How to fix Bitdefender error 1002?


If you are using Bitdefender antivirus service and at the same time your system is running slow then you can call Bitdefender Customer Service Number toll-free +1-778-381-5820.

If you are using Bitdefender antivirus service and at the same time your

system is running slow there is a chance that it might be caused by the

error code 1002. Bitdefender Customer Support stated that there are

several reasons behind this error like, 1.) virus attack, 2.) outdated

version of Bitdefender, and 3.) lost files of bitdefender. So, these are the

main causes of this error and now, the good thing is that this error can

be solved in no time and on top of that it is very simple as well.

To hep you in this procedure, Bitdefender Technical support has taken

the initiative to provide you with some easy steps that’ll take much less

time than the other procedures.

Run Windows Defender Firewall

•Go to the system settings

•Then look for “Update and Security”

•After that, select Windows security

•Now click on “Run a newly advanced scan”

•And then select advanced scan window and hit the scan now button

Use Disk Clean Up

•Go to the Windows search bar and type in “cmd.exe”

•Now, right click on command prompt and select run as administrator

•After that enter the command “cleanmgr” on the blinking cursor and

press enter

•Now you’ll be prompted to choose the drive and once you do that click


Run sfc/scannow command

•Firstly, open the command prompt as administrator

•Now, type in sfc/scannow command and hit enter

•At last, all you have to do is just wait

Probably, these steps will provide you great assistance and on top of

that vital information will also be given in a more informative way. Still,

if you face any issues or you are just looking for information, feel free to

call us on our official Bitdefender Customer Service Number (+1-778-

381-5820) and we’ll make sure that you are left with total satisfaction

after the conversation.

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