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SugarCRM Advanced Export Plugin - AppJetty

Advanced export SugarCRM is easy to use but very powerful plugin to export the huge chunk of desired data in CSV, PDF and XLS file format from custom module list view section and its sub panel section.


USER MANUAL – SugarCRM Advanced Export Introduction AppJetty provides effective solution in the form of Advanced Export which allows the users to maintain and send huge records from their SugarCRM to others seamlessly and fast. It also provides users with the liberty to select the type of file they want to choose for exporting the data. This plugin can export the desired data from ‘Module List View’ section and its ‘Sub Panel’ section in the format of CSV, PDF and XLS files. It helps the users of SugarCRM to send and retain the relevant records in these three easy to manage formats. Benefits of Advanced ExportExport Records in Multiple File Formats The user has the option to choose from CSV, PDF or XLS file type option to export the data of various modules and its fields. • Choose Fields to be Exported The users also have the facility of choosing the required fields for which they want to export the data based on their requirements. • Export from List View and SubPanel Users can use simple and easy way to organize file formats i.e., CSV, PDF and XLS to export important data from different module lists and related sub panels. • Role Based Access Control on Export Admin can easily control the modules to be exported based on the roles of users. • Easy Sorting of Data Exported Users can export the data in a sorted way directly from ‘Module List Views’ in CSV, PDF or XLS format. 1

USER MANUAL – SugarCRM Advanced Export Installation & Configuration SugarCRM Plug-in Installation • To start with the installation, log-in as Administrator into SugarCRM. Go to the Administration page and click on ‘Module Loader’ to install the package. • Browse the zip file and click on ‘Upload’ button under Module Loader screen. After uploading package, click on the ‘Install’ button to install the package. 2

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