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Sports marketing as a business function refers to the concept of

demand for sports products and services, the concept of satisfaction

and demand, the concept of sporting goods, the concept of exchange,

the concept of sports market and the concept of marketers. As a

business function, there is a systematic approach to the function of the

set goal, with the identification and anticipation of demand, definition

and satisfaction of demand for sports products and services. And as a

scientific discipline, it studies the procedures and activities that enable

the highest degree of efficiency of marketing application in the given

circumstances, using scientifically recognized and elaborated methods

and principles for the purpose of advancing and developing the activity

in question. Sport, given its social and economic role and its great

publicity, is extremely suitable for economic activities. Therefore, sports

enthusiasm has wide-ranging possibilities of application for animation,

in different ways, by the masses of people. The development of a range

of activities, which are in any way related to sport or sport, as well as to

improving the conditions and lifestyle of people, favored the active

participation of an increasing number of people in sports activities as

active or passive participants. Thus the market was created as the first

precondition for any kind of entrepreneurship. Growth in

entrepreneurship was also contributed by the growing demand for

sports and sporting goods. Sports programs are related to activities

such as the production and sale of sports equipment, clothing,

footwear and food items, tourism and various other service activities

consumed by the masses of people. And it provides a great opportunity

for earning. In the modern world, certain areas of sport are economic

activities that not only provide the opportunity to earn, but can also

generate large business ventures with high earnings. We come to see

that the profit is higher, it is a more profitable investment. Profitability

is therefore the driving force behind the motive of entrepreneurship in

sport, whose products and programs, as well as every other, are valued

by the market.

In 1980, B. J. Mullin recognized, for the first time, a series of features of

sports products that affect the marketing process. B. J. Mullin (1980)

argues that sport has advanced from a form of institution that is simply

administrative to the form of organization that requires leadership. By

making that distinction, B. J. Mullin emphasized that sport reached its

level of development where the task of a sports manager is

to actively seek ways to expand the fundamentals of the

organization's revenue. On the one hand, the manager is in

charge of retaining a status in a sports organization, and on

the other hand, the manager is responsible for evaluating

and evaluating trends to influence the survival of the

organization and its success.

Operational sports marketing deals with sport marketing

and consists of research, analysis, planning, implementation

and control. The environmental analysis collects the most

important data about the sport environment and analyzes

them to understand the sport market and the key success

factors better. Planning can then take place to set goals,

develop strategies to accomplish these goals, and consider

actions for successful implementation and control of

marketing efforts. Collecting data is achieved through a

review of sports marketing aimed at systematically

observing all key parts of the sport environment: macro -

environment, customers, competitors, markets and

organizations. In order to look at the company's position

with a balanced appraisal of relative strengths and

weaknesses and market opportunities and threats, a SWOT

analysis should be conducted for the purpose of organizing

the data. That is why a sports marketing manager should

have a clear idea of what factors would lead to successful

action. Sponsorship is considered the fastest growing form

of promotional marketing sphere in the world. Although

sponsorship is increasingly popular and increasingly used as

a form of marketing, there are still many companies that

are skeptical because they do not know what sponsorship

offers and what it is. Sponsorship is an invested marketing

effort whose main goal is to connect the organization to

the public. Marketing experts are convinced that by regular,

well-designed and organized sponsorship, they can increase

sales and enhance the community of events happening in it.

Of all forms of marketing, sponsorship is most popular in

the public. Some of the sponsoring goals are: increasing

sales; creating and increasing awareness of the company

and / or product / brand; building a company and / or

product image; bringing a targeted market. Personal

advertising has some similar characteristics as sponsorship

and is usually related to it for that reason, but it is not as

close to what the public thinks of it. For personal

advertising, the company pays to a person through financial

or material benefits so that in return, she will get it to use,

promote, or support her products. (Beech & Chadwick,


Sport will become a professional and commercial exercise,

gradually turning into a "show business". The training will

continue to be training, but much will depend on the

upgrading of sports equipment. There are four phenomena

that can be seen (Bernstein, 2015). Expectations that can be

expected from sports: 1. The psychological phenomenon of

sport - sports will become more attractive in mass form.

Certain phenomena that already exist in sports will further

boost the emotional connection of sports with supporters.

There is a great opportunity to expand the destruction of

the basic ethical principles of sport. 2. The social

phenomenon of sport - sports will become even more social

communities, which will be dealt with by all generations, at

all levels, from recreational, amateur and professional.

Everyone will have more and more participation in the sport

in any way. It will always be a great opportunity for young

people to find their way of life, either as athletes or as

workers. Sports will open the largest number of new jobs. 3.

The economic phenomenon of sport - the economic aspect

of sport continues to grow, which can seriously jeopardize

the main mission of sport, or generally its purpose of

existence and action. Profit could become the benchmark

for success measurement. Even basic sports laws and sports

laws could be disabled by business laws. 4. Political Sports

Phenomena - It is assumed that sport will be more and

more influenced by politics, whether through the political

image of an individual or a political group. The reason is

that different political groups will feed on his image. In this

paper, the football club Real Madrid is being handled,

because in today's world it represents what all other sports

organizations are trying to do. The first introduced

technology in the daily lives of its athletes and sports

organizations, and has recently signed a contract with

Microsoft, which has become their strategic technology

partner. Microsoft will change with Cloud technology the

way football plays in Real Madrid, trains, looks and enjoys

football that will be presented. The brand of Real Madrid is

one of the most respected and valued globally, and its own

licensing becomes the basis of the marketing strategy,

alongside all the other (distribution, products and licenses,

new technologies, sponsorship, image utilization,

advertising and international marketing) sports products of

this great Spanish club. In support of this, the astonishing

increase in marketing revenues that took place from 2001

to 2006 was achieved, so it was a marketing gain in 2001,

amounted to EUR 38.6 million, while only five years later it

amounted to EUR 116 million. Thanks to the extraordinary

efforts and work of the General Marketing Administration

and the targeted marketing strategy, such an increase in

revenue has occurred. The basis of the marketing strategy

is to use the sports market segmentation and the

identification of sports goods, services and resources

owned by Real Madrid. The Marketing Directive made it a

club of a kind of pioneer because they first started creating

trade routes as if they were distribution channels, which

reduced the image of the player and the club itself. In

addition, the club has developed sales channels (catalogs,

TV, internet). Other revenues include the sale of products

related to "Real Madrid" in club shops, communications

such as mobile telephony and the internet, and also

worldwide tours (Asia, USA, Oceania) also serve to conquer

new markets


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