Minimize Psychological & Emotional Stress While Suffering From Lyme Disease

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<strong>Lyme</strong><br />

<strong>Disease</strong><br />

<strong>Minimize</strong> <strong>Psychological</strong><br />

& <strong>Emotional</strong> <strong>Stress</strong>

2<br />

Key To Coping With <strong>Lyme</strong> <strong>Disease</strong><br />

Patients suffering from chronic <strong>Lyme</strong> disease have to make<br />

profound changes in every aspect of their lives. <strong>Lyme</strong> Specialist<br />

Virginia says that the key to coping with <strong>Lyme</strong> disease is to<br />

acknowledge the illness first and then make adjustment to its<br />

limitations.<br />

For many people, it is quite difficult to accept long-term illness and it<br />

can be quite scary for many. But fortunately, with the changing<br />

medical technology, there are numerous techniques which have<br />

helped patients cope up with the disease.

3<br />

Key To Coping With <strong>Lyme</strong> <strong>Disease</strong><br />

<strong>While</strong> suffering from <strong>Lyme</strong> <strong>Disease</strong> there are some major changes<br />

that take place in the body. Symptoms of the disease vary largely<br />

physical strain, pain in joint & muscles can limit the daily activities to<br />

quite a larger extent. Many people are unable to perform stretching,<br />

walking, and gentle swimming until you are well on the road to<br />

recovery.<br />

<strong>While</strong> there are many specialists who offer specifically tailored<br />

treatment plants that include physical therapy and Hyperbaric<br />

Oxygen Treatment for a better and faster recovery but the first step<br />

toward relieving physical stress in the disease is to avoid it.

4<br />

Avoid Extremes Temperature

5<br />

Risks of Extreme Temperatures In <strong>Lyme</strong><br />

People suffering from the disease often find their symptoms to<br />

worsen during hot weather conditions. It is always advised to avoid<br />

extremes of temperature. Extreme temperatures speed up the<br />

metabolism & in case if the patient is suffering from the effects of<br />

an unregulated immune system, the temperature is sure to worsen<br />

the situation.<br />

Whereas in extreme temperature the thyroid works hard to maintain<br />

normal body functions & in case if the patients endocrine system<br />

has been affected by <strong>Lyme</strong> disease cold weather conditions<br />

contribute to slowed cognitive function, fatigue and slows the<br />


6<br />

Maintain A Regular Meal Schedule

7<br />

Good Nutrition<br />

Another precaution to take is to maintain a regular meal<br />

schedule. Maintaining a schedule helps keep maintain a routine<br />

and maximize the body’s ability to digest food.<br />

Also, good nutrition is essential for recovery from this type of<br />

illness. <strong>Lyme</strong> disease patients are also required to follow a strict<br />

diet regime in order to keep the symptoms at bay.

8<br />

Maintaining A Sleep Schedule<br />

Another aspect that helps the patient keep mental stress<br />

at bay is to maintain a regular sleep schedule.<br />

Maintaining a sleep schedule can be quite problematic<br />

for those who are suffering from insomnia & face<br />

difficulty falling asleep while suffering from the chronic<br />

disorder.<br />

Doctors’ advice listening to some soothing music or<br />

reading to make your sleep routine pleasant.

9<br />

THANKS!<br />

Recently there has been a significant increase in technological<br />

advancements in <strong>Lyme</strong> research, which have helped patients<br />

cope up with the <strong>Lyme</strong> disease. Find how the <strong>Lyme</strong> Specialist<br />

Virginia could help you for fastest recovery.

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