Dinesh Bafna A Skilled Entrepreneur & a Mentor to his Staff


Cleveland's businessman, Dinesh Bafna, started his business in 1989. Dinesh is a graduate of Bowling Green State University. Married to Sangita Bafna, he has two sons. Dinesh is known as a leader and innovator.

Dinesh Bafna | A Skilled Entrepreneur &

a Mentor to his Staff

The founder of Mont Surfaces by Mont Granite, Inc. and several other

corporations, Dinesh Bafna from Cleveland is an excellent entrepreneur.

His commitment towards work has contributed to the success of his

business and has made him a recognized name in the industry.

Dinesh Bafna was born on August 24, 1964 and graduated from Bowling

Green State University. He is married to Sangita Bafna and has two sons,

Kunaal and Kurren Bafna. He started his business in a small warehouse in

1989 and has

made it


Dinesh Bafna

has the

reputation of

a skilled


who holds

the capacity

to get a task

done under


situations as

well. This is

because he

believes in valuing relationships and being empathetic towards the people

he serves. This trait has helped Dinesh to build a large network of clients

and referrals. For him, his customers and clients are of great importance,

and he caters them well.

What's not much known about the background of Dinesh Bafna is the fact

that he is alwayslearning. Bafna keeps himself updated with the latest in

innovation. Additionally, he takes constant training to impart new skills to

his staff.

Another quality that sets Bafna apart is the art of motivating his staff and

becoming a leader to them, thereby getting the work accomplished

effectively. Dinesh Bafna is a leader. He appreciates and motivates his

teams to perform well. This encouragement boosts the employee morale

and contributes to meeting the company’s objectives as well as to the

growth of his employees.

Dinesh Bafna is a proven leader and entrepreneur.




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