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George Stevens Academy

Discover Your World on the Coast of Maine.

Discover Why Approximately 300 students from area towns and up to 40 international

and U.S. boarding students call George Stevens Academy their high school.

GSA is a caring educational community preparing graduates for a purposeful life in a changing world.

safe campus in a beautiful, walkable community

wireless internet throughout campus and in dormitories

11:1 student-teacher ratio, most classes have 12-15 students

two semesters: Sept.-Jan. and Jan.-June

opportunities for students to tailor their education to meet their needs

Meet Our Head of School

A high school exists for one reason: to help young people grow into confident, competent,

and accomplished young adults. At George Stevens Academy, we do this on many levels

and in many ways, but everything we do is designed so that our students will thrive while

here and thrive once they have moved on to the next step in their lives.

We do this through thoughtfully designed programming in our wide-ranging academic

classes, our many extracurricular opportunities, and our programs to promote health and

wellness. These are all provided in a safe, challenging, and supportive environment.

Visitors to our campus invariably are impressed with the sense of community they feel and

with how happy our students are. I am sure that you will discover the same atmosphere. It

comes from the fact that each student knows they are valued, cared for, and will be given

every opportunity to discover who they might become, and then given every support to

become that person.

I look forward to seeing you on campus!

Timothy J. Seeley

Head of School

classroom and community-based, experiential, and alternative courses

an abundance of arts and music courses and extracurricular programs

dozens of regional and state championships in sports, music, drama, and math team

comprehensive student support systems and programs

individualized college and career counseling

Immerse Yourself in This Beautiful Place Become part of this active, engaged

community and take it with you wherever you go.

Find out What Our Students Said

My favorite part of George Stevens was the Skippers Program combined with my Independent

Study Project. The Skippers Program’s a really immersive, field-trip based ocean studies

class. ... So, we did our project on alewives. My Independent Study Project was on beach

morphology, so I actually traveled to South Carolina for two weeks and I did an erosion study.

— Ellie Gellerson, Blue Hill, Maine

Blue Hill is … really quiet here, so you can concentrate and study. Because it’s a small

community, you have a chance to know everyone in the school. I used to think it’s really hard

to get accustomed to American culture and things like that, [but] … I didn’t find it was really hard

for me.

— Kaito “Kent” Fang, Shanghai, China

I run track, indoor and outdoor for GSA, as well as cross country, and I recently competed in the

PVC championships, and the state championships are coming up. The track program at GSA is

amazing. The girls are a one-of-a-kind team that I am so lucky to be involved with. We support

each other, help each other, and challenge each other through workouts, through meets, and

we are heading to states and hoping to win.

— Mary-Brenna Catus, Stockton Springs, Maine

One of the best things about GSA is definitely the arts program. … The moment when I got

here, I got drawn into the arts program. … I got a lead role in the fall musical this year, and even

though it’s a ton of work and we had to put so much effort into it, it was such a fun time, and in

the end, we pulled it off. It was an amazing performance.

— Vu Do, Hanoi, Vietnam

Chart Your Path Whether you stay in Maine or make your home in another part

Our courses include experiential and hands-on components and draw from the human, cultural, and natural

resources of the Blue Hill Peninsula through visits from authors, scientists, political leaders; primary research

of local geology, flora, fauna, and the environment; connections to local history; community involvement with

businesses, nonprofits, and individual experts; and writing about Maine and by Maine authors.

Street Law Maine Writers Architectural Design AP Human Geography Music Theory

Anatomy & Physiology AP Statistics Outdoor Leadership Spanish Lab Geometry

Engine Technology Book Arts Ocean Studies World History AP Drawing/2D Health

Digital Fabrication Culinary Arts AP Calculus Forensics Boatbuilding Steel Band

of the world, our academic programs will prepare you well for a purposeful life.

Many courses are offered at different levels: foundations, college prep, honors, and AP. We also offer Alternative

Course Contracts, Cooperative Education, AP4ALL, online courses, and access to college courses.

The Independent Study & Internship Program offers eligible juniors and seniors a chance to explore academic or

vocational interests through a self-designed, two- or three-week project. Below are some examples.

architectural drafting medical mission in Ecuador veterinary science automobile restoration

interior design video and music production business sled dog racing Arabic study

electric longboard construction cabin construction fashion design glass blowing

commercial banking diving farming broadcasting spinning wool cookbook making

Explore Our Extracurricular Activities Embrace your creativity, take your turn on stage,

become a leader, encounter the outdoors, sharpen your intellect, and visit the world.

19 Jazz Festival state championships

4 Drama Festival state championships

Math Team 1st or 2nd statewide three years in a row

Band Outing Club Spring Arts Festival Jazz Band Chess Club fall musical Planet Pan

Poetry Out Loud drama one-acts Haystack studio arts Math Team international travel

Find Your Team Join one of our athletic programs to boost your physical and

mental fitness, and have fun, too.

16 state championships, more than half since 2000

57 regional championships, nearly 75% since 2000

29 varsity, junior varsity, and freshman teams in 12 sports

soccer cross country golf volleyball basketball swimming

indoor track baseball softball tennis outdoor track sailing

Get the Support You Need Our caring advisors, teachers, and staff a

Advisory groups of 10-12 students and a teacher or administrator meet weekly to

build a strong sense of belonging, help with academic planning, promote parent

communication, help face the challenges of adolescent development, encourage

mental well-being, teach practical life skills, and cultivate community values.

Freshman Seminar guides incoming freshmen through the transition to high school and

helps them master more complex, abstract learning. The course builds on what students

know, detects gaps, teaches skills, and develops greater academic and self-awareness.

ESOL, English Fluency, and English Language classes for students for whom English

is not a first language correspond with a rigorous college preparatory program while

increasing fluency in writing, comprehension, and communication. Our own placement

test determines which, if any, of these classes best meet each student’s needs.

Our Student Support Team provides extra help to students dealing with unusually

difficult situations in school or out. The team discusses each situation, determines how

to help, and follows up on the student’s progress.

Our Special Education teachers support our students with learning differences,

attention issues, and executive functioning difficulties in accordance with their IEPs or

504 plans.*

advisory groups Freshman Seminar Student Support Team

ESOL courses specially trained teachers* transition plans*

classroom modifications* direct English and math instruction*

one-to-one support* guided resource room*

are here to help you thrive and succeed in and out of the classroom.

College and Career Counseling

Our students receive personal and individualized guidance whether they plan to attend

college, train for a particular profession, or enter the work force. Here are some of the

colleges to which our recent graduates have been accepted.
































career exploration gap-year opportunities interview practice

financial aid literacy standardized tests summer internships

college research college visits resume writing job applications

Can you picture yourself here? Discover your world at GSA.

GSA admits day students from nearby and boarding students from farther away. We welcome you to visit our

campus for an interview or to shadow a student. Skype interviews can be arranged if you cannot visit.

To become a day student, visit or contact Christie A. Snow,

Admissions Officer, at (207) 374-2808 or

To become a boarding student, visit or contact Michael S.

Foster, Director of Admissions, at (207) 374-2808 or

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