Debtor Protection

Get Covered Against the Serious Impact of Bad Debts

Get Covered Against the Serious Impact of Bad Debts


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<strong>Debtor</strong> <strong>Protection</strong><br />

Get Covered Against<br />

the Serious Impact<br />

of Bad Debts<br />

Safeguard your business with <strong>Debtor</strong><br />

<strong>Protection</strong> from Siemens Financial Services<br />


Benefits of financing<br />

with Siemens<br />

• Stability and resources of the Siemens group<br />

• Expertise in major UK industry sectors<br />

• National coverage by experienced account managers<br />

• Tailored finance solutions to meet your needs<br />

• Cost effective alternative to bank funding or<br />

cash reserves

Why choose Siemens<br />

Financial Services?<br />

Siemens Financial Services (SFS), is a reliable financing<br />

and risk management partner for Siemens businesses<br />

and their customers in times when financing of<br />

investments becomes increasingly important.<br />

Being part of the Siemens Group, SFS differentiates itself<br />

through superior market know-how and asset expertise<br />

in Siemens’ domains.<br />

Through a unique combination of risk competence,<br />

technological expertise and reliable financial resources<br />

SFS creates customer value and enhances customer<br />

competitiveness. Building on the strength of our balance<br />

sheet, we provide financial solutions for Siemens’<br />

projects and products, open the way for new business<br />

ideas and signal confidence to the markets through<br />

long-term risk participation.

How does my<br />

company benefit?<br />

Siemens <strong>Debtor</strong> <strong>Protection</strong> is designed for companies<br />

operating on a business to business basis, who offer<br />

unsecured credit terms to their customers. It is<br />

particularly valuable for those considering expansion<br />

or assessing new customers for credit.<br />

If your anticipated annual turnover is £1m or above and<br />

you have more than one customer, Siemens <strong>Debtor</strong><br />

<strong>Protection</strong> can give you the peace of mind to focus on<br />

the future without worrying about the ‘what ifs’.<br />

A bespoke finance arrangement could benefit your<br />

business in a number of different ways:<br />

Cover all of your UK & Export Customers<br />

(subject to approved limits)<br />

Tailored policies available, including<br />

catastrophe cover only<br />

Manage your protection online<br />

in real time

Siemens <strong>Debtor</strong> <strong>Protection</strong>*<br />

If you already protect your business assets such as<br />

buildings, machinery and equipment from risks, it makes<br />

sense to do the same with your largest or most valuable<br />

asset – your trade debtors.<br />

Siemens <strong>Debtor</strong> <strong>Protection</strong> is an optional, add-on facility<br />

for those using our Invoice Finance solution. By covering<br />

up to 90% of invoice value against non-payment it gives<br />

businesses increased confidence to trade with new and<br />

existing customers, significantly reducing the financial<br />

repercussions should they fail to pay.<br />

Financial solutions in action<br />

Financial Services from Siemens combines the industry<br />

experience needed to understand your individual vision<br />

with the financial know-how required to bring it to life,<br />

anywhere in the world.<br />

*Siemens <strong>Debtor</strong> <strong>Protection</strong> is provided and underwritten by AIG Europe Ltd.

Siemens Financial Services is a member of<br />

the Finance and Leasing Association.<br />

If you would like to understand how SFS will use your data if we receive<br />

an enquiry or credit application, please visit our Fair Processing Notice at<br />

siemens.co.uk/fair-processing-notice<br />

If you would like to know more about how we<br />

can add value to your business please contact<br />

our Invoice Finance Team:<br />

Tel: 01753 434268 | Fax: 01753 434499<br />

Email: invoice.finance.sfs@siemens.com<br />

DB-DL-6PP-11/18-8501<br />

Siemens Financial Services<br />

Sefton Park, Bells Hill<br />

Stoke Poges, Buckinghamshire, SL2 4JS<br />

Follow us!<br />

linkedin.com/company/siemens-financial-services<br />

twitter.com/siemens_sfs<br />


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