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As the Christmas holidays slowly approach, we

have chosen to propose a choice of presents for

those who appreciate Chiara Bertoglio’s music

and writings.

In the following pages, you will find a selection

from Chiara’s books and CDs, as well as a

proposal for original musical presents.

All of Chiara’s books and CDs can be ordered

online at the best-known sellers’ or at the

publisher’s websites. However, if you wish to

receive signed copies, with optional dedications,

for yourself or for your dear ones, please write to where you’ll receive

information about shipping costs and availability.

Thank you and Merry Christmas!

New in 2018

New in 2018

«Bach & Italy vol. 1»

is a CD featuring works by Bach,

inspired by Italy, and works by

Italian composers inspired by Bach.

It is the first volume in a series

dedicated to Bach and Italy.

In this CD:

Bach/Marcello: Concerto for oboe, transcribed by Bach

Bach: Italian Concerto

Bach/Brahms: Ciaccona for the left hand alone

Bach/Busoni: Goldberg Variations

Further information, video and audio samples are available on

Chiara’s website.

Bach & Italy 1 is published by Da Vinci Classics

and can be ordered online for 12,5€.

New in 2018

Chiara Bertoglio’s

monumental study of the

relationships between music

and the religious

reformations of the sixteenth

century has won the RefoRC

Book Award in 2018.

To celebrate this

achievement, De Gruyter will

be issuing in the next weeks a

soft-cover edition of the


Reforming Music is published by De Gruyter and

is available in a variety of formats and pricing.

Books for


Books for Christmas

Can music be a gateway to truth?

And how can this happen? This

book explores the fascinating

narrative of the relationship

between music and faith, in

dialogue with major figures of the

Italian culture. Dante’s itinerary to

God in the Divina Commedia can

be described as a musical path; the

popularity of Verdi’s Va’, pensiero

dovetails with Italy’s recent history

and expresses the feelings and

prayers of the Istrian exiles;

the influence of Petrarch on European poetry and music is

felt in J. S. Bach’s sacred output, which also comprises his

own transcription of a Marian devotional work by Pergolesi.

Each of the four chapters of this book focuses on one of

these four leading characters of Italian history (Dante,

Petrarch, Pergolesi and Verdi), whose artistry shaped our

culture. They also created new ways to express the splendour

of truth, which transforms aesthetic enjoyment into the

contemplation of the ultimate Good, the radiant beauty of


Through Music to Truth is published by Effatà

and is available online for 14€.



Schubert: Impromptus gathers the

eight Impromptus (op. 90 and op.

142) by Franz Schubert, together

with Franz Liszt’s version of two

of them.

Mors&Vita is a musical itinerary

which poses the ultimate questions

of the human life, through the

music by Modest Mussorgskij (A

Night on the Bare Mountain and

Pictures at an Exhibition) and byi

Olivier Messiaen (excerpts from

Vingt Regards sur l’Enfant-Jésus).

Both CDs are published by Velut Luna and can be

purchased online for 13,50€ each.

If you wish to know more about

Chiara Bertoglio’s books or to see

the complete listing of her works,

click here.

To consult the complete listing of

her CD recordings,

click here.

Just for you

Books and recordings

If you wish to purchase one or more personalized

copies of Chiara’s books and CDs, with dedication

and signature, for yourself and/or for your dear

ones, please write to:

We’ll be glad to give you all information about

availability and shipping rates. Gift-wrapping can

be provided.

Musical presents

What about a really original present? You may

request the creation of a short musical video in

which Chiara Bertoglio will perform, exclusively for

you and/or your friends, a piece from her

repertoire. She can also personalize the «gift» with a

spoken dedication.

The video will be uploaded on YouTube for ease of sharing,

but it will not be available to the general public. Only

those in possession of the link will be able to see it.

If you wish to receive information about

repertoire, costs and realization, please write to:

Chiara Bertoglio reserves the right of accepting or politely

refusing the commission depending on her schedule.

Happy Christmas!

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