2017-2018 Abbotsford 12ft Flying Squadron Annual Report and Balance Sheet




Affiliated with the N.S.W. 12 Foot Skiff Association,

the N.S.W. Southern Zone Sabot Association,

the Flying Eleven Association of N.S.W. and the

Yachting Association.




PATRON: Jim Sinclair

COMMODORE: Tony Mercier

VICE-COMMODORES: Peter Ostara, Neil Hibbard

PRESIDENT: Willem Vervoort

DEPUTY PRESIDENTS: Judy Evans, Lee Dewane




SENIOR VICE-PRESIDENTS: Robert Reid, Jim Wiley, Rodney Mercier,

Matthew Peat


CLUB CAPTAIN: Christopher Dey


12 foot Skiff Co-ordinator: Steven Hill

Laser Co-ordinator: Garry Robberds

Opens Co-ordinator: Graeme Fenwick

Sabot Co-ordinator: Alan Gaha

STARTER AND JUDGES: Marylou McNamara, Annette Vervoort, Gai




RUNABOUT CO-ORDINATOR: Christopher Dey, Judy Evans


AUDITORS: Matthew Peat, Tony Mercier


OFFICER OF THE DAY: The Chief Starter and Judge of the Day



SOCIAL CO-ORDINATORS: Jennifer Dey, Chantelle Munday

WEBMASTERS: Tom Biskupic, Willem Vervoort, Connor McNamara

Annual General Meeting

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Annual General

Meeting of the Abbotsford 12 Foot Sailing Club

Incorporated will be held at the Clubhouse on Sunday,

5th August 2018, at 10 a.m.

PHILIP MARSH, Hon. Secretary




President’s Report

It has been another busy year at Abbotsford, and as we conclude our

first working bee this winter, I am trying to write this report. The club

thrives with the enthusiasm and the commitment of the members, despite

continued outside pressures. Personally, I missed half a season, because

we were overseas, but it is great to come back to see that the club is still

doing well.

Our collaboration with the Port Neptune Sea Scouts has developed

into a mature relationship, and both sides clearly benefit from racing and

working together. The Scouts are a keen group of sailors bringing diversity

to our fleet and community. I hope that you will continue to make them

feel at home at our club.

It was another competitive season, with several interesting races, but

also such enormous growth in the sailing ability of many of our juniors,

and the sea scouts. In the end, our club’s juniors are the sailors of the

future and this therefore remains a key focus area.

As some of our members will be moving to new challenges in sailing,

life, or to different places in Australia, new members from our Social

Sailing and our junior Learn to Sail programs will always be welcome

and nurtured. We are here to help you with advice on boats, sailing and

options. Please do not hesitate to ask questions.

The completion of the new bottom section of the ramp was a major

project this year, and while it was a significant drain on the club’s finances,

we now have a stable launching platform, hopefully for the next decade and

more. Many club members invested significant volunteer time in making

this project happen, and in name of all other club members, I would like

to once again thank them for that effort.

Similarly, because members invested time in writing and submitting

grants proposals, we are able to buy a new support duck (to replace the

old console duck) for the next season, which will extend our options for

the junior support. Again, I want to thank the members for putting in their

free time to help the club.

A thank you to all the past and present members for all their efforts

and donations: the social and canteen committee, starters and finishers, the

runabout crews and all those people doing little odds and ends around the

club. It is great to see past members or their families (such as the Hubbards

at Presentation Night) continue to come back to the club.

The Abbotsford ferry wharf redevelopment is also being completed

and should be back to normal when our new season starts. Overall it

looks like the change in design will have limited additional impact on

our operation.

The future of our club and the structure, shape, location and

community of our club remains an area of significant focus. It is important

to continue having discussions (both inside and outside the club) of what

our future might look like. Discussions about an Abbotsford Aquatic Club

(that broadens our base to include more types of water sport) are still


valuable. With the projected growth in the Canada Bay community, the

club should be thinking ahead and be part of the sports club community

around the bay.

With that, please continue to support the club by advertising the Learn

to Sail, the Social Sailing program and by donating to the Club via ASF:

https://asf.org.au/projects/abbotsford-12ft-sailing-Club/. I would like to

thank you all for your support over the last year.

The last thing is that I at this point (end of May) wish Garry Robberds

all the best sailing in the World Masters in Dublin. It is great to see someone

representing Abbotsford at that level! By the time this report appears in

print we will know how he went.

Happy sailing!


Secretary’s Report

This season can be considered a successful season for the club with

good fleets and keen competition which has improved both the skills and

enjoyment of those participating which is greatly encouraging for the

club as a whole.

The club held well-attended Short Course race days for both the

NSW Cherub Association and the NSW 12 Foot Skiff Association and

the Parramatta River Championship for the 12 Foot Skiffs.

Our thanks to the trophy donors for the incentive they provide for us

to improve our skills on the water and we look forward to your continuing

support for next season.

Congratulations to all who competed and a great big thanks to those

who provided support launching and retrieving boats, in the canteen,

starters and finishers, support boat crews, social committee and everyone

who has made it possible to ensure that the club is maintained in an

appropriate manner and functions well for us all. This can only happen

through the willing contribution of our members, so thank you all.

To retain the strength of the club we need to maintain and increase our

membership so please make sure you tell your friends and acquaintances

about the club.

I would also commend the club’s Regular Meetings to which all club

members are welcome and also remind members that the Annual General

Meeting is open to all members so, please attend and consider accepting

a role in running your club.

PHIL MARSH, Honorary Secretary


Treasurer’s Report

Our club has had a year of major outlays with repairs to our launching

ramp costing over $33,149. The season’s balance sheet shows a deficit of

$20,136 after allowing depreciation of $9,126. Apart from the cost of the

ramp our biggest cost was once again insurance, which totalled $11,741.

Our total income was $59,304 while our expenses totalled $70,923. Since

the end of our financial year (31st May 2018) we have received a bill for

$8,250 for an engineer’s report. This cost will come out of next season’s


The profit from bar trading was $3,646, the Social Committee

$2,664 and the canteen $2,999. The interest on our investment account

was $3,536.

We received $1,730 in donations towards the ramp fund and had

a surplus of $862 from the Great Duck race that was organised by Judy

Evans and Anne Buchanan. Thank you, ladies, for such a fun event. Thank

you to all members who supported the club in all these areas.

We received two grants totalling $6,500 to purchase a new inflatable

duck to replace the console duck. Due to a couple of occurrences of

misfortune, which resulted in a lot of inconvenience for Neil, the duck

is yet to be purchased.

Once again we are indebted to all trophy donors. Their generosity is

greatly appreciated by the boat crews. It was great to see the number of

people who enjoyed the Presentation Night in May. The Social Committee

excelled itself with the dinner that was served. It was wonderful having

Margaret Duncan and her son John and his young family in attendance to

present the Jack and Kathleen Hubbard Memorial Trophy.

Without all our volunteer helpers our club would not exist. As always

we are grateful for contributions made by all members from Club Captain

Christopher Dey, to our fabulous Scout driver and Race Officer, Marylou

McNamara and her assistant Annette Vervoort, Val Hill in the canteen, Tom

Biskupic for keeping track of Point Scores on the website, Neil Hibbard,

Jim Sinclair, Greg Annesley and Geoff Dempsey who fix things quietly

around the clubhouse as the need arises, Judy Evans and Chris for their

continued input in the Learn to Sail program, Jennifer Dey and Chantelle

Munday for stepping into the role of social co-ordinator and for organising

the social nights and Willem for keeping us informed with his newsletters

and overseeing the Social Sailing days.

Once again I acknowledge Half Moon Bay Yacht Club who

generously allow us to slip ‘Scout II’ on their slipway free of cost. This is a

huge saving for our club. I again thank Matthew Peat and Tony Mercier for

auditing the books and Rod Mercier for the printing of this Annual Report.

The committee is always looking for input and new ideas from

members in regard to investigating ways to increase our revenue.

Remember the membership makes our club, without your help the club

won’t remain viable. With major maintenance required in the next few


years our reserves will disappear very quickly if we can’t increase our


Please get involved in assisting where you can, manning support

boats including Scout, race management, bar and canteen, cleaning the

change rooms and concrete ramp or anything you see that needs to be done.

Have a good winter and get all those boat repairs completed well in

time for the new season.

GAI DEWANE, Honorary Treasurer

Social Committee Report

It has been a great season off the water as well with the Social

Committee hosting several events. This year we endeavoured to introduce

some new ideas while keeping our much-loved traditions in place.

The Yuletide Evening and Presentation Night were well attended and

enjoyed. Santa’s appearance this year was a particular highlight providing

plenty of laughs for both kids and adults. The Curry Night and Mexican

Fiesta added some variety while the old-fashioned barbeque evenings

remained popular. The Duck Race Dinner allowed celebrations and

commiseration following the inaugural Great Abbotsford Duck Race. Also

our Pizza and Movie night was enjoyed and appreciated by our families

and younger members. Hopefully there was something for everyone!

These opportunities to enjoy the beautiful setting of our clubhouse

and the friendships among club members would not be possible without

our wonderful team of volunteers who plan, prepare and serve meals and

clean up afterwards. My sincere thanks to Chantelle Munday, Gai Dewane,

Val Hill, Lisa Hill, Debbie Bell and Peter Hill for their efforts. Thank you

also to those members who contributed food or their time at these events

to ensure everything ran smoothly.

JENNIFER DEY, Social Committee Co-ordinator

Canteen and Bar Report

The bar and canteen trading was slightly up on last year. The bar

had a surplus of $3,646 while the canteen made a profit of $2,999. Our

sales received a welcome boost by the number of Sea Scouts who joined

our club to race their boats in our racing fleets. They were always very

hungry at lunchtime.


Thank you to those members who supported the canteen by buying

their lunch each Saturday and their beverages from the bar.

We again catered for the Parramatta River Championship and

provided afternoon tea to the competitors and visitors. The cherubs came

to us for a heat of their state titles and we catered for them at lunch and

post race.

We had a wonderful evening in December when a very entertaining

Santa came to visit us during our Yuletide feast. Many thanks to Paul

McNamara and Scout captain Neil Hibbard for ensuring a successful

Yuletide night.

The operation of both the bar and canteen require a lot of behindthe-scenes

work as well as manning them on Saturday. Any assistance is

always welcome. Please don’t be shy to lend a hand.

Here’s hoping for fair weather and enjoyable sailing for the new


GAI DEWANE, Liquor Licensee

VAL HILL, Canteen Co-ordinator

12 foot Skiff Report

This season the cherubs increased in numbers and displayed more

advanced skills. While Arrogant Frog continued to fly the flag for the

12 foot skiffs the sailors welcomed the Sea Scouts members sailing their

cherub Tiger Strike. Fast Forward was missing for part of the season due

to Willem’s sabbatical in America. Brendan registered Attitude but was

unable to compete.

The McNamara boys sailing Block Party were victorious in the Club

Championship over the Hill boys in Arrogant Frog followed by A Grand

Day Out crewed by Robin Biskupic and Luke Hill. Unfortunately Peter

Hill missed two championship heats due to family commitments. Block

Party also won the Vervoort-Fenwick trophy for best-performing cherub

in the Club Championship.

A Grand Day Out won the Season Point Score with Arrogant Frog

one point behind in second place then Block Party and Tiger Strike.

Throughout the season two of our cherubs, Block Party and A Grand

Day Out, travelled to the various venues including Belmont, Lane Cove,

Vaucluse and Saratoga, to compete in heats of the Cherub State Titles.

They gained much experience as well as having some enjoyable racing.

We hope to see some new boats join the fleet for the 2018-19 season.

On the first Sunday in November we hosted the annual Parramatta

River Championship for 12 foot skiffs. The fleet of 14 boats sailed the

South Easterly course providing a great spectacle for the visitors on the

clubhouse verandah. Brett Hobson and Jeremy Jones in Geotherm won


12 foot skiffs racing in the “Jack Dempsey Memorial Sprint series”

a tight race, winning the Len Postill Memorial Trophy, with Nick Press

and Andrew Hay in Sydney Sailmakers 10 seconds behind in second place

and Jakub Ronowicz and Craig Nicholson in Stay Connected Electrical

30 seconds later in third place. It was wonderful to see our former club

members, Jakub Ronowicz and Craig Nicholson sailing Stay Connected


take out the handicap, winning the Jack and Lenore Dempsey

Memorial Trophy, with our Arrogant Frog second and Gizmo third.

In February we hosted the Jack Dempsey Memorial Invitation

sprints. Nick Press in Sydney Sailmakers was victorious, followed by

Brett Hobson’s Geotherm and then Jonathon Temple’s LCC Asia Pacifi c.

Arrogant Frog performed well with Jack Hill crewing with his Dad.

Club Championship Season Point Score Cherub Championship

1st place

Block Party

(Nathan & Connor


A Grand Day Out

(Robin Biskupic &

Luke Hill)

Block Party



Arrogant Frog

(Peter & Steven Hill)

Arrogant Frog

(Peter & Steven


A Grand Day Out



A Grand Day Out

(Robin Biskupic &

Luke Hill)

Block Party

(Nathan & Connor


Tiger Strike

(Sea Scouts)

Sincere thanks to all those members who make our racing possible,

namely the race officials and support boat crews.

STEVEN HILL, 12 foot Skiff Co-ordinator


Laser Report

I thought about just rehashing last year’s report to see if anyone

noticed but decided against it … We had some good competitive racing

throughout the season. Thirteen lasers registered with fleets of seven or

eight starters being the average.

Lee Dewane sailing Vibe was the winner of the Club Championship,

followed by Garry Robberds in Juz and then Neil Hibbard in SeaCure.

Unfortunately there were not enough Radial rig starters again this season

to have a Radial rig Club Championship but special mention must be made

of Judy Evans (who sailed with a Radial rig all season), running fourth

overall against the big rigs in the Club Championship.

The Season Point Score was won by Neil followed closely by Greg

Annesley in Purple Haze, with Tom Biskupic in Certifi able two points

behind in third place.

Judy Evans sailing Because I Can took out the Short Course series

with Lee in second place and Tom third. There were only four or five

starters in each heat.

I apologise to all but unfortunately the first half of the season came

and went in a blur for me due to family issues. This has not left me with

much to write about, and only a few personal things that I remember.

Maybe that’s just old age as well. I think I need to get in league with

someone who has a better memory than me who might remember more

of the individual races and battles.

It was great to have all the Laser trophy winners up on the Presentation

Night as this clearly showed that the trophies were pretty evenly spread

throughout the fleet. I was taken aback a bit that my fellow competitors

voted to award me the Laser Sailor of the Year Trophy. Thank you.

I want to personally thank everyone again who helped me during

the season.

• Neil Hibbard for taking the day off work to drive me with his trailer in

tow to the central coast to pick up my new boat and getting me such a

great deal, and also lending his trailer later in the season. Thanks, Neil.

• Greg Annesley for doing an excellent job in repairing my rudder blade

and centreboard multiple times during the season. I told you Greg I

am sure that they are just soft blades, nothing to do with my sloppy

handling of them. Thanks, Greg.

• And last but not least Phil Marsh who ‘piggybacked’ my boat to the

major Laser races over the season and drove me around as well, the

State Titles at Double Bay, the Australian Masters at Mooloolaba and

the Metro titles at Drummoyne. Without his help I would not have

accumulated enough points to be offered a spot at the Laser Masters

World Titles in Dublin, Ireland. Thanks, Phil.

As noted Phil and I travelled to a couple of races away from the

club this season. We started at a winter series race at Dobroyd, followed

by some lectures from Brett Beyer at Double Bay. This led to the State


A B B O T S F O R D 12 F O O T S A I L I N G C L U B I N C O R P O R A T E D

BALANCE SHEET AS AT 31st May, 2018

2017 2018


— Accrued Expenses .................................................... —


378,602 Balance 31st May 2017 ............................................ 372,358

(6,244) Add: Surplus for the year ......................................... (20,136)

2017 2018


31,089 Cheque Account.....................................


1,100 Cockburn Memorial Trust Fund............. 1,100

146,247 Term Deposits ........................................ 149,783

120 Stock on Hand........................................


13,885 Canteen Committee ................................ 16,885

192,441 185,715


132,207 Clubhouse - Plus Improvements ............ 132,207

7,870 Rescue Boats (at WDV) ......................... 2,003

24,251 “Scout II” (at WDV) .............................. 20,209

15,589 Training Boats (at WDV) ....................... 12,088

179,917 166,507

372,358 352,222

372,358 352,222


2017 INCOME 2018

3,383 Clubhouse Committee 3,626

2,387 Canteen Committee 2,999

2,265 Social Committee 2,664

5,120 Shed Rent 5,400

2,855 Trophy Donations 2,670

6,070 Membership and Joining Fees 6,350

3,600 Boat Registrations 4,100

1,255 Donations 450

3,509 Bank Interest 3,536

4,750 Club Boat Leases and Sales 3,400

1,850 YA Membership Fees Collected 2,150

175 Rash Vest Sales —

4,890 Learn to Sail & Green Group Course Fees 4,190

10,000 Sport & Rec Capital Assistance Grant 3,500

— City of Canada Bay Grant 3,000

193 Insurance Rebates —

685 Renovation Fund Donations 1,730

74 Recycling Income 159

— Duck Race Fundraiser 862

53,060 Total Income 50,787

2017 EXPENSES 2018

554 Trophies 737

2,060 Prizemoney 1,885

1,500 Associations and clubs 1,523

1,646 Clubhouse and Equipment Expenses 1,663

5,204 Launch and runabout Expenses 2,976

677 Electricity 1,585

290 Postage, Stationery and Printing 127

373 RMS - Aquatic Licence —

287 Telephone 374

115 Water Rates 130

11,348 Insurance 11,741

2,518 Department of Industries/RMS - Lease 2,024

1,063 Council Rates 1,073

9,126 Depreciation 9,126

54 Office of Fair Trading 45

119 Website —

2,607 Trainer Fees 2,320

952 Legal Fees —

— Banner Purchase 224

104 Liquor Licence 104

18,665 Mens Changeroom Refurbishment —

— Boat Ramp Replacement 33,149

— Loss on Sale of Rescue Boat 34

43 Sundries 80

59,304 Total Expenses 70,923


(, Net Surplus for the year (20,136)


I have examined the books and vouchers of the Abbotsford 12 Foot Sailing Club Incorporated for the year ended 31st May, 2018 and have obtained all the information required by me and which, to the best of my knowledge and

belief, was necessary for the purpose of my audit.

In my opinion, proper books of account have been kept, and the Club’s Balance Sheet and Income and Expenditure Account were in agreement therewith.

According to such records and to the information given, the Balance Sheet gives a true and fair view of the state of the Club’s affairs as at 31st May, 2018 and the Income and Expenditure Account discloses an operating deficit

amounting to $20,136 for the year ended 31st May, 2018 after allowing for depreciation amounting to $9,126.

Dated at Sydney, 30th June, 2018.

ANTHONY R. MERCIER, Honorary Auditor

Laser Champion Lee Dewane in Vibe leading runner up champion Garry Robberds in Juz .

Titles which were a bit of an eye-opener with the rough and tumble nature

of big fleet laser starting lines. This served to remind us of how different

sailing on the harbour was from sailing at the club on the river. Phil and

I finished all of the races but unfortunately couldn’t get near the leaders.

By this time I had set my sights on trying to qualify for the Worlds

in Dublin. This meant that a trip to the Australian Masters Titles in

Mooloolaba was required to try to get some more qualification points as

starting and finishing in both of these titles was considered a prerequisite.

This was another eye-opener sailing in the open ocean, with two-metre

swells, and a half-metre of wind chop on top of that. There were a few

mistakes made that were valuable lessons in the end for both of us. The

weather was sunny and very warm, especially when rigging up on the

black asphalt car park each day. My personal highlight, apart from the

straw hats that we were given at sign-on, was winning the race back to

the launching ramp on one of the days, passing 30 Lasers coming from

the breakwater into the river and through the marina (river sailors rule,


We finished the season at the Metropolitan Titles at Drummoyne.

Tom Biskupic joined us in this regatta, his first big Laser regatta. What a

contrasting two days, from a light truly river sailing day, to what I would

call a black westerly the next day. This was an all-comers regatta, with

not that many Masters sailors wanting to go up against the youth sailors

and the women Olympic aspirants and their coach boats. Again abiding


y the club course rules only seemed to be for the honest. I had a good

first day but got smashed on the second. Gusts of 30 knots will do that to

you, even with a Radial sail. Full marks must go to Tom who finished all

three races with a big sail on the Sunday. That was a supreme effort, and

I know because I was struggling with a Radial sail.

In between there was some club racing, would you believe (I did

say that most of last season was a bit of a blur for me). Congratulations

to Lee Dewane again for winning the Club Championship despite my

improved efforts this year and Lee having a late season bout of peritonitis,

which required surgery and several weeks’ recuperation. I thought I had

his measure in the last race only to use one of my three capsizes for the

season to let him get by and win. C’est la vie.

Congratulations to Mr Consistent, Neil Hibbard, on winning the

Season Point Score in what was no doubt a close championship judging

by the number of different trophy winners at the presentation.

Congratulations to Judy Evans who prevailed in the Short Course

series running all season with her Radial sail. Nobody hikes as hard as

Judy going to windward, I can tell you.

So there it is, another season has passed us by and we wait for the

new season to commence. Despite our best efforts the club is finding it

difficult to attract new members and their boats, so please speak to anyone

you know and convince them to come down to the club.

I am off to the South Pacific Masters Championships in Brisbane in

July as a bit of a warm-up for the World Masters Championships in Dublin

that begin on 7 September. I will be relying on our expat member ‘Bear’

(Robert Tyler) to arrange a week of sunny weather and light breezes, but

he’s not making the right noises at this time as it looks like he booked it

two months early!

Again I need to thank the tireless efforts of the people behind the

scenes that make it possible for myself and my fellow sailors to go sailing

every week at the club, the members of the club committee, the starters

and finishers, the runabout drivers, the ladies in the canteen and my fellow

Laser sailors. Also thanks to anyone I may have missed for your tireless

efforts over the last season.

See you all in a couple of months with hopefully some interesting

stories to tell.

Club Championship Season Point Score Short Course Series

1st place


(Lee Dewane)


(Neil Hibbard)

Because I Can

(Judy Evans)




(Garry Robberds)


(Garry Robberds)


(Lee Dewane)




(Neil Hibbard)


(Tom Biskupic)


(Tom Biskupic)

GARRY ROBBERDS, Laser Co-ordinator


Open Class Report

Well done to our Open class. The Opens fleet was made up of both

boats and crews from Abbotsford and the Sea Scouts. The less experienced

2016-17 crews from Abbotsford and the Scouts all showed that they were

able to build on last season’s knowledge and as a result started to hit more

consistent form.

More boats sailed this year with seven boats contesting the

championship heats. Additional Scout boats made occasional forays in the

normal Saturday races as well. Especially in the New Year we regularly

had five or more boats sailing each week. The experience gained by

regular sailing and increasing familiarity with the boats meant that crews

invariably performed better as the season went on. Some highlights from

the season results and newsletters may illustrate the improvement in

sailing ability throughout.

• In the heat of 7 October for instance – “three Scout boats TAG, CostYa

and Red Tasar finished 1, 2, 3. A tremendous effort!”

• Heat 2 of the Club Championship (November 2) saw Conditions

Apply and the Pacer 8 as the only competitors – the breeze being too

fickle for the rest of the Opens.

• From the newsletter of 23 January – “In the open class, Liam and

Alan on Conditions Apply, finished first, followed by Jamie and Ben

in Pacer 8, and Finn and Henri in Pacer 7. It was some good sailing

from the boys in the Pacers.”

• From the newsletter of 14 March – “It was great to see a fleet of 6

Scout boats on the water, and all finishing the race! They even walked

away with several of the chocolates. They are clearly in training for

the Sirius Cup on 17 March …”

• From the newsletter of 29 March – “In the open class, the Scout NS

CostYa skippered by James Ranford came first, followed by Liam and

Coop in Conditions Apply, with only 13 seconds between them. The

Scouts Pacer Attitude came third, 25 minutes later, just pushing out

Finn and Henry. Handicaps were in the same order.”

Well done to Finn McCluney and Henry Wheeler – who have

continued to improve their sailing performance – often pushing the leaders

and giving it a good go. Finn and Henry are moving into a 420 next season

– a more technical boat that they are ready to try. That said, you do need

to pay a little more attention to rigging and unrigging, boys, as the Pacer

appeared to be consuming shackles at an alarming rate.

Jamie and Ben England have also learned well in the Pacer and

improved week by week. Their teamwork will serve them well next year,

where a move to the 420 is rumored to be on the cards.

To all the Scout members who have sailed in the Open races – thank

you for your determination and competitive efforts. We all get better if

we are challenged. Thank you for being a part of our club. Your efforts

and participation are much appreciated.


Open Champion Conditions Apply, skipper Liam Gaha, crew Cooper Cotterill.

Congratulations to Liam and Cooper, our Opens champions for the

second year running. Next season they move into a new Cherub, Extreme

3059. We look forward to seeing them learn and adapt to the demands

of a higher performance skiff and giving the other four skiffs a challenge

later in the season.

Thank you from all the Open sailors for the support given by the

Laser and Skiff sailors in providing tips and advice, as well as assistance

during launch and recovery. Thank you also to the many who manned

support boats during the season.

We extend special thanks to the crews of the support boats who came

to our aid when we needed help. Thankfully this season, these occasions

were few and mostly due to gear failures, not inexperience. While we

are on that topic, a reminder for all the Opens, that boat and rigging

maintenance is an important off-season activity for all.


1st place

2nd place

Club Championship Season Point Score Short Course Series

Conditions Apply

(Liam Gaha & Cooper



(James Ranford &

Louie Roberts)

3rd place Pacer 8

(Ben & Jamie


Conditions Apply

(Liam and Cooper)

Pacer 8

(Ben & Jamie)

Pacer 7

(Finn McCluney &

Henry Wheeler)

Pacer 7

(Finn & Henry)

Pacer 8

(Ben and Jamie)

Conditions Apply

(Liam & Cooper)

Looking forward to seeing you all on the water next season.


Junior Report

Another great season for our junior sailors.

Close racing, variable winds, abandoned races and injuries were the

story of this year.

Our club champion was Charlie Dey, who has been close in previous

years, but this year clinched the top prize with consistent efforts throughout

the season. Charlie also won the Season Point Score. Well done, Charlie.

Our runner-up and also Junior Sailor of the Year (as selected by her

peers) was a well-deserving Evie Munday. Evie finished the last half of

the season injured and was unable to sail the last few races – she was very

consistent up to that point.

Last year’s champion Evan Gaha struggled with form this year as

well as struggling to fit into his Sabot after a growth spurt late last year.

He did not race for the last three heats of the championship but had done

enough early on to hold onto third place. Evan is keen to move into the

420 class where some elbowroom will be much appreciated.

Michael Rixon and his sister Amelia sailed 2up in their sabot and

claimed a second place (and the handicap win) in the last championship

heat. Keep sailing you two!

Charley McCluney had several strong showings this year notably

as the only finisher in a short course race on 2 December – on a day

when the second race was abandoned. Charley also won the last Club

Championship heat on 24 March. Charley should be in contention in

2018-19 if that form continues.

Nick Bell was unable to sail for much of the latter part of the season

but when he did, he sailed true to form, quiet, steady and efficient. Nick

was this season’s recipient of the Karl Evans Memorial Trophy.


Jamie England sailed in Heat 1 of the Club Championship and won

it – there being no other starters, he proved the old adage “you can’t win

if you don’t race”. He also sailed creditably in races four and five of the

spring series before joining his brother in the Pacer.

Orlando Palleschi showed that he has learned well, being just seconds

out of the placings in several races early in the New Year. Keep it up,


Harry Manurung from LTS showed great resolve and ability too when

in the last three weeks of the season he backed up for the afternoon’s races

in a club sabot. Congratulations to Harry who even claimed the handicap

win in Heat 7 of the Club Championship.

Thanks from all the juniors to the parents for assistance with

launching and recovery. Thanks also to race officials and the support crews,

especially Judy and Chris for tuition and guidance. Special thanks also

to Jason Munday and Adrian Bell, who were often trailing our juniors in

the duck to give encouragement and support.

Lastly from me to the junior sailors; thank you for doing your best,

for getting on well together, for helping each other and for being part of

our Abbotsford sailing family.

Club Championship Season Point Score Short Course Series

1st place Charlie Dey Charlie Dey Charlie McCluney

2nd place Evie Munday Evie Munday Orlando Palleschi

3rd place Evan Gaha Nick Bell Charlie Dey

ALAN GAHA, Junior Co-ordinator

Learn to Sail Report

Another successful Learn to Sail program was conducted during the

2017-18 season. We started with seven eager sailors who participated

each week regardless of the weather. It was good to welcome Cameron

Woodcock back to further develop his skills.

Harry and Lewis Manurung, Ethan and Clara Parker, Harry and Max

Bartetzko joined Cameron in all the planned activities and made great

progress throughout the many weeks. As the program continued Max and

Ethan decided that they would like to sail together in a sabot while Clara

and Harry B enjoyed hearing the coaches’ advice from the duck.

Nathan, Connor and Chris did another wonderful job coaching the

sailors and provided a range of water and land activities to teach the

basics of the sport including rigging, tacking, gybing, mark rounding and

de-rigging. Special thanks goes to Liam Gaha and Robin Biskupic who

filled in when the McNamara boys had Cherub commitments.


There were several high points during the season including the

annual Christmas boat decorating contest and watching all the sailors

push themselves to the edge of their comfort zones on a regular basis. It

was rewarding to watch the skill levels increase as a result of the sailors’

hard work and willingness to listen to the coaches’ advice.

To follow up the program the club arranged a day of holiday sailing

in April and it was great to see how well the sailors managed in a fresh

southerly during a series of short courses around near Quarantine.

Congratulations to Harry Manurung who accepted the challenge of

afternoon sailing on several occasions and finished the season on a high

note by winning the Abbotsford Cove Shield.

Thank you to the parents who assisted their children throughout the

program and we look forward to welcoming everyone back in the new


JUDY EVANS, LTS Co-ordinator


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