How to Choose the Right Web Hosting Company


Choosing an appropriate web host is the foremost step to consider when you are about to start a website because if you want to launch your website with a bang when you need to have a place to host! One of the most basic web hosting services includes the area where the website files will be stored, the website traffic will be forwarded to and some of the advanced tools to upload the content. Mostly hosts at times go beyond this and offer some of the additional tools to give you the premium services!

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What Is Web Hosting

Web hosting is a service that allows companies and individuals

to post a website or a web page into the internet.

•A web hosting service provider offer services needed for the

website or a web page to be viewed on the internet.

Websites are stored or hosted on special computer called

servers. When the internet users want to see your website, all

they need to do the type your domain or website address into

their browser.

Types of Web Hosting:

❖Shared Hosting

❖Dedicated Hosting

❖Reseller Hosting

❖Collocated Hosting

❖Free Hosting

Types of Web Hosting

Free Hosting: It can be a best choice when you

want to build a non commercial website for fun. In

free hosting you can get some space from server

totally free.

Shared Hosting: It allows multiple websites to

utilize a single server. It is very cheapest and most

economical option for your needs. However most

of the hosting companies offer the same amount of

space and storage, so it is very important to choose

a company you can trust.

Types of Web Hosting

Collocated Hosting: It is used for small businesses

that allow you to place your server & share

datacenter bandwidth as your own.

Web Server Options

There are two web server platforms available on internet, first

is Linux and second is Windows. It all depends on what are your

hosting needs and what are you comfortable with?

Windows allow you to run asp scripts and utilizing .NET and

other Microsoft technologies. It supports Microsoft sql server

and access database.

Linux allows you to run scripts written in PHP, Pyhton, Perl and

much more. It usually support MYSQL and postgreSQL


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