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Robert Camera

August 2018

Behinds the Brush

Misty Reavis


Cover Model

Brittany Lynn


Art of Posing

by Taylor Grey


Dallas Arts

by Grayson Micaela


Euphoric Modeling


Model Tips

by Harley Corwin


Photo Shoots

by Rick Cutrer



Brittany Lynn


Robert Camera

NWI Glamour

Misty Reavis is a highly

trained and published

freelance hair and makeup


Misty Reavis

While her career began in Northwest

Arkansas, she has recently landed in

the Omaha area. Her love for hair

started at a very early age. In fourth

grade, all the students were asked

what they wanted to be when they

grew up, Misty wanted to be a hair

stylist. And since 1996, her passion

blossomed into a career. Misty also

found the love for makeup and that

both went hand in hand with each

other so she decided to get her

degree in makeup artistry. She holds

a cosmetology license in Arkansas,

Nebraska, and in Iowa.

Misty loves working with all facial shapes

and types, as well as hair types. Each

individual is a blank canvas to create

something with, whether it is her own

vision or the vision of a photographer,

model, designer, or bride. The end result

has a story that needs to be told. Misty’s

goal is to have a flawless application so the

photographer spends less time using Photo

Shop, and the individuals look like

themselves and not an art project, unless

of course that’s the plan of the project. No

two people have the same hair and facial

type which is what makes each individual

client special and beautiful. She believes in

using consultation techniques and both

hair and makeup to achieve the end result.

Misty communicates with her clients for

direction on job specification including but

not limited to, getting an outline of the

client’s needs and following them to give

the client satisfying results. She is also

been known to get crafty for her clientele

and make headpieces for photo shoots

and/or for a bride’s hair piece for her

special day.

Misty has worked for Lancome cosmetics

and has became a certified beauty advisor.

She also had a short stint working for

Benefit Cosmetics where she learned brow

mapping as part of the waxing procedures.

She is constantly continuing her education

in both hair and makeup. She is a Master

Colorist with Pravana. She is a certified

Wella Color Correction Colorist.

As well as certified with multiple Smoothing

Treatment companies. She is certified in

Disinfection and Sanitation, because let’s face

it, no one wants to have dirty cosmetic brushes

or makeup touching their face or dirty brushes

being ran through their hair! If you don’t see

your makeup artist using clean brushes or

sanitizing them without call in between

applications you are using the wrong

professional! Misty is known for putting the

client safety into consideration by observing

safety procedures and avoiding certain

chemicals that may have adverse reactions to

the client’s hair and or face.

Misty has worked closely with photographers in

and out of several state photo shoots. She has

worked with designers in and out of state for

Runway shows. She was even asked to be a part

of Raul ‘Rulli' Torres’s Northwest Arkansas

Runway committee to help assist pick and

choose other professional hair and makeup

artist as well as models for his Runway shows

when he held them in the area. She was a

makeup artist for Northwest Arkansas Fashion

Week for several years running, even making

the drive from Omaha back to Arkansas to

participate. Misty was recruited by sculpt talent

agency out of Little Rock, Arkansas to assist

with the hair and makeup gig for a company by

the Name of Love Hangover Creations who was

performing and a runway show for Walmart

home office for Cultural Week. To this day,

Misty and the owner of Love Hangover

Creations are still friends and still communicate

and speak business quite frequently. She also

did hair and makeup for Northwest Arkansas is

Dancing with the Stars. And was also asked to

participate in 2017 MAPSYM, Mid-America

Photography event held in Eureka Springs,

Arkansas. Those are just a few of the many

events that she has participated in.

Photo credit

Christopher Tierney

Misty sticks with the traditional makeup application, for she feels that she

can get a better finish and look from her techniques then from airbrush.

Her foundation line that she uses is waterproof, sweat proof, and nontransferable,

and is PETA approved. She found that this Foundation line not

only benefited the photographers and models from flashback, you know

the ‘ghastly white face look’, but also gives the bride’s the confidence of a

flawless finish for their wedding day without getting makeup all over their

expensive beautiful gowns.

Today, Misty continues to work passionately, creating amazing hair and

makeup looks on clients everywhere and helping her clients to feel even

more beautiful than they already are! Be sure to take one of Misty’s classes

if you ever get the opportunity for you never know what kind of tips and

tricks you may walk away with!

Misty is currently

rebranding herself

and her business so

be on the lookout for

changes! But for now

please reference the

following for Misty’s

beautiful work.





New Season Premieres

on September 17th





Kelly Sarrico Photography

Lori DePinto



Larisa Kuklis

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Cover Photographer

Robert Camera

Cover Model

Brittany Lynn

Hey guys!!!

Bee here! Well, first off, I'd like to begin by saying I am truly

honored to be the cover girl of this amazing magazine! This

is definitely a magazine I have seen and wanted to get in

and here I am on the cover! Woo!! I was due for another

cover to add to my collection and I am so thankful for you

guys and Robert to help make that happen. :) This was such

an amazingly fun, relaxing, and enjoyable shoot, I couldn't be

happier to be able to share it with the world. Totally needed

a beach day, and turned down my boats and hoes all

weekend for it, so glad it was worth it!

So, a bit

about me...

I'm 28 years old,

working hard to be

a millionaire before

I'm 30! I love to

read and learn.


collecting useful

information since


In my 'bio', I would naturally, say

all the fun/recreation I like to do

that I think people usually want

to hear about such as travel,

shows, events, games, boating,

jetskis, get down with friends, yada

yada yaaa. Butttt- Honestly.. I'm kind

of over these phases as I have had

way more fun than I should have by

now and I'm all funned out. Truly, For

me, it's time to grind. I don't even

enjoy it like I used to because I'm too

focused and know the value of my

time. Rarely, I still do 'fun' things here

and there I really want to do to keep

me sane, such as a show or a vaca

every few months (vs. every week to

two weeks like before).



Now, I spend my days fighting everyone and everything off due

to this. (Go me!) I get some pretty epic offers for shows, events, games, paid

vacas all over the states and out of the country, but very aware of the opportunity

cost and time management, especially when vacas are involved. Though many of them

involve shooting, still, it gets to be more about vaca mode at times and there's many

amazing photographers and opportunities right here in Chicago and nearby. Plus, was too

much time away from my home and B. Just have to know your worth and be very careful

what you agree to. Time is money. :) I'm extremely grateful for the love of my life,

Bandit, my family, my amazing photographers, publishers, friends, fans, slaves, and

everyone else! I don't really drink or party anymore, but go to bed early and wake up

early, as the successful do. ;) I also do radiology and am a subject matter expert,

overseeing the radiology department of 7 different clinics. [Single, but unavailable.]

I like to shoot, study, learn, read, listen to audiobooks and podcasts, express my

creativity and visions, (also why I love shooting), self analyze, measure my progress,

work hard, be productive, disciplined, motivated, and advance in life. I also like to become

the healthiest version of myself, run, workout, enjoy nature, witchcraft, bend reality,

Youtube/ comedy/ skits, meditate, explore new opportunities, try new things, network,

keep my mental state positive and in check at all times, donate to charities that speak

to me like St. Jude, ASPCA (animal abuse), and UMTR2ME (suicide prevention). I strive

to reach the point of tithing at 10% of my income, but I'm not there yet. I put my time

and energy towards reaching my goals, self-growth, investing in stocks, making money,

helping people, building my brands, self love, God, gratitude, becoming a better person,

finding the good in all people, situations, and struggles, daydreaming, connecting to

source, etc, etc.. I also love crystals. They help me do all of this with much more power

and motivation. I believe in personally radiating love and good will to all.

Just working hard to make my wildest dreams come true. I'm blessed beyond belief and

have a gang of angels looking out for me, contributing to my abundant, beautiful life filled

with love, joy, wealth, peace, success, and happiness. Really proud of how far I've come

in life, especially within the past year of changing my habits and mental state,

knowledge is power. You'll be seeing a lot more of me. I'm here to live out my life purpose

and make the world a better place because I lived in it. Not just a pretty face. ;) If you'd

like to get to know me more, or contact me about rates and bookings.




Larisa Kuklis


Kim R Johnson

( KRJohnson Photography )


Katey Allen

Shannah Rae


Desireee Davis

Jessica File


Mike Benkis

Posing and Photographing


Taylor Grey

Photographing the female form is art form itself.

It's much more than putting them in the frame and composing

that frame. It's about understanding that form's body, it's lines,

it's errors, it's angles it's physical appearance, it's emotional and

mental presence on the world around itself.

To understand the female form you must strip away the pretense that every form is

the same, well yes in its rudimentary state it’s the same, but just like figure drawing

and figure painting, not all bodies are the same. The fashion industry unfortunately

designs primarily to a single body shape, and leaves the, "non-standard body mass" in the

corner closet for a rainy-day project. However, the female form is more than just lines

and bumps. It's has hallmarks of that forms life, history and the things that have

molded it.

You might have heard of, read the article or blurb that floats around on social media

platforms and blog sites about the wife of two or three went in for a boudoir session

for her husband, who was promptly outraged at the photos he received. It wasn't that

the female photographer shot the wife wrong, or made them lewd and overly sexual,

instead it was her post work, she made this mom and wife look like the model in a

glossy ad, smooth skin perfect. The husband remarked that the photographer stripped

away what made her beautiful in his eyes, the stretch marks, the crow's feet, she took

away the essence of that form.

Where I am getting with this is that before you put the female form in a frame and

shoot, you need to understand her, without blatantly pointing out the flaws. Remember

that most women are self conscious about their bodies, because we as a society have

built up this image of perfection and anything that doesn't meet that is looked upon

with ridicule and shame or disgust.

The female form without trying to be graphic, racist, or shaming of it has

unimaginable amounts of differences, in fact the human race is that way.

Don’t go into your shoot thinking that this will be the same as the last

The client you shot last session

may have been a taller mom of

three kids age of early forties,

pretty decent bra size, skinny waist,

a generous behind and muscular

thighs. She's worried about showing

her stretch marks, her crow's feet,

her smile lines and that shooting

her from certain angles will make

her look fat or disproportionate.

However today you get a client

who is a 22 year old college

student who works two jobs, is on

the college diet, stressed about

making grades to hold her

scholarship. Her body could be

described as standard model, size 2

or 4 dress, picturesque beauty

without makeup, ballerina bra size,

with a slight masculine jawline.

She's not really concerned about

any flaws other than the fact that

she has mentioned that she has

lost a few pounds. She won't tell

you that she fought and won a

battle with an eating disorder.

The Female Form

How you shoot the mom will be

different then shooting the college

student. Before we go into that

let's talk about the basics of

posing. Remember that rules are

meant to be broken but these are

suggested rules.

The human body is not a straight

line, so avoid at all cost locking

the elbow joints or hyper extending

them. It looks really weird on

camera, and when you see it in

person it may not be so bad, but on

camera it looks creepy and


Locking the knees or allowing them to bend

backward also looks awkward, posing the female

form is about beauty and embracing the femininity

of it. Allow an ever so slight bend at the knee if

the subject is standing. It looks softer then the

harsh lock of the knee.

Hands are the hardest and no matter how hard

you try, the only people that I have found that

have mastered the art of posing their hands are

dancers. The hands should be soft, slightly open,

breathy and airy, almost like they are holding the

plumage of an elegant bird.

Bear claws and lobster mitts are a

no-no. There really isn’t much I can

offer other then try to have little

bends in the joints, and keep the wrist

loose, but not so loose that it flops.

Another thing that many photographers

do on a consistent basis is hide a limb,

almost always make sure that all four

limbs of the body can be seen, even if

partially. It looks pleasing to the eye

to see limbs.

Let's move to joints. NEVER EVER

CROP AT A JOINT, if you know that

you will crop in post and your camera

shooting position is steady enough to

not get blurring, focus your lens on

the eye and shoot the body as a whole

and crop up to where you want. I have

seen to many beautiful portraits ruined

because the photographer cropped at a

joint or cropped the foot in half. The

biggest offender is from the knees

down. Crop at the shin or don't crop at


If you are going to put a subject in

frame within your image, make sure we

can see at least both thighs, or just

below the knees, or just above the


Another critical thing is the face, most

non models have a single facial

expression, Chandler Bing for example.

Rather than shoot them with the same

face or attempt to get them to change

that expression, which will looked

force, converse with them elevator

style. Talk about generic stuff, how is

life, why they came to you, find out

their hobbies, or what they do for

leisure. Don't ever get personal unless

you know them on a deeply personal

friend level.

The Female Form

Stay on super generic topics. Once they open

up they won't have any problem adjusting their

expression, or shoot on two rather than on


The broadest part of the body is the bicep, the

thigh and the broad plane of skin on the hand,

always turn these to the side or resist the

urge to compress these areas. Instead hold the

arm centimeters away from the body, change

the weight distribution if they are posed in a

way that compress or shows the thigh in all

its glory.

Keep ankles stiff, don't bend sideways. It looks


Another thing I like to say is break the

parallels. You have at least 6 points on your

body that form parallel lines when standing

upright. Your eyes, shoulders, elbows, hips,

knees and ankles.

Let's talk about trickery

within the frame how do you

make someone a size 2 or 4 look

amazing and how do you make a

curvy person look amazing

without looking, well weird on


It's all about the angles. You

really shouldn't shoot someone

straight on, especially a woman.

The Female Form

Instead turn her hips an eighth to a

quarter turn away from you, and turn the

shoulders an eighth to a quarter turn. In

essence you have, say her right hip and

left shoulder more prominent, twisted her

core, which has tightened her midsection

making her form appear more balanced.

HINT: this trick could allow you to shoot

her straight on if executed with precision.

The body is twisted and therefore not

facing you straight on.

What you want to do with a size 4 is to

make curves appear where they aren't

without making them look cartoonish. All

this is done without any help with

photoshop. The best one is the Core twist

as mentioned above. It accents the form

and helps to add curves.

By accenting what she has with strategic

poses, hip drops, slight body twists, kneeling

or shooting her from different angles will

tremendously help to add curves.

In my experience there are two types of

curvy women, those that wear their

curves and those that embrace their

curves. The wearers have no clue how to

pose with their curves or dress

appropriately, and most of the time they

will complain when you don't shoot her

correctly. Those that embrace their

curves have mastered them and know how

to look damn good, they know how to

accent the good and hid the bad, they

know what clothing works well and

what doesn't.

So how do you shoot curves? Well I am

going to brutally honest, 75% of the

industry haven't master the concept,

they'll shoot it but it will show flaws

and both the client and photographer

will get frustrated, my first shoot with

a short curvy model was a disaster, I had

shot a super tall curvy girl twice and it

was amazing. 15% of them have mastered

the concept, are damn good at it and it

shows, the last 10% only shoot what is

wrongly referred to as plus size

modeling. The average American woman is

a size 12 or 14, for those who aren't in the


With more brutal honestly, the majority

of the time if you are at Five four and

weigh above 250, the vast majority of

photographers, that 90%, may politely, or

impolitely turn you down for portraits,

the majority of the time it's not that we

are bodyshaming, far from it, it's because

we are psychologically intimidated on

shooting you, to make you look amazing

or as you may have told us, make me

look like a model.

The Female Form

Back to the mom, what I did is that I twisted her core, broke the parallels almost to

the brink of exaggeration, strategic angles, she duplicated the Black Widow stance

several times and it worked for her body type, I used minimal shadowing, or blowout

highlights leeching in from behind as I shot a quarter profile pose. I pulled a knee as far

across her other leg as possible to make her appear slimmer. Sometimes I would shoot

from a lower angle while she held her head high, or shot from a slight overhead angle

while she held her head high.

Again, it's all about knowing her angles. This mom had worked with me four times and

she told that she learned more about her body type and posing it in two sessions with

me then the money she spent at 19 for modeling classes.

I will get into clothing and body types in a later article which also helps with posing

and making the female form look good on camera, hopefully while also maintaining her

personality. Unless you are shooting for commercial usage like fashion photography.

This is all from my own personal experience so refer at will.

I also happened to learn posing by studying the naked form, take a moment attend a

figure class, or ask your partner to pose naked. Without clothing one can see how the

skin moves, with fit people you can see how the muscles change and pull across the

form, you can see how the body reacts without fabric.



Dwight Juan Allen





Corey Jones




Larisa Kuklis




Larisa Kuklis


Dave Dell






Mike Benkis

The different kinds of photo

shoots for a model and

what they involve

by Rick Cutrer

If you are aiming to become a

professional model who wants to

work in front of a camera, there

are a few things you should know

Test shoots

Test shoots usually refer to the

practice of a photographer wanting to

try out a creative idea, test new

equipment, wanting to build their own

portfolio, or the photographer might

just want to try out how a photo shoot

would go with the set-up of the photo

session. The other side of test shoots is

for models who need test shots for

their portfolios. This can be organized by

the model themselves, so they can get

professional shots to show to agencies,

or by an agency who wants to represent

a new model.

Test shoots are usually a simple trade

of services. Do not expect to get paid

for a test shoot, just as a photographer

will not expect a reward for the

photography he/she does. So, you could

view it as friendly set-up of one

professional helping another, which

works both ways.

Model photo shoots

There are some basic points which you should

aim to fulfill as a model, in terms of photo

shoots and photo sessions.

Firstly, you should know how to make the

photographer’s life as easy as possible. A

model, who knows what he/she is doing and

who does not need so much managing, will

take a nice stand with the photographer. If

you show flexibility and you can adapt to the

setting easily, this will make the

photographer feel much more at ease and

will consequently allow for the photo shoot

to go according to plan without delays or


The second, very important thing to

remember is to keep yourself healthy and

energetic. You should never arrive to a photo

shoot looking tired and exhausted as this

will influence the photo shoot in a variety of

ways. So, remember to always get a good

night’s sleep before the photo shoot and

come to the shoot with energy and eagerness

to work hard, as expected.


Thirdly, when you have a photo shoot

scheduled, always come well prepared.

Usually all details relating to a photo

shoot are discussed and set beforehand,

therefore coming to a shoot with all the

necessary items is vital. This is a good

representation of your own reliability, so to

appear as professional as possible, make

sure you come fully prepared.

In addition to the latter, always make

sure you arrive on time. Nobody appreciates

waiting around, especially as Studio time is

often based on hourly fees. So, it’s always

better to come early rather than late.

"You should never

arrive to a photo

shoot looking tired

and exhausted"

When all the preparations have been made

for the shoot, then starts your one-on-one

with the photographer. Your ability to

communicate with the photographer is key

as it sets the tone and speed of the shoot.

So, listen to the instructions of the

photographer carefully and try to make

his/ her job as easy as possible. Naturally,

the more a model and a photographer work

together, the smoother the photo shoot

will be. However whether it’s your first or

your tenth time working together, you

should always aim to ask the photographer

what he or she wants to facilitate for the

most effective working environment.


You should always make

sure that you are dealing

with a professional

photographer, especially

when it comes to test

shoots. There are lots of

people luring and scamming

young, impressionable

models, and for this reason

you should always consult

a professional photographer

for taking your

photographs, especially if

you are just starting out in

the business. Ask other

models, photographers you

have worked with and do

your own investigation about

the photographer. The

photographer will be

investigating you too. Other

models and photographers

do talk. So, it’s worth to

invest a bit of time and

money in finding a

professional to work with.




Jonathan Frings




Missy Terry

Arin Morgan


Cayan Benjamin




Mike Benkis

with Grayson Micaela

Hello lovely friend's, It’s Grayson again

with your monthly DFW arts news!

I, myself, have been busy travelling for a month to California

and surrounding states, doing art and making new connections, enjoying the

break of summer as much as possible. I was so wrapped up in the process of

becoming a better artist, I didn't have time to write an article for July, which I

apologize to you for, my people! But I have lots of interesting things to tell you about

the month of August and a little about the past month of July- all of arts news!

Oh, August. The month children dread and parent’s love. The month of summer

starting to wind down and school starting back up, the usual daily routine, the usual

work day, and for us artists: so many things to do! New music being created and

produced, new movies being planned and shot, movie screenings, models gearing up

for a successful season of gorgeous shots, the dancers begin training again- the list

goes on and on. At my school, Booker T. Washington High School For The

Performing and Visual Arts, we love August because we cannot wait to get back to

school and start creating with our friend's again. Even the academics are fun! We may

die from sleep deprivation throughout the year, but it’s what we love and want to do

with our lives, so it’s worth it.

We have tons of shows you have to come see if you’re ever in

the middle of Downtown Dallas- so, check out our website for more

information! :) On another note of theater: Junior Players, a

non profit theater here in Dallas, has busted out another show stopping production

with Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare with many of my friend's as leads and many a

great performance to be seen, as usual with a Junior Player’s production- make sure

to keep them on your radar for future shows! Another theater company here, Cry

Havoc, recently wrapped up their debut production of Babel, a riveting story following

the tales of gun violence and what it does to people, showing the different sides of

what goes on in and around the stories you hear.

Another company to get connected with! In the music side of

things, Dallas based, city loved rock band The Wild Frontiers debuts their first EP 17,

along with their music video for their single Drive, (I’m in it! XD), so go give that a

listen on all streaming devices, Plano’s very own, Ron Bultongez, released a single

titled Learning to Love, with his EP of the same name coming out August 1! If you

listen to his soulful voice and hear his emotions pour out in his writing, I’m sure you

will learn to love him as the rest of us do here. I wanted to give a quick thought to

Ramon Mallow, a very important piece to the Dallas art scene, who has recently

suffered two strokes. He is in charge of cataloging all of the open mics here and he

also does some playing himself, so sending out a big “get well soon” to him! Oh, Open

Mic nights are still moving and grooving- If I were you and just passing through, I

would not miss an open mic opportunity here with some of the best. You won’t regret

it one minute.

"We have tons of shows you have to

come see if you’re ever in the middle

of Downtown Dallas"

I have seen some absolutely stunning shots from some absolutely

incredible models here- check out facebook and all of the Dallas Model sites for

pics and prices of these beauties. And speaking of beauties, we have had to say

goodbye to our favorite showgirl, Angel Beau! She moved out of Dallas to Florida,

taking her energy and flawless performing skills with her and we will never be the

same- that is until she comes back into to town to wow us with her performances

once again. Check her out, ladies and gentlemen- She is the real deal. And to top it all

off for this report, the booming movie industry here has done it’s magic producing

top short and feature films that have won many a reward here. Justin Lobasco (who

has a band, Tory Sound, that you need to check out because they are the

and Abby Joy, star in a beautiful movie called Fire and Faith, where they won the Rack

Focus Film competition, gaining Distribution and a budget, and that’s only one

singular accomplishment here.

I look forward to reporting more fun and crazy

artistic adventures to you, here from Big D. Until

next time, stay gorgeous and never waste a day!

Sarah Ryan


Elizabeth Ross-Acker


Corey Knight



At Euphoric Modeling we believe in

making dreams a reality.

Any model that works with us that is willing to put forth the effort and hard

work will achieve success. We provide top notch advertising models to

businesses throughout the Midwest. We also provide services such as shot girls

for big events, Merchandise sales for bands at concerts and video work for new

and upcoming bands and a lot more.

The founder of Euphoric

Modeling is Stuart. E. Reese

he has many photographers,

makeup artists and more that he

works with but is always looking

for more. He doesn’t do this

work alone. He has a team of

people behind him that helps

make things happen.

We believe that if you put forth

the effort and hard work we can

help you achieve your goals.

Stuart. E. Reese

Photo by:

Sam McWilliams

Contact us today!



Suzy Q

Vivian Vixen

Euphoric Modeling


Paul Saulnier

Euphoric Modeling


Megan Erickson

Dazy Duke

Jaads Moon

Marissa Lopez


Dave Stabley




Jeff A. Zwieg

Healthy living


Candy Kwak

"Healthy living is something

most people think of as

'hard', but in all actuality it is

much simpler than you


When you think of healthy

living what do you think of? I

am sure it is something

along the lines dieting,

eating salads and fruits,

drinking water, and

exercising daily. Well, I am

going to inform you that

that is considerably wrong.

If you want to live a healthy

lifestyle, then there is only

one rule; don't stress it. You

ate one cookie and now

your diet is ruined, so you

mid as well eat them all

right? Wrong. Eating one

cookie in a day is not going

to destroy your diet or your

confidence, unless you let it.

You don't like eating

healthy, so instead try

intense work outs and

drinking more water. You

don't particularly like

working out, instead you

could eat more fish and

chicken and make sure your

dinner is smaller than your


You are only living as

healthy physically as you are

mentally, so do not stress!

Instead, sit down, and relax.

Take a step back and

remember what you can do

to better yourself, even after

you may feel like you have

hit rock bottom. You can

only go up!"

-Harley Corwin

Please visit: for submission rules and deadlines

Kate and Nekoda photo by Jace

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