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December4, 2017

December 12,2017

July 8,2018

November 16,2017

October 1, 2018

October 16,2018

August 28,2018

October 2, 2018

August 26,2018

Letter sent to Bishop Brown

Letter sent to Bishop Brown

Letter sent to Bishop King

Obligated the Church

Without Church Conference

Steward Larry Thomas'


Steward Clyde Lawrence's


Trustee Jason Daniels'


Trustee Carol Collins'


Pictures of Condition of


Video of Preachers taking up

Sunday's Collection

Naming of Chairman of

Trustee Board without

Trustees' Recommendation

December 4, 2017

To: Bishop Thomas L. Brown,5r.

Presiding Prelate of the 4h Episcopal District

From: Concerned Members of Reeves Temple C.M.E. Church

Dear Bishop Brown,

It is with profound sadness and great urgency that we seek your intervention on several important

matters regarding Rev. Dr. H. Leon Williams Sr. and on our beloved church. The issues of greatest

concern are outllned below for your review:

1. Wanton disregard for the operating procedures ofthe C.M.E. Church. (Article 422 - 28)

a. Obligated church financially by ordering security cameras for the church's parsonage

and Fellowship Hall without following procedure. Also signed contractual agreement of

the aforementioned.

b. Used clergy to collect and handle church tithes and offering. Further instructed

Stewards to teach clergy counting procedures.

c. Dismantled the Lay Council without cause or explanation, removed Lay Leader & failed

to name a replacement for (7) seven years.

d. No functioning Board of christian Education.

e. Dismantled the Finance Committee without cause and explanation.

2. Wanton disrespect for the membership of the church.

a. Failure to call monthly church conference as per C.M.E. discipline, quarterly conference

& official board meetings. When he does call one it is limited to only what he wants to

talk about and defers questions and concerns until a later date.

b. Failure to recommend and confirm officers for two consecutive years, including this

current conference year.

c. Church operating without a budget for 2017 - 2018 Conference year, which is essential

for financial planning and accountability.

3. Retaliation on the part of the Pastor against those who oppose or disagree with him.

a. Removal from office because of disagreement. i.e. Board of Christian Education and Lay


4. Pastor Williams not accessible to membership.

a. He does not respond to phone calls, texts or e-mail messages from members with

concerns or questions about church matters.

We understand you will be in Lake Charles, Louisiana on Saturday, December 9, 2017 for the funeral of

Reverend Nerma Chretian. We respectfully request a meeting with you immediately following the

service to address our concerns.

Thank you for your time and attention to this urgent matter.

Prayerf ully submitted,

December 12,2017

To: Bishop Thomas L. Brown, Sr.

Presiding Prelate ofthe Fourth Episcopal District

CC: Rev. Dr. H Leon Willlams Sr.

From: Concerned Members of Reeves Temple C.M.E. Church

Dear Bishop Brown:

We were sorry that you were not able to be with us on Saturday, December 9, 2017 for the

Homegoing Services of Rev. Nerma Chretian. We do understand fliEht delays.

The Concerned Members of Reeves Temple C.M.E. Church met again on Monday, December 11,

2017 to discuss further actions to be taken. There were more concerned members at this meeting than

the first one. We were hoping for some kind of response from you acknowledging that you had

received our first communication, Hopefully, we will hear some response from this one SOON.

We did have a conversation with Rev. Dr. H Leon Williams Sr. on Sunday, December 10,2017

with reference to the our first communication but he said he was not answering any questions nor was

he of the MINDSET to call any meetings.

The members of Reeves Temple are educated people and trained in their specific disciplines.

There is so much talent here that we are admired or envied by many churches. Please help us move

forward in the manner of what CMEs should be doing.

Yours in christ,

Thank you for your leadership and attention to this matter.

Esther D. Vincent, Treasurer


Clyde Lawrence, Chairman of The Steward Board

(337) 802-0270

July 8,2018

To: Bishop Charles J. King, Jr.

Presiding prelate ofthe Fourth Episcopal District

CC: Rev. Dr. H. Leon Williams, Sr.

From: Concemed Members of Reeves Temple C.M.E Church

Dear Bishop King:

We, the concemed members of Reeves Temple C.M.E. Church, are requesting a few minutes of

your time on Wednesday moming (July I l) to discuss the issues that we are having at our

church. It has been six (6) months since our last meeting with Rev. Dr. H. Leon Williams, Sr.

He did call a meeting after the General Conference but most of the members were very

dissatisfied. This did not mean that our church members have not been meeting because we

needed to continue with the operation of the church which included fi.rndraising. We did not get

any help from him. We are truly afraid that the membership will decline even more under his


This meeting will be represented by a small group of concemed leaders. Please respond to this

request with a time and place of your choosing.

Thank you for your leadership and attention to this matter.

Yours in Christ,

Esther D. Vincent, Treasurer

(337) e6s-8331

Clyde Lawrence, Chairman of the Steward Board

(337) 802-0270

Attachments: Letterdated 1210412017

Letter dated 12/ 1212017



f ttOO Winterhaltsr Si

Laka Chatles, La. 70601

The Reverend Or. H. Leon wi!;iat'ns, Sr.. Pastor

Vouche r/Requisition Fcri:-'

i''/-iu^ 2'tr'

DaG Neede

October 1, 2018

Larry Thomas

Steward Board Member

Reeves Temple C,M.E. Church

lmmediately following service on Sunday, November 26, 201, I was asked by Reverend Williams

to show him and other ministers the process of counting and depositing monies received during

collections at Reeves. The Pastor told me that things were going to be done differently.

The following Sunday when it was time fo.tithes and offering, I was told by the Pastor to sit

down because the ministers present would pick up the money and they did. Later the ministers

were present in the finance office while the Stewards counted the money but did not

participate in the process.

I was surprised by the Pastor's actions and could not understand why he felt we were not

trusted to do ourjob as Stewards in the church.


To: Judicial Council

From: Clyde Lawrence - Steward Board Chairman

Re: Charges against Reverend Dr. H. Leon williams

Date: October 15, 2018

At the end of service on December 70,2077 , as I approached the alter to gather the collection trays with

the money to be counted by the Stewards; I noticed Reverend Williams racing ahead of me to get it.

After he picked it up I asked him if he was handling the money now, he said "yes" and carried it to his

office. lfollowed him into his office and asked if I could talk to him about what he was doing, he said

"no" he didn't want to talk about it.

I then told him that what he's doing is wron& and it's the Steward's duty to handle and count the

money; he told me that I wasn't a "Steward"; I asked him what is he talking about? He stated that "you

have not been confirmed so you are not a Steward".

(Reverend Williams uses this response whenever he feels it's convenient for him to dismiss or not

respond to any Officer of the Church that questions his actions or inquires about matters of Church.

We are considered Officers if we are doing something that benefits him.)


I told him that we as Officers of the Church have been performing our duties in the official capacities

since 2015, and until there is another Quarterly Conference to confirm Officers, we are still actively

doing our jobs.

He later sent the money into the finance office by Reverend Rose Mingo to be counted by the Stewards.

August 28,2018

Lake Charles,La.7060l

Bishop C. James King, Jr.

Prelate of the 4th Episcopal District

5417 Robinson Rd. Extension

Jackson, Ms. 39204

Dear Bishop King,

My name is Jason Daniels, I am a Tlustee at Reeves Temple. I am extremely

concerned about my church. This is a problem that's been going on for a few years.

Bishop Brown did nothing !! I pray that you will do something. Our Church is in a

CRISIS!!!!! I don't write on preachers, but I feel if Rev. Williams stay at Reeves' It

will bring the Church I love down further than it is now.

How can someone tell you to follow the Discipline, and they don't follow the

Discipline. f'm not trying to shame Rev. Williams, I just don't want my church of

one hundred fifty-two (152) years to go down like this. Thirty-five (35) members in

church on Sunday is sad. He does not see most sick members, he doesn't want to

have meetings to find out what we can do to smooth things over, he says one thing,

and then say something else, etc.

Bishop, we need younger, new leadership to represent and reach the youth ofour

church and get them to stay. It will be a shame to let the oldest church in the South

Louisiana Region go down to nothing because of the pastor. Bishop Brown failed

the members of Reeves Temple. I hope, I pray you do not! I pray thatyou can

rectiff our church, our annual conference.

Action speaks louder that words Bishop. I pray that you would respect our church

and our wishes. I pray that you are Legit and not counterfeit. May God and you

Bishop hear our cry.

Your in Christ & with a heavy heart,

Mr. Jason Daniels

Tiustee of Reeves Temple

October 2, 2018

My encounter with Rev. & Mrs. Williams...

I had an unfortunate confrontation with Rev. Dr. H. Leon Williams, Sr. and First tady Frankie

Handy-williams on Saturday, September 29, 2018 at Reeves Temple C.M.E. Church. Addie

Geyen and I had gone to the church to pick up a voucher when I encountered Mrs. Williams in

the sanctuary. After exchanging a few common pleasantries I asked Mrs. Williams if her family

was still living in the church parsonage. My hope was to put to rest rumors that the first family

had moved into another home. Mrs. Williams refused to answer the question and in no

uncertain terms stated it was none of my business. Her tone of voice, demeanor and

subsequent behavior was very antagonistic and unbecoming of a First Lady or any lady. She

intentionally shoved up against me as she made her way out of the sanctuary. Mrs. Williams

then stormed into the Secretary's office where the Pastor was working and brought him into

the conversation. I quickly asked the Pastor the same question and in turn he asked me why did

I need to know? My response was that as a Trustee, I believe the church should take action to

do something with the parsonage, if it is vacant. The Pastor then stated I was not a Trustee and

that all officers in the church are vacant. He too refused to answer the question, basically

saying it was none of my business. His demeanor during our conversation was similar to that of

his wife.

To sav that this encounter was shocking and disappointing is an understatementl The behavior

of Rev. & Mrs. Williams was not what I expected and certainly not what I ever hope to see again

from the Shepherd of our church and his wife. As I stated to Rev. Williams on Saturday, I have

lost all respect for him, which coincidentally didn't seem to bother him at all, as his reply was,

Oh welll

It's time for a change at's time for a new Shepherd, a new Pastor.



Trustee Board

Date: October 25,2018

To: Judicial Council

Christian Methodist Episcopal Church Headquarters

From: Concerned Members of

Reeves Temple Christian Methodist Episcopal Church

Re: Charges against Reverend Dr. H Leon Williams, Sr.

List of Charges

Failure to follow discipline-Preacher-in-Charge

1. Article 422.1 - To preach the Gospel, administers the Holy Communion, to administer Baptism, to

solemnize the Rite of Matrimony, to visit the sick and bury the dead.

Reverend Williams failed to visit the sick. During 2018, on several occasions, he was aware that

members Andrew Smith, Addie Geyen and Margaret Guillory were sick and failed to visit and pray with

them. He was not speaking to several members of the church and they were at the top of his "no-speaklist".

Reverend Williams stopped speaking to them because of their vocal disagreement with him on

several issues concerning the church.

. Andrew Smith was hospitalized with cancer for several weeks and later died. However, he never

received a visit from Reverend Williams to pray with him and his family. Andrew was the

Chairman of the Trustee Board.

o Addie Geyen is currently undergoing treatment for cancer and has not received a call or visit

from Reverend Williams. Addie is the Vice-Chairman of the Trustee Board.

. Margaret Guillory was off work several months during 2018 due to a serious leg injury. Reverend

Williams never called or visited her. Margaret works as the Cafeteria Manager at the school

where Reverend Williams' children attend. He recently saw her at the head of the serving line

and ignored her by passing by without speaking.

o Reverend Williams failed to administer the Holy Communion. There are complaints that

Reverend Williams is not giving Holy Communion to several homebound members. Reverend

Williams changed the method of administering the Holy Communion by eliminating all

Stewardesses that would accompany him except his Wife, Frankie Handy- Williams.

Margaret Guillory and Gloria Clement never received Holy Communion during the time they

were homebound due to injury and illness.

2. Article # 422.2b- However, in no event shall the Preacher-in-Charge obligate the church financially

without the consent of the Church Conference and Quarterly Conference.

Reverend Williams financially obligated the church without the consent of the Church Conference and

Quarterly Conference. On Novembe r lL,2Ol7 , Reverend Williams signed a contract with KinBdom Alarm

Company to install security cameras at the Church and parsonage. This was never discussed with the

proper boards or conferences at the church. He submitted a check voucher for 5571.80 to the finance

secretary for the down payment. His signature is clearly visible on the voucher. (See attached voucher)

When questioned by the Steward Board Chairperson, Clyde Lawrence, Reverend Williams said that it did

not have to go through the proper channels, i.e., church and quarterly conferences. Brother Lawrence

was able to contact the security company to stop the process.

3, Article f422.5- To nominate members to the quarterly Conference fo. positions :n keeping with the

Discipline and to provide for the training classes in keeping with positions for which they will be


Reverend Williams failed to nominate members to the Quarterly conference.

Two conference years have passed since the last nominations were held. Church officers have been

working in the same capacity since 2016, the last official nominations and confirmations. We are now in

the month of October and still no Church Conference, Quarterly Conference or Official Board meetings

have been held. Whenever an officer of the church questions, or acts within their official duties,

Reverend Williams states that there are no officers in the church because none have confirmed. (See

attached letter from Sis. Carol Collins- Trustee Board Secretary)

This church has become dysfunctional because there is so much confusion about organizational

structure. The discipline is not being followed by Reverend Willlams on all accounts.

4. Article f 511- Elections and accountability of Stewards

511.1 - The Stewards shall be nominated by the Preacher in CharSe to the Quarterly Conference,

which reserves the authority to reiect the nominees.

Reverend Williams has not nominated Stewards or any officers since conference year 2015.

511.2.2- To keep an accurate account of the money collected or other provisions made for the support

of the ministry.

On November 26, 2017, Reverend Williams instructed the Stewards on duty to remain seated when it

was time to collect tithes and offerings. He proceeded to order the two preachers Rev. Rose Mingo and

Rev. Dr. Ernest Davis to come down to assist him in collecting the offerings. This is clearly not the duties

of the Clergy when there are Stewards present and willing to fulfill their duties.

Later that same morning, Reverend williams entered the finance office and instructed the stewards to

teach the two Preachers to count and record the collection money. This is clearly a violation of the


5U.13- To solicit and receive money quartetly, if necessary and as a means for encouraging members

to contribute, the Stewards may write letters to the members.

Reverend Williams engaged in soliciting money (tithes and offerings) on 17176, t2/3 and 72/1Ol2Ot7.

Reverend Williams continued with his established violation of the Discipline with Reverend Mingo minus

Rev. Dr. Ernest Davis. (Dr. Davis never returned to Reeves Temple after the second time). A video

recording his actions showing his blatant disregard for proper procedure was taken on December 10,

?077 .

Reverend Williams continued with his established violation of the Discipline with Reverend Mingo minus

Rev. Dr. Ernest Davis. (Rev. Dr. Davis never returned to Reeves Temple after the second time). A video

recording his actions showing his blatant disregard for proper procedure was taken on December 10,

20t7 .

5U.8 - To give advice in planning the work of the church.

Reverend Williams disbanded the Financial Planning Ministry/Committee which consisted of three

members ofthe Steward Board, one member ofthe Trustee Board, one member ofthe Stewardess

Board, the Treasurer and The Pastor. lt was voted on and confirmed at the Quarterly Conference.

On December 3, 2016, Reverend Williams sent a text message to all members of the ministry/committee

stating the ministry/committee no longer exist; without any valid explanation, reason or discussion

regarding his action. This came after a recent meeting with the ministry/committee that ended with a

vote (6 to 1) to use money to repair the leaking roof of the church.(Reeves Temple is 152 years old)

Reverend Williams was the lone vote" against".

Reverend Williams wanted to send the money to pay the annual conference assessment which is

important. However, there was rain coming into the sanctuary and the roof over the Fellowship Hall

had been damaged by a recent storm. We felt the repairs to the church were much more urgent.

Keep in mind this was in December 2017 , we had time to pay the assessment before the conference

year ended; which we did pay it in full by April 2017.

There are enclosed pictures of the water damage inside and outside of the church.

The Financial Ministry/Committee is a vital and necessary part of the planning of the temporal business

of the local church. lt was voted into existence by the Quarterly Conference and should be given the

same consideration if the church feels there is no longer a need for it. The church members didn't get

the opportunity to vote. Reverend williams said and I quote 'THls ls NoT A DEMocRAcY".

5. 515,1 - The pastor shall nominate persons to the Quarterly Conference fo, office of Trustee.

Reverend Williams failed to nominate Trustees or any other officers to the Quarterly Conference.

The Trustee Board is a very important part of the Local Church, it is necessary for the planning of

maintenance and constant upkeep of the properties of the church.

15.14 - The trustees shall elect their own Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer.

Recently the Chairman of the Ttustee Board (Andrew Smith) passed on.

Reverend Williams failed to follow the natural progression of order to fill the position of Chairman when

he appointed a current member to the office instead of filling that position with the Vlce-Chairman or

calling for a vote as stated in this article.

515,5 - To seek out the sick and to inform the pastor of those who are sick,

Reverend Williams fails to make himself accessible to the members that have matters regarding their

family's need for prayer during times of medical crisis. He does not answer his phone and when a

message is left, he does not return the call. There are occasions when members had to contact pastors

Please note that Reverend Williams is the PresidlnS Elder and the Pastor of our church, so there is no

one else to appeal to for a resolution. We submitted two letters to Bishop Thomas L. Brown

requesting an audience with him, but he didn't respond. We sent both letters to the incoming Bishop;

Bishop James KinS in July 2018. Bishop King said that he would be in Lake Charles within 30- 45 days

(lt has been more than 90 days now). However, there has not been any further contact with us.

we, the concerned Members of Reeves Temple c.M,E. Church, have met and voted to request that

Rev. Dr. H Leon Wllliams, Sr. be removed as Pastor of Reeves Temples C.M.E. Church. The violations

are stated above. Reverend Williams has been totally disrespectable, uncooperative and uncaring to

the needs of the Church and its Membership. lt has been shown by his actions and inactions, i.e., not

having a Church Conference, Official Board Meetint or Quarterly Conference and not confirming

Officers. The Membership deserves and needs better leadership. We hope that this may be resolved

as quickly as possible. We are in need of a SHEPHERD that will lead and help us to support the

church's mission.

So as you can see, proper protocol and the chain of command have been followed'

Yours in christ,


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