The Advantage November 2018

Looking at the popularity of compact machinery,

Looking at the popularity of compact machinery,


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A look at why the rise of the compact machine

continues to be a dominating story in the

construction and demolition industries.


You’re worn out. Your

equipment doesn’t have to













Since 1947

For 71 years the people of BC have

trusted Avenue Machinery to supply

them with the parts they need to

keep their machines moving. We have

knowledgeable parts people who can

source any brand, any part, anytime.

That’s the Avenue Advantage


Potato Variety

Avenue Machinery sponsored the 2018 BC Vegetable and Potato

Growers potato trial. The event took place at Rod Swenson’s farm on

Westham Island. This important event brings together growers, food

vendors, and government to look at over 50 varieties of potatoes that

have been planted in sample batches. This hands on experience

had us observe the colour, feel, and yield size of row after row of

potato field samples. The opportunity lets growers receive feedback

on the available varieties; such feedback is important as they plan

for the future. During the event the BC Minister of Agriculture Lana

Popham said, “People’s eyes are on local farmers, they want local,

and they want choice.”. Avenue Machinery knows this is an exciting

time for BC agriculture. Bill Zylmans did a great job MC’ing the event

and MLA Ian Paton was on hand as well. Good to see Ian and Lana

working together for the good of our farmers.

Fendt Oktoberfest

Avenue Machinery held their first ever Fendt

Oktoberfest at Cedar Grove Farms in Delta

on October 3. The day gave farmers a chance

to hop into the German green machines and

experience what sets them apart. It wasn’t all

business though; bratwurst and beers were

served to keep the atmosphere casual. Special

thanks to Trevor Harris for letting us use his farm.

Avenue Machinery greatly appreciated spending

the day with local farmers talking about the type

of work they are doing and their equipment

needs. We know it’s more than just providing

machines, it’s following up with high quality

service and building long lasting relationships.

We’re committed to farmers across B.C and this

was a great day with our customers.




Small minded thinking leads some to wrongly believe

bigger is always better. Tough stuff comes in all sizes

and the right tool for the job should be picked for its

capabilities, not the size of its package.

Compact equipment is a Japanese concept that has

radically changed the way work is done. Operators

have been won over by compact equipment’s ability

to perform tasks that were previously undertaken

by heavy machinery. Starting with the first Kubota

excavators in the 1970’s, compact equipment has

been proving itself as low cost, light weight, and easy

to transport and operate. Though adoption in North

America was slow, a tipping point has been reached

with many now preferring the advantages afforded by

the smaller machines.

Rakowksi Cartage is a sought after demolitions

company. They work on large scale projects like the

decommissioning of the Atomic Energy of Canada

Nucular power facility and the Winnipeg Arena.

Currently they are in charge of the demolition work

required to prepare the Canada Post heritage

building in downtown Vancouver for updating, as it

becomes a futuristic Amazon office. The plans call

for a remarkable overhaul to the existing building.

It’s a heavy workload that includes a lot of concrete

crushing. Rakowski’s fleet of Kubota compact

excavators are more than up to the task.

All the attachments excavator operators have come

to expect are available for compact excavators. Claws

crush and balls wreck as owner Tristan Rakowski

orchestrates his crew through a grand performance of

controlled and measured destruction. The size of the

machines let them maneuver about the sometimes

tight insides of the building. The machines easily

open the old and squeezed space up, to modernize

it for Amazon.

The Skid Steer is a mainstay on nearly every job

site. It is the poster child for compact equipment,

having spent the last 30 years proving its power and

versatility. Skid Steers fit into small areas, turn on

a dime, and have the capacity to do hard work. In

2010 Kubota introduced their SVL Track Loaders, a

powerful skid steer with tracks. The SVL was quickly

recognized as best in its class. It has proved itself

invaluable to contractors, builders and landscapers;

none are surprised by the bucket breakout force and

lift capacity of this compact machine. It’s become

second nature to expect big things from the smaller


As building booms, the demand for compact

equipment keeps increasing. It’s become clear that

unless you’re building a highway or high-rise, any

machine over 8 tons becomes more burdensome

than helpful. Contractors and operators have to

The tight and cramped insides of the downtown


Canada Post Building

Re-imagined and opened up the historic building will

take on new life

KX40 digging the bowl for a skate park

realistically look at what they want to accomplish. It

costs more to run a big machine and the time savings

more often than not doesn’t negate the higher costs

of operation. Getting a lumbering beast to maneuver

through tight urban settings is a nightmare - if space

even allows it!

We took it four meters down - all with small

iron. This stuff packs enough power to do it all.

Bill Hargrave

Owner of Cedar Crest Lands

Cedar Crest Lands is a landscape designer that

works with municipalities to create functional spaces.

They have a large fleet of equipment that includes

machinery that is both big and small. They were

chosen to design and construct a skate park on the

old Arenex site in New Westminster. Company owner

and superintendent Bill Hargrave didn’t see a purpose

to bringing in one of his larger machines, feeling the

maneuverability of compact equipment would be an

advantage during the job. His confidence in his KX

excavators paid off.

“We took it four meters down - all with small iron. This

stuff packs enough power to do it all.”, said Bill when

asked about how the machines performed.

Compact excavators preparing the foundation

package from Avenue Machinery is an inexpensive

way to get the most out of your equipment. Making

sure service intervals are performed on time while

taking full advantage of all warranty work, as parts

wear, will stretch the life of your purchase and limit


It’s taken time for compact equipment to smash the

perceptions of the past, but you can’t ignore the big

impact it makes on a day to day basis; on job sites

around British Columbia.

The easy up keep of compact equipment has also

lead to its popularity. Kubota has designed all of their

equipment to be easily maintained. Adding a service

Skid Steers have proven themselves

versatile material handlers


ICE, ICE thriving





As winter becomes more imminent there’s no reason

for your machines to hibernate. Cold and snowy

weather gives your equipment another opportunity

to earn its keep.

While the rest of Canada tends to think of British

Columbia as a near tropical oasis, the people who live

here know this isn’t reality. During the last decade,

even balmy Vancouver has seen a 30% increase

in snow accumulation. This year early snowfall has

been recorded across the province and the Farmers

Almanac is predicting snow for the Southern Region

throughout November and December. As the white

stuff falls from the sky and the ice begins to form

you’ll need to stratagize for its removal.

Adapting to the winter isn’t a big challenge. Many

companies simply add a blade to an existing skid

steer or track loader. An RTV can be set up with a

quick connect blade and a spreader for salting and

sanding icy surfaces.

The right options and attachments let you maximize

your machinery investment. As winter approaches

take the steps necessary to prepare so you don’t get

left out in the cold.

It’s become normal for municipalities to try and

institute Snow and Ice Control Policies that shift

liability onto homeowners and businesses with

sidewalks adjacent to their property. Slip and fall

lawsuits based on these policies are mostly an

inconvenience as they are often defeated in court.

There is however, no question about where liability

lies concerning clearing walkways and parking areas

on your property. This is your legal responsibility,

one that must be taken seriously. While clearing the

snow from sidewalks, driveways and parking lots

you need to be careful where you pile the removed

snow. Keep it out of travel lanes, storm drains, bus

pickup/drop-offs and most importantly don’t block

fire lanes and fire hydrants.

Most snow that falls across B.C is heavy and wet

and is best cleared using a blade. It can be a

challenge to understand each blade type and their

ideal application. Hydraulically angled blades are an

ideal fit for parking lots while a split blade allows for

variable widths and is ideal for walkways.

Over the past few years the threat of snow has helped

landscaping companies round out their traditionally

seasonal services with new winter offerings. Snow

and ice removal contracts help keep business brisk.



2016 Kubota KX91-3

Stock # C014260

Hyd Thumb, 420 hrs


2011 Merlo 75.9

Stock # C07757

54’10” Reach, 3427 hrs


2012 Kubota KC70

Stock # C011728

700kg capacity,618 hrs


2012 Kubota M8540NPK

Stock # C017992

85HP, 3310 hrs


2014 Kubota SVL 90-2

Stock # C013586

New tracks, 2477 hrs


2017 Kubota RTV-X1100

Stock # C018917

Cab with heat, 602 hrs


2011 New Holland Boomer

Stock # C019241

Bucket/Mower, 927 hrs


2008 Kubota KX161-3

Stock # C018825

Hyd Thumb, 3857 hrs


2011 Kubota SVL75

Stock # C017428

Heat/AC, 2536 hrs


2014 Bobcat S450

Stock # C017955

1,300lbs lift, 614 hrs


1986 Kubota B7200DT

Stock # C017149

TLB, 1301 hrs


2011 Kubota KX41-3

Stock # C017406

New tracks, 2491 hrs













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1090 Stevens Road



7155 Meadowlark Road




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