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Christmas Story

An Oddly Silent Night

Controversial Topic:

Teachers & Tenure

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Under $10

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Shadi Azad

Holiday Quiz:

What Holiday Character are you?

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Drowsy Chaperone









Photo By: Mohammad Asaad

Samantha Brown

Co-founder of Vivid Arts, Sam is the graphic

designer and head of Vivid Arts magazine, handling all

activities regarding the project. From inquiries, to designs,

and article writing, she has it all under control. Sam created

this magazine in hopes of giving students an outlet to

express their creativity and have a place to show their art

Chloe Berezowsky

Mental health awareness counselor and Vivid Arts

marketer, Chloe is a major contributer to our team. She

writes articles regarding family matters, mental health, or

student issues while giving us the marketing materials and

ideas we need to be successful.

Emily Chung

As an inspirational leader, Emily has given

everyone in this project the emotional support as well

as the ideas they need to continue working and staying


Alyssa Ortiz

Co-founder of Vivid Arts, Alyssa is the photographer,

social media manager and art coordinator since she runs the

instagram account, handles inquires, and organizes events.

Alyssa will be hosting an Art show under Vivid Arts, which

will display the magazine, other student work and more, for

one spectacular night.

Madison De Smet

Website designer and grammar police, Maddy

assures that this magazine is kept to its perfect standard

while she edits all the work done and designs our

aesthetically pleasing website.





Shadi Azad for her

senior project put on

an entertaining night

under the stars with hot

chocolate and telescopes.



Santa Susana High School's

Children's Theatre class

put on a night to remember

filled with one night only

performances by the entire




The senior class spent their

morning bonduing over the view

of the gorgeous sunrise from

Rocky Peak.


In a horrible turn of

events, so many lives

were taken in the

fires that terrorized

California and at the

shooting that took place

at the Borderline Bar

and Grill.


All Simi Valley Schools took a week

long break as everyone celebrated

the Thanksgiving holiday with their

friends and family.

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Chaperone =

Santa Susana’s Musical Theatre invites you

to see their first fall musical, the Drowsy

Chaperone on the 1st of December


Music Concert


On the nights of the 7th and the 8th of

December, Instrumental Music will be putting

on a holiday spectacular, creating a “Winter

Wonderland” On the PAC stage.


Dance Concert

14 & 15

The Dance department is hosting their first

concert of the year as they invite you to be

amazed by the talent our dance program has in


7 & 8

Upcoming Performances


Important concerts and performances for the month of November

at Santa Susana listed here so that you don’t miss a single piece of

the action!

Page 7

An O

Not a

creature was stirring not even


a mouse... Just kidding, this is not your

average Christmas story. But, it was a very, very

silent night. Oddly silent if I do say so myself.

There was no wind blowing or trees rustling. No caroling

nor jingle bells ringing. Nights like this happen

sometimes, so I brushed it off and headed to bed. I had to

be asleep before the presents were out under the tree. As I was

starting to close my eyes, I heard it. A sound. I looked out my

window and saw it, a shadow of someone tall with... with horn

seemed to have a sack full of presents thrown over its shoulde

when I heard another noise, the jingle of Santa’s jingle bells!

pretended to be asleep so that I could have presents to open in t

hear anything come down the chimney. Weird.. Santa isn’t clau

chimney because it soots him... I heard an awful sound, like nai

and down my arms. There was the jingle again… if it isn’t Santa,

in their room. Hmm...I glance out my window again and the perso

my house and it was not Santa. I started to wonder if it was because

because I was bad? Do I not get any presents? Did I play too many p

handle started to rattle and shake... and there it is. A tall goat-like m

sticks in its hand. There was something off about the sack... it was m

I am peeking out from beneath my covers. He whispers something,

anything like that before. He reaches his claw-like hand towards

life but nothing comes out. The next thing I know, I can’t see an

to get my Christmas presents.

Page 8

ddly Silent



s? It

r. And that is

I closed my eyes and

he morning, but I didn’t

strophobic, he likes to go down the

ls on a chalkboard, giving me goosebumps all up

then who is it? It can’t be mom or dad, they are asleep

n was gone. I started to panic, there was someone in

I wasn’t being very good. Was Santa not going to come

ranks on my friends? Was I too elfish? Oh no. My door

an with a sack thrown over one shoulder and a bundle of

oving. The man comes closer and closer to my bed where

a name maybe? It sounded like Krampus. I’ve never heard

my bed and yanks off the covers. I tried to scream for deer

ything and I can’t move either. This is it... I’m never going

Page 9


and Tenure


of students

stated that they believe that teachers shouldn’t have

tenure. However, the other fifty percent believed that

teacher’s should have tenure. So we must ask: What

do we do now?

of students78%

stated that they believe it to be a good idea to be

able to grade teachers and provide feedback on their

teaching and effectiveness in the classrooms.

Page 10



According to students, there are many things we

can do to improve this Californian teachers system that

might be corrupting our education. The tenure system

we currently have in place does protect teachers from

angry district officials or parents who want the teachers

fired for giving their child a low grade, however it also

allows for lazy and so called “bad” teachers to be able to

keep their jobs and waste a students educational year.

Many of the students here at Santa Susana High School

believe that tenure is actually restricting their education

as it is preventing them to get a better teacher since the

one they were given doesn’t actually teach or use effective

methods. The school district here in Simi Valley sends

officials out to evaluate teachers throughout the year,

however students watch as their teacher that usually

sits in their chair all day playing on their computer

“Tenure is allowing for

abusive teachers keep

their job”

suddenly comes to life, becoming the teacher they wish

they had. But what the district doesn’t know is that as

soon as the official leaves the room, the teacher returns

to their chair and the monotonous classroom returns.

So in response, if the district can’t properly evaluate

these teachers, shouldn’t the students be able to? When

we asked students if they believed this to be the proper

idea, most of them agreed, for it would give the district a

good understanding of what educational experience the

teacher is giving to their students and it would also help

the teacher learn and improve from their own habits,

making a better and effective classroom. However, many

individuals expressed concern that students would be

too subjective, and they would judge the teacher based

on the grade they received in the class. So, what would

be the proper solution then? The only conclusion many

other students came up with was to allow select students

with high merit or trusting status in the school to actually

grade their students. However, this also raises suspicion

in the classroom as well as it is too selective to single out

particular students. In the end, there must be some sort

of solution eventually, for the teachers that are using their

tenure to be lazy, are wasting money and draining the

educational experience from students.

Page 11




With just two to three yards of fleece

six yards of your favorite trim, you ca

make someone a cozy blanket to use a

they bundle up by the fire!

A bit of wax, a cute winter or vintage

tea cup, wax wicks, and your favorite

essential oils and you can make an

adorable tea-cup candle that everyone

will love.



For this gift, all you need is a letter, some

of your favorite pictures and some glue! In

the end, you will have a memorable gift

that is perfect for someones bedroom or

wall decor.



more c

have to d








Some shea butter, ginger, coconut oil,

namon, and vanilla mixed together and

have got a scrumptious body butter that

everyone will love this holiday season.


DIY Gifts

Under $10

ything you need to make delicious

late chip cookies in one jar? What

ould someone ask for! And all you

o is put all the ingredients to your

cookie recipe in a jar and call it a

job well done.


Page 13



Shadi Azad

For this project, Michelle has created a story

about a young girl in her teenage years living in

the slums of Mexico and her journey as she paints

and tags in the cartel. However, while she is tagging

buildings a scout from America finds interest in

her and invites her to come to the states to continue

her art. The young girl is then torn between staying

where she knows and where she is from or going

and pursuing her passion away from her family and

her current life.

Michelle has created this project as she

aspires to be an artist and animator. She also hopes

that with this project, she can show what life i s

really like in the slums of Mexico and that she can

share her own experiences from when she lived

there as a little girl. Michelle is striving for success

and hopes that everyone enjoys her project and

that maybe one day she can fully animate this story

and pitch her ideas to Netflix.

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Written By: Samantha Brown

Music Trends


- Machine by Imagine Dragons

- Home by Morgxn & WALK THE MOON

- Worst Nites by Foster the People


- Lil Boat by 88glam

- Feels like Summer by Vince Staples

- Don’t Come Out the House by Metro Boomin &

21 Savage



- Thank you, next by Ariana Grande

- Happier by Marshmellow & Bastille

- Connection by One Republic


- Pressure by Muse

- Make it up as I go by Mike Shinoda & K. Flay

- Every Step I Take by Tom Morello & Portugal

the Man & Whethan

- S.w.I.n.G by Tory Lanez & PnB Rock & Trey


- Who Hurt You by Daniel Caesar

- Carried Away by H.E.R

Spotlight Artist


R&B artist Ella Mai

competed and made her debut

on The X Factor in 2014 and

soon there after released

four solo tracks. Now she is

excelling in her career as she

just released her new Album

last month titles “Ella Mai”.


Movie P laylist:

- The Santa Clause

- A Charlie Brown Christmas

- How the Grinch Stole Christmas

- Polar Express

- The Family Stone

- Elf

- Home Alone

- A Christmas Story

- Miracle on 34th Street

- Love Actually

- Fred Clause

Written By: Anshel Ahmad & Samantha Brown

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Page 16






- 1 1/ 2 cups of butter - 5 cups flour

- 2 cups of sugar - 2 tsp baking powder

- 4 eggs - 1 tsp salt

- 1 tsp vanilla extract


1. Mix together butter, sugar, eggs and vanilla in a large bowl.

Once the mixture is creamy and completely smooth, mix

in flour, baking powder and salt.

2. Allow dough to chill for one hour in the fridge.

3. Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

4. Roll dough out on a flat floured surface and cut shapes with

cutters as you please.

5. Place cookies an inch apart on a greased cookie sheet

6. Bake for about seven minutes.

7. Allow for cookies to cool completely and then decorate them with your favorite


Page 17

What Holiday Character are you?

Check off and tally up all that you answered yes to in order to

find the character you represent during the holiday season!

1. Do you listen to Christmas music before December?

2. Do you decorate more than just standard Christmas lights?

3. Do you find wrapping presents fun?

4. Do you dress your pets up for Christmas?

5. Do you plan out your Christmas gift shopping?

6. Do you have Christmas traditions that you do every year?

7. Do you wear a Christmas sweater on December 1st?

8. Do you go out and pick out a real tree to decorate?

9. Do you enjoy holiday Hallmark movies?

10. Do you ever watch the Santa tracker app or channel?



0-1 2-3 4-6 7-8 9-10

Scrooge Grinch Jack Buddy Santa

Page 18

Okay really?

Maybe take a

break from AP


I’m sure that you

will fall in love

with Christmas


We see you

trying be in the

spirit but maybe

this just isn’t

your holiday.

Okay Buddy,

we see that you

are a fanatic

but it’s almost


We get it. You

are obsessed with

Christmas. You

don’t have to be

so over the top


Drowsy Chaperone



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ipicienderia aborum volo voluptate ratecto

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estist assi te et accabor solor anditaqui ut reprati onsequidusda

simperorio magnimillore con ea nat molupit ullorerem landign

atusam que ipit quunditatur, serferchil il il molestius aliam, occum

comnis eaque modi que cum hil mossint et prore, venet etus quae.

Lestrum ut quod moluptureici custio etur millecab il inctur?

Rorerum exceped expliquid molorum quidionsequi dunti recernat

por aut aut lam entur sitati sum aut ommodip susapel mo cuptae

cullorum quodi ad qui que idebit od explandaest, viditatus ut

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quae quias andias iduciunte comnis accation conet as qui doluptatem

esequoste voluptiat laborrumqui corrovit aut ento et qui nonsect

atentore nusam fugitiur? Ne excerum debis quam, sequia volum

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ipsam atem sitem ipsapis cusdaes magnis doleseque venis in rem

aut quidem verfere, sandae volor asperum que eiuscides volo millab

iuscit, eossitio quo tem est, nectem et haritem poratio nsendi as aut

etur? Fuga. Et autatis alit atur?

Ommo blaccae. Musantiam, sitaspe leceaquae provita tibusciendis

experrovidem idusdam etur, quodis maximin ullenia commodi

tiandam, tet fugias am fugiam ut arum que officiis

doloritatem que nonse ratempos aut estius

asperumeni cum et aut in consequi

cum vid qui utem re plique qui

doluptatus voluptaspel

excestisto od ut


Written By: Chloe Berezowsky

Page 19

Page 20


Follow us on instagram @_vivid_arts_

Come and support Alyssa Ortiz’s and Samantha

Brown’s senior project!!

This night is to demonstrate the hard work and

hours put into Vivid Arts magazine.

This event will also showcase Santa Su’s talented

photographers, graphic designers, illustrators

and artists.

We’ll have fun arts and crafts, photo booths for

instagram pictures, live performances, and more.

Date of the event :

- February 1st

Time :

- 5pm - 8pm

Place :

- Santa Susana High



to find out how you can

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Page 22

On November 7th of 2018, a tragedy occurred at the

Borderline Bar & Grill in Thousand Oaks, California.

Twelve people lost their lives in this horrific event

and we at Vivid Arts would like to honor them

as we offer our thoughts and prayers to

them and their loved ones.

To help support the victims and

their families please go to

Thank you.

To: Erin

“ You are always here even though you aren’t,

through both heart and soul. Though

your body is gone, you’re heart and

soul will carry with me until the

day I see you again. However

long it may be, I know you

are looking over us no matter

what happens.”

"You were the best friend

that I could have asked for.

If I needed anything you

were always there for me no

matter what you were doing.

You were so genuinely nice

and caring to everyone you

knew. You were a great person to

be around, and to be able to know."

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