a little book of inspiration

Note from the Ideator

Swami Vivekananda has been an eternal source

of inspiration for the people of all ages, races,

beliefs and belongings. His utterings are so very

power-packed that they have the potential to

energize a fatigued mind, shake off a lethargic

physique to rise in action and awaken a desolate

soul seeking salvation.

A small booklet titled ‘Thoughts of Power ’

containing a compilation of his quotes that was

gifted to me during my student-years by Swami

Harshanandaji of RIMSE, Mysore, has been my

cherished possession for over three decades

now and it has been the go-to companion for me

at times of despair when I needed confidence,

courage and inspiration the most.

It is in all earnestness to pass on the inspiration I

have been bestowed upon by the immortal

words of this eternal guru that I bring out this

small booklet to you.


Bharath Gopalan

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