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<strong>Facts</strong><br />

<strong>About</strong><br />

<strong>Lyme</strong><br />


<strong>About</strong> <strong>Lyme</strong> <strong>Disease</strong><br />

<strong>About</strong> <strong>Lyme</strong> <strong>Disease</strong><br />

<strong>Lyme</strong> disease is a type of bacterial infection which can be spread to<br />

humans by infected ticks. Borrelia burgdorferi is the main cause of <strong>Lyme</strong><br />

disease. <strong>The</strong> symptoms of this disease are quite vague and common in<br />

nature. Generally, the symptoms can occur between 3 to 30 days if the<br />

bite. According to <strong>Lyme</strong> <strong>Disease</strong> Specialist If you remove the tick within<br />

48 hours, you aren’t likely to get infected. <strong>The</strong>re are numerous people<br />

who are unaware of the disease and its symptoms.<br />


FACTS That Will Help You<br />

Identify <strong>The</strong> <strong>Disease</strong> Much<br />

Better<br />

Not All Ticks Carry <strong>Lyme</strong> <strong>Disease</strong>: -<br />

It is commonly assumed that <strong>Lyme</strong> disease<br />

is caused by the deer tick. But in fact, not all<br />

ticks carry <strong>Lyme</strong> disease. Also, there is no<br />

evidence that <strong>Lyme</strong> disease can be<br />

transmitted from person to person.<br />


Remove <strong>The</strong> Tick By Yourself: -<br />

Not many people know this but you<br />

can probably remove the tick by<br />

yourself if you notice it in time. You<br />

can also purchase a tick removal<br />

device in case if you are too late to<br />

remove the tick. But a pair of<br />

fine-tipped tweezers can also do the<br />

trick. It is important to pull out the tick<br />

slowly and steadily including the head<br />

to get rid of the tick almost instantly.

Tricky Diagnosis:-<br />

Diagnosis of <strong>Lyme</strong> disease can be<br />

quite hard as the test often shows<br />

negative results. Tests done in the<br />

early stages of infection do not show<br />

any signs of the disease and tests<br />

mostly shows negative results. It takes<br />

around 4 to 5 weeks for antibodies that<br />

fight <strong>Lyme</strong> disease to appear in the<br />

bloodstream. This means an accurate<br />

diagnosis of the disease is not<br />

possible in its early stages.

What’s <strong>Lyme</strong> <strong>Disease</strong> <strong>Treatment</strong>?<br />

Dr. Samuel Shor, one of the leading <strong>Lyme</strong> specialist suggest that while<br />

undergoing the treatment make sure that you do not rely solely on<br />

antibiotics. <strong>The</strong> evidence of benefit from antibiotics is quite weak which is<br />

why often patients are advised to undergo specifically designed a<br />

personalized therapeutic plan.<br />

One of the most important aspects to consider is to look for treatment or<br />

services in medical school hospitals or clinics where you find a program<br />

that has an ongoing research on how to diagnose and treat <strong>Lyme</strong><br />

disease as this can help tremendously considering the latest updates<br />

made on the research.<br />


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