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Uganda stands for an exceptional yet undiscovered wildlife destination in Africa. Incredible scenery, comfy climate all through the year and this makes a trip to Uganda extremely delightful. We at BuyMore Adventures offer exceptional wildlife safari tours, gorilla and chimp tracking in Uganda with a unique African touch. Check out our exclusive Uganda wildlife safaris for an unforgettable experience in Africa. Call us now for an instant booking!

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Uganda Wild Safari is Most Excellent Prospect for a Memorable

Gorilla Trekking Experience

Tracking mountain gorillas is the biggest dream of every wildlife-loving

tourist. The scarceness of gorillas around the world makes their tracking

so costly. Uganda is the only place famous for maximum mountain gorilla

tracking experience. Fortunately the two big national parks in Uganda

shelter these endangered species along with its lush green forest and

wilderness. Top travel operators with a good reputation in the tourism

industry will present you with the clear reason to guide your decision

regarding the best Uganda Wildlife Safaris destination for a close wildlife

encounter. Below mentioned are some of the factors that make Uganda

prominent to be your best Uganda Wildlife Safaris and gorilla tracking



Uganda’s gorilla permit can be procured at around 500 USD to 700USD for

foreign non-residents and around250000ush for East African residents.

This cost is far much more affordable compared to Rwanda’s gorilla permit

costing around USD1500, which is paid by all travelers including Rwanda

nationals. This means that Uganda offers the most affordable wildlife safari

and cheapest gorilla trekking experience. Therefore Uganda wildlife safaris

are the best option and destination for an exciting safari experience,

especially for those traveling on a budget.

Distribution of Gorilla Families

Uganda possesses the majority number of gorilla family out of the total of

total gorilla families available in all the three countries including Rwanda

and the Congo. Having the most gorilla families means more gorillas in

Uganda gives the advantages of gorilla permits on the market compared

to other counties. Vacationers are also able to track a variety of gorillas,

chimps, elephant, giraffe, hippos, Cape buffalo and much more wildlife and

birdlife habituated in their own natural environment.


Security is among the most important priorities of every tourist while

on an expedition of Uganda wildlife safaris. So far security is

concerned Uganda has a cutting edge over her neighbors. It is the

safest destination for uncompromised wildlife safaris and gorilla

tracking experience.

Accommodation in and Around the Parks

All of Uganda’s wildlife safaris destinations are rich in luxurious

accommodation facilities. All the accommodations including lodges,

midrange cottages, budget, and camping sites are well-equipped with the

best comfort and luxury facilities. However, travelers can stay in

accommodation like hotels and more lodges in the nearby towns around

the parks in Uganda.

Ease of switching to many tourist activities

The strategic location of Uganda makes it more exciting for wildlife

safaris especially gorilla tracking. Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National

Park in the center surrounded with different potential National Parks

such as Queen Elizabeth national park and Kibale Forest national park

surely makes your Uganda wildlife safaris a fascinating experience.

These are the places, where one can easily switch on an hour’s of

drive for game drives or game viewing, gorilla and chimpanzee

tracking experience and also to see the tree-climbing lions and much



When it comes to Uganda wildlife safaris, BuyMore Adventures has tried

its level best to make it as convenient as possible for all the vacationers.

We are the gateway to the heart of Uganda the pearl of Africa. We offer

exceptional Uganda wildlife safaris with a distinctive African touch. We are

working around the clock to draft and implement best wildlife safari

itineraries ensuring that Uganda’s Wildlife Safaris experience remains the

best for all wildlife lovers around the world. For inquiry or consultation call

us at +254-20-2325654 today!

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