If you don't think images are

important, wait until they are all you

have left.

Printed images are important because........

I was lucky in that I grew up in the generation where printed pictures were the norm. As I began my journey as

professional photographer I was drawn to albums not really knowing why. Growing a business with as much

heart as wedding photography you need to dig deep into the why of what you do, so I did. As I dug I unearthed

some very old memories. My parents split when I was at an impressionable age so I had 2 homes. I distinctly

have warm and fond memories in both households huddled on the sofa looking through our family albums,

being told stories of each picture and its origin, learning about my family, where I belonged and my place in

the world. My sense of self and belonging to my family even though separated was solidified by the visual

journey of our albums.

Prints are more important now than ever, the generation who understand the value of archiving your

memories in print form are no longer in the majority. Sadly by the time the new generation realize how

important it is to keep printed copies of your important moments, they will have lost half their life in the social

media black hole. We assume those digital prints will be safe but lets face it social media giants come and go.

Did you print your pictures of myspace before it died? If you don't know what myspace is it was Facebook

before Facebook even existed. Yes, I’m old! I have thousands of images backed up on an old hard drive in a

suitcase at my mothers house and I’m not even sure if I have the tech to plug it into our new computers


There’s a time and place for printing cheap it’s a great idea to get your Facebook pics and phone pics printed

of and saved in a memory box, I’m all for it. And for the times when you pay the professional to make amazing

images of your legacy they deserve a beautiful showcase that will display them they way they should look and

most importantly last.

If you care about memories and giving your children a solid idea of their place in the word and their family,

printed images they can see and touch at their disposal is a must. It’s our modern story telling, our legacy and

it should be preserved for posterity, history and most importantly for those that love us.

I’ve curated the products from the best labs in the USA because they are things I wanted to showcase my

memories and my eclectic style and I hope you love them as much as I do.

All our prints are archival, guaranteed to outlast you if let in direct sunshine.

Products come from sustainable sources because we like the planet we live on, it's


Sizes are guides and in most cases suitable for everyday needs, as a bespoke service we

do have many more size options just ask at your consultation.

The journey starts here ...


The classic Line

Frames are classic, decadent and stylish no matter

what century you're from. Elegant and crisp, the lines

can blend and mix with any home decor.

Mats (pictured below) help blend surroundings with

the art inside for added depth and if you opt for a

classic style, you can be assured that they will stand

the test of time and any future décor changes you may


Frames are the ultimate luxury item for your archival

prints, they say this art is precious and needs to be

protected from the elements, they are the perfect way

to ensure your memories can be enjoyed by the next




Sizes given with products are guides we ofer a

full frame range in sizes 5x7 to 20x24. To ensure

you always have the best visuals from your

frames our acrylic finish is glare resistant, they

come backed in wire hanger and crat paper seal.

Smaller frames up to 8x10 are available with an

easel back if you prefer to have standing options.

Pictures top to bottom, Gallery frames white,

black and gray with gray mat.

Small 8x12 189

Medium 16x24 369

Mats are a way to enhance your picture color and

shape helping the transition from the

surrounding environment through to your

image. They come in various options for each

frame size and colors of white gray and black.


Let our metal frames relect light into dark spaces. Perfect for dimly lit halls and

spaces, the metal picks up twinkles of light to draw the eye through the

environment, breaking up boring spaces with a modern yet classic beauty.

Picture top let-clockwise Metal frames pewter, gold, silver and black with white




Canvas are a modern classic, with the biggest range of sizes and a tactile appeal they ofer the best bang for your

buck if you want to go BIG and make a statement in your home.

If you already have painterly artworks in your home, canvas are a great way to keep the aesthetic going and

blend in your own images. The material finish gives a distinct texture to your prints while the lighter nature

allows you to hang larger pieces in not so sturdy locations. They are so versatile even standing them on a large

easel is a fantastic option.

From 5x7 to 40x60 and above canvas are the most versatile option to customize exactly how you want, add a

frame for a truly luxurious look.


Small 8x12 179 309


Medium 16x24 315 635

Large 36x24 552 1029 (Pictured below)

*Frame depth 1.5 in


Frame options come in

loat frame (let) and slim

(right) (top to bottom)

white black gold and

pewter . Frames fit canvas

1.5 in deep and loat of the

side of the frame giving a

3D efect.

Canvas come by default

with saw tooth hangers,

bumpers to protect the

corners and paper sealed

backing. Wire hanger and

direct hang options also



Not sure how to envision a

wall mural? Our pre

selected options give you a

quick and simple way to

put your images together.

You can rotate any of the

selections to suit your


Fantastic 4


2 - 8x12

1 - 11x17

1 - 16x24

3 Squared


3 20x20



3 12x18



4 - 11½x11½

1 - 20x24



The Boho aesthetic is for the travelers the artist the carefree who need nothing of conventional

but everything of interest, full vibrant, and unusual.

Interesting textures and sot natural materials blend well with warm earthy tones and eclectic

surroundings whilst also holding their own in rich, bold, vibrant decors .

If you love the outdoors this collection ofers you a chance to bring nature inside and warm up

your spaces with natural colors and textures and enhance your cozy home design.


If warm and natural is the feel you want, our wood prints are just the thing. The grain naturally

shows through the lighter areas of your image for a fantastical afect. The perfect enhancement for

an open beam or farm style home. Pre cut holes in the back allow for easy hanging

Small 8x12 112

Medium 16x24 298

Large 20x30 429


Small 8x12 119

Medium 16x24 363

Large 36x24 753

Bamboo panels can enhance a rustic or exotic home style

decor, in 3/4” thickness they are durable and unique.

Manufactured from sustainable harvested bamboo too so

your Eco warrior will be appeased.




The rustic frames

collection ofer natural

organic texture. Moldings

are as solid and durable as

the trees they came from.

Frames come with wire

hangers and easel back

options on smaller sizes.

Small 8x12 209

Medium 16x24 450





BE Bold

*Warning! Not for the faint of heart!*

Crisp contemporary and unusual, you wont find the bold line being sold in many places. It’s daring

and a little avant-garde. These products fit well with vibrant and punchy images, they are statement

pieces for statement people.

Crisp, bright and shiny, metal makes for an excellent choice where other options fail like a humid

conservatory or bathroom. Cleaning it is much simpler and its' a great option for areas where they

might get moved dropped or handled.


Metal prints ofer a stunning crisp image color and quality that no other medium can. Go one better than

everyone else and have a double loat mount metal print. These stunning prints are a fresh sharp 3D

marvel, add a frame for an art piece like nothing else out there.


8x12 (front)


16x24 (front)


20x24 (front)


246 435

738 1122

969 1385


You want the classic lines of a frame with a contemporary sophisticated look that feels just a little bit special.

Maybe a little character and sparkle too? With the moondust (pictured let) and meteorite (picture right)

frames your get beautiful shimmering textures fit for a princess in an elegant compromise.








The fine art wall mural is perfect for brick backgrounds, artist lot style decors and man caves,

Each tile is 11.7x11.7 in size brushed aluminum, tiles are linked with silver snap rings and

orientation can be horizontal or vertical.


24x36 (6 tiles)

Extra Large

36x48 (12 tiles as pictured )


Something truly special

Who gets a painting done these days? We dare to be diferent. Daniel will re-create or re-master one of

your images to make a once in a lifetime art piece. You can even watch it unfold with our time lapse video

of it's creation. Bring your wild ideas or just have your image painted onto a beautiful setting, your

imagination is the limit.

*Technical/intricate design may require a custom quote.



Medium 16x24 515 835

Large 36x24 752 1229 (As pictured)


Build your own package

***Available with purchase of any signature line***



4x6 50 50

8x12 (presentation mat) 50 150

10x15 50 180

12x18 200 230

16x24 250 280

20x30 300 330

24x36 350 380

30x45 400 430

Image folio box 25 matted images and matching high resolution digitals 599

All digital files Low resolution 8x10 maximum print size 250

All digital files High resolution 41x62 Maximum print size 300

A La Carte



4x6 150 150

8x12 (presentation mat) 150 200

10x15 200 250

12x18 250 300

16x24 300 350

20x30 350 400

24x36 400 450

30x45 450 500

Image folio presentation box 25 matted images plus all digital images 699

All digital files Low resolution 8x10 maximum print size 495

All digital files High resolution 41x62 Maximum print size 725



Bijou 1400

The perfect compromise for small intimate

afairs or where you don't really feel the need

for the getting ready set of images or

reception hour.

Ruth Weinstock 5 hours coverage

1 hour travel included from Lexington Ky

Sharing size digital gallery

3 hours personal design consultations.

Bachelorette glamor session

La Belle 2500

The standard package, never miss a photo

with 2 shooters, lots of artsy angles and

credit to get your album started.

Ruth and Daniel Weinstock 8 hours

2 hours travel included from Lexington Ky

Sharing size digital gallery.

3 hours personal design consultations.

$580 album print credit

Bachelorette glamor session


Build yourWedding package


Sot warm tactile Italian leather albums are the prefect way to

show case your big day. Our 8x8 gives you a great git option or

small cofee table piece with a few choice images. Or ensure you

have the whole story with the 12x12. Linen options also available.

8x8 20 pg 580 additional spreads 58

12x12 20 pg 880 additional spreads 88

8x8 20 pg parent album 400 additional spreads 18

12x12 20 pg parent album 700 additional spreads 27

1.5 hour Engagement session 250

20 page cofee book (Additional pg 14) 280

Glam the dress (in home studio) 250

Get amazing stylized portraits of you in your dress, a great excuse to wear it all

over again!

Glamor day Batchelorette party. 300 (starting)

Get highly stylized glamor shots of all the girls looking amazing before your

celebration party.

Additional hour Ruth 150

Additional hour Daniel 75


Studio glamor at home

For the lady you love the most. There's no greater git than showing a woman just how

beautiful she truly is (that means you too).

You don't need to go anywhere to get studio perfect shots, we come to you. Perfect for

a shoot with family members who aren't so mobile or if you would just feel better at

home. A perfect option for batchelorette parties or special get togethers. Men and

couples work well in this format too!


Images come presented in a beautiful mat and presentation box

Single print with Mat $150

All 25 images $699




How to size your space

It's a lot of numbers and x’s trying to figure out what size you need for the area you want to fill. Below are

some rules of thumb to help you get an idea of what size you will need in each area.

Over furniture:

1 large painting should equate to around and no more than 75 percent of the size of the furniture. So

measure your sofa and divide by 4 this will be the smallest recommended size or your artwork will be

dwarfed by to much negative space and lose impact on the room. Take that number and multiply that by 3

and that will be your largest size for that space. Or simply 2/3-3/4 the length of the sofa.

If electing for a wall collage keeping the width of the collage to the maximum number above will keep a

nice aesthetic, and generally keep the lowest point of the collage or single piece above head height while

someone is sitting on the sofa, 6-12 inches above as a rule.

Over a fireplace:

Artwork should not be smaller than the opening of the fireplace and shorter than the mantle, allow 6

inches above the mantle for lowest point of picture. However in certain print styles resting on the mantle

is a desired aesthetic and totally acceptable, not recommended for frames or canvas.

Smaller wall space:

Here comes the math, measure your space in inches and multiply by 0.57 this gives you the 4/7 rule so a 36

inch space will be suited a 20-21 in frame.


Over a door the rule of thumb is the same length as the lintel.


Pieces should be hung with the center at eye height not higher, unless going over a door. The dining room

allows for pieces to be hung slightly lower for viewing while sitting down.


Once you have done the math mark an x in pencil where your eye height falls in the space,

then use post it notes to define the corners. Take photos of it on your phone and live with

it a couple of days to see if its the right placing. If it works for you the x is where the center

of your piece will need to be when hung.


Ruth and Daniel have been artists since childhood. They know art is the

expression from within, it should punctuate your style and enhance the

atmosphere of your home. We all have the artist inside but not everyone knows

how to unleash it.

Their experience takes you on a journey of creation, not simply pictures but

images designed by you to tell your personal story. Is it about a warm loving

home? Or a wistful romantic marriage? Maybe each room requires it's own

unique atmosphere (it certainly can! ) Or maybe you just want fun everywhere?

Why would you leave your story untold or worse as an afterthought, when it

can be exquisitely and elegantly expressed exactly how you wish it?

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