Osteoarthritis - 10 Do’s & Don'ts That You Must Know

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Here are few essential facts about Osteoarthritis problem that you need to know what to do and what not to do.

Osteoarthritis - 10 Do’s &

Don'ts That You Must Know

Osteoarthritis is certainly a very painful condition to live with.

No doubt, it affects your regular activities but if some do’s and

don’ts are followed habitually, then you can not only lessen that

deadly pain but also take on with your consistent tasks. Follow

these tips to cope up this chronic illness and live happily.


• Pay attention to early symptoms and

diagnose the actual problem behind it.

• Consult the doctor, after having

diagnosed with osteoarthritis.

Know all about arthritis and collect all

the vital information that is important

to you. There are many paediatric

support and braces like CMC thumb

support, adjustable foot dorsal etc that

could be used during treatment.

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• Thoroughly understand the treatment

plan and follow the same as per

doctor’s advice.

• Recognize what triggers the pain and

avoid doing those pain causing issues.

• Accept lifestyle changes and do only

that which is good for your health

and avoid what could harm you.

• Take care of your joints and beware of

body mechanics. You can use T-

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• Exercise regularly to overcome the

unbearable pain. Walking, cycling and

swimming are the perfect options.

• Take a healthy diet to make your body

fit and strong. Plan a proper diet plan

that includes healthy eatables like

fruits, veggies, pulses etc.

• Live a relaxed and stress-free life.

Yoga and meditation are the best ways

to get refreshed and relaxed.


• Don’t give up, just take it as the ups

and downs that come in your life.

Look for the solutions and don’t sit

still with the worries.

• Don’t live a stressed life, rather be

lively and overcome the pain that

troubles you.

• Don’t overlook any kind of pain, just

consult the doctor and take the right


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• Don’t overtreat without doctor’s

prescription, it could be harmful to

your health.

• Don’t depend completely on

medication, include exercise as well in

your daily routine.

• Don’t eat more else it could increase

your weight which could be more

painful to you.

• Don’t follow the wrong posture while

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• Don’t do excessive exercise, rest is

equally very important. You can wear

T-Rom hinged knee brace while

exercising to reduce the pain.

• Don’t do too much rest, else your

muscles will get weak and it could

worsen the pain.

• Don’t smoke as it raises the blood

toxin levels that leads to loss of


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