedstein’s beautiful home last summer,

His Excellency Ambassador Husain Haqqani

said, "What MDF is trying to do…will be the

guarantee of our security. Young people can

be brought up on the idea of hope. Every

young Pakistani child who gets to go to school,

gets an opportunity in life. This child becomes

one more recruit denied to Al Qaeda and the

Taliban." In 2010 we enrolled nearly 300 children

in school, fed them, clothed them, and gave

them hope. We improved relations between

the people of Pakistan and the U.S. via Global

Kid Connect, our partner classroom project that

served over 100 children in the U.S. and

Pakistan. We partnered with local NGO, IKI

Foundation, to strengthen their vocational

education program and will be working

together to launch morel centers in 2011.

The vocational training programs will focus on

female entrepreneurs in the communities in

which we work. We will provide these women

with job skills, business training, and link them to

financial services and markets with which they

will be able to earn income and help lift their

families out of poverty. A percentage of the

profits from the products they retail will be

dedicated to the schools and training centers

to support long-term sustainability.

I wish to take this moment to thank our

supporters. You are game changers in the field

of international security. Your mission is a

challenging one, but you carry on knowing it is

the only way to build a more just and secure

world. As Hamilton Wright reminds us, all

worthwhile achievements take place in a

challenging environment. It is the challenge,

and the human will to overcome it, that makes

great achievements possible.

Silbi Stainton

President and Executive Director

We rely on your continued suppor0!

2010 Contributions / Expense Budget Report


Program staff/teachers $78,811

Student uniforms $5,058

Student lunches $11,530

Books $1,543

School maintenance/utilities $5,434

General operations $1,881

Other $11,569

Total Program: $115,826


Fundraising personnel $6,107

Events & other $21,192

Total Fundraising $27,299


Accounting $2,393

Office supplies $447

Marketing $2,221

Travel $3,143

Other $54

Total Admin $8,258

*All fundraising and administrative costs are incurred by the

President, all dollars raised go directly to programs






$25 provides new uniforms with warm sweater and pair of shoes for a growing child

$300 provides classrooms with desks & chairs so every child has spot from which to learn

$500 provides shoes and uniforms for an entire class of 20

$2,500 provides uniforms and shoes to an entire school of 100 deserving students

$5,400 feeds 100 hungry students with a nutritious lunch during the school year, which will

provide the nourishment needed to learn and grow


$100 pays for a deserving child’s tuition for one year

$200 ensures a student’s little sister can come too

$600 sponsors a child from grade 1- grade 5

$1,000 provides high quality books to entire school of 100 children

$2,000 sponsors a classroom of 20 eager classmates and friends for one year

$12,000 sponsors a classroom & show them you believe in them and watch them grow

Thank You 2010 Board Members

Board Of Directors

Ms. Silbi Kelly Stainton – President & Executive Director

Dr. Hassan Abba – Vice President

Mr. Agha Imran Ali Khan – CEO Pakistan

Dr. Andrew Hess – Advisor

Ms. Nina Ullery – Advisor

Dr. Ali Ibrahim – Advisor

Mr. Mubashar Mirza – Advisor

Dr. Pervez Hoodbhoy – Advisor

Ms. Shehrbano Taseer – Secretary

More Ways To Help: Use and so that your Internet

searches and a percentage of your online purchases are donated to a non-profit of

your choice, such as MDF!



National Council Founders

Catherine & Tom Reagan

Golda & Shelly Friedstein

Karen & Courtney Lord

Lexie & Robert Potamkin

Mary & Patrick Scanlan

Soledad & Bob Hurst

Terri & Tony Caine

Presidents $10,000+

Mary & Patrick Scanlan

Silbi & Timothy Stainton

State $5,000 – $9,999

Bingo Industries

Catherine & Tom Reagan

Golda & Shelly Friedstein

John Terrion

Larry Cohen/Rose Community


Production Transport

Soledad & Bob Hurst

Tony & Terri Caine

Ambassadors $2,500 – $4,999

Amy & John Phelan

Aspen Thrift Store

Carol & Nick Kelly

Edgewater Management –Andi &

Jim Gordon

Garfield & Hecht, P.C.

Lexie & Robert Potamkin

Michael Sacks Family Foundation

Paragon Technology Group


Samantha Hitchcock & Mark Terkun

Diplomats $1,000 – $2,499

Mr. & Mrs. A. Huda Farouki

Ananda Mason

Betsy Finkle-Ross

April & Glenn Bucksbaum

The Barry Friedberg & Charlotte

Moss Family Foundation

Brenda Wild & Tony Coia

Clark’s Market

Debbie & David Chazen

Debbie & Richard Jelinek

Denise Rich

Equus Private Wealth Management

Holly Hunt

Judith Steinberg

Karen & Courtney Lord

Karin & Joe Luter

Kathy & David Raife

Laura & Gary Lauder – Advised


Marcy & Leo Edelstein

Marilyn & Bill Getz

Megan & Tom Clark

Meg & Bennett Goodman

Melissa & Russ Wright

Michelle Bachmann

Mona Look-Mazza & Tony Mazza

Neil Bluhm

Nicola & Jeff Marcus

Nina & Joshua Saslove

Pamela Alexander

Robert Sinclair

Rose Community Foundation

Shuja Bashir

Susan & Bill Plummer

Thomas Lemons Foundation

The Warren B. Kanders Foundation

William Mayer

*Donors of $2,500+ annually become

members of the National Council and

are invited to attend National Council


Envoys $500 – $999

Ashley & Andrew Ernemann

Barbara & Richard Mullen

Beth & Josh Mondry

Catherine Ann & John Provine

Christina & Brad Sherman

Clare & Steven Shane

Ellen & John Speers

Jean & JW Brackett

Kathe & Peter Stainton

Katie & Mark Van Alstine

Lisa & Ron Speaker

Louise & David Gitlitz

Lucille Gaas Kuyper & Peter H


Margot & Tom Pritzker

Marlene & Fred Malek

Melva Bucksbaum & Ray Learsy

Robert Waters/The Thomas P. Waters


Tracy & Bubba Eggleston

Wende Cohen & Rick Levin

Attaches $100 – $499

Anna & Matt Freedman

Ayiesha Alizai Sadik

Barbara Killmore

Barbara Lee Ebs

Britt Justa

Carlyle Kyzer

Clare Piper

David Reed

Deborah Kinsella

Emily & Ken Ransford

Frances Dittmer

Heidi Zukerman & Chris Jacobson

Jacqueline StoneAspen Community


James Tangler

Jay Balzer

Joan & Larry Klose

Jodi Fischer & Eric Fullerton

Karin & Bob Weber

Laura Collard

Libby & Brian Kelly

Linda Commito

Linda McCausland & Peter Nicklin

Lisa & George Baker

Lisa & Tom Kilby

Matthew Andersen-Miller

Megan Evans

Mindy & Nathan Kaegebein

Nancy Nevin

Nicole & Lex Tarumianz

Nina Gabianelli

Paula Nirschel

Robyn & Craig Scott

Shawn Hecox

Slvia South

Terry Butler

Ms. Victoria L. Smith

Officers $10 – $99

Alicia & Jason Dewey

Andrew & Christine Light

Betsy Leach

Claude Bachand

David Wolf

Deb Jackson

Genevieve Gibson

Gordon Bailey

Gordon Mickelson

Illene Pevec

Jane Murphy

Janet Goss

Janice Dunstan

Janine Reichert

Janyce Fenton

Jeanne Zehrer

Jennifer Caines

Kathleen Langevin

Kristina Markula

Laura Abrams

Laura Bloom

Lise Samson

Margaret Ness

Marianne Hook

Mary Bright

Mary Frances Grifith

Mary Holley

Nancy Muir

Nathan Havey

Nouf Al-Fahhad

Pam Hinish

Pamela Ross

Paula Kodnovich

Rachel Cain

Rebecca Ashery

Contact Us

Marshall Direct Fund

Post Office Box 4477

Aspen, Colorado 81612

Office 970.963.3150

Mobile 970.618.9706

Facsimile 970.963.1672



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