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Hypnotherapy is often misunderstood, and is surrounded with a dense layer of questions. So, here we will answer the Five Top questions on Hypnotherapy!

Revealing Hypnotherapy's Top Unanswered ong>Questionsong> Right Here!

Hypnotherapy and hypnosis are used interchangeably quite often. Only a few people

really know that there’s a whole lot of difference in both of them. Hypnotherapy is often

misunderstood, and is surrounded with a dense layer of myths. So, here we are busting

all of them. Today, we will answer the Five Top ong>Questionsong> on Hypnotherapy! So let’s

get started!

1. Can hypnotherapy be used on own self?

The answer is a big Yes! Point to be noted here is that no one can hypnotize you against

your will. It’s not someone else who hypnotizes you, but it’s you yourself. However, if

it’s about self-relaxation, then you’re good to go, but if you seek healing, then you must

consult a therapist.

2. Will I become a chicken during hypnotherapy?

A big no to this one! A lot of people think that they will do weird things and the

hypnotherapist will convert them into animals. But it’s not the case. Hypnotherapy only

triggers the subconscious mind. So, if a hypnotherapist asks you to bark like a dog, it’s

just that the subconscious mind will make you react according to the memories of a dogbark

stored in the subconscious mind.

3. Will I lose control over myself under hypnotherapy?

Not really! It will just make you more receptive towards the suggestions. Mind the fact

that under hypnosis, you are the most heightened state of consciousness, which means

we are super conscious not unconscious. So relax, you’re in control.

4. Will I stay disturbed after hypnotherapy?

Not at all! In fact, after hypnosis you will feel more relaxed and stress-free. You will be

looking at the world with a fresh perspective and everything will be fine!

5. Is hypnotherapy safe?

It’s completely safe! Hypnotherapy has no side effects. It helps you to reach the state of

deep relaxation, making you a much calmer person than ever before.

These were the frequently asked questions about hypnotherapy, which often puzzle the

seekers and keep them away from hypnotherapy. So, now you know got the answers of

the top questions, use hypnotherapy for the betterment of your life!

Learn Self-Hypnosis for Stress with Hypnotherapy Courses in India

Due to the ever-running lifestyles that we follow in today’s time, we give home to stress

in our daily routine. Stress is considered to give birth to various other lifestyle diseases

such as obesity, atherosclerosis, hypertension and even the deadliest of all, heart

diseases. Managing stress level is yet another challenge in the fast paced lifestyles.

While many doctors recommend hypnotherapy to reduce stress, self-hypnosis is yet

another effective way to manage the stress level. Attending Hypnotherapy Courses in

India can help you in learning the techniques of self-hypnosis, so that you can reduce

your stress level anytime, anywhere!

Hypnotherapy is an alternative healing technique, in which you can reprogram your

mind by tapping into the subconscious mind. Hypnotherapy uses hypnosis, which makes

you reach the heightened state of consciousness. In this state of mind, your mind

becomes acceptable towards suggestions and can reprogram your behavioral pattern to

achieve the goals of your life. Talking about self-hypnosis, it basically means using the

hypnotic techniques for yourself. Many people get confused when they hear of selfhypnosis.

They wonder how they can hypnotize themselves. But hypnotizing yourself is

not that difficult as it seems. Learn more about hypnosis in Hypnotherapy Courses in


Hypnosis is all about getting into a trance-like state, wherein you are at the most relaxed

state of mind. You can achieve this state by various techniques such as deep meditation,

daydreaming, reading intense novels etc. There are a lot of other techniques to perform

self-hypnosis. The main concern is that you should be able to transport your mind to a

trance where your mind is the most peaceful.

To get an in-depth knowledge of how to use self-hypnosis for stress management, attend

various hypnotherapy courses in India. Reduce all the stress from your life and see how

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