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• Car Care: Winterizing your Daily Driver

• Mobile Electronics: Design Considerations

for your Car’s Interior

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Winterizing Your Daily Driver

By Nick Book of A&G Auto Spa

On the Cover: Photo

by Ryan Ledesma




Full Circle Shag

1975 Dodge Custom Van, “Time Machine.”

Through the Lens - 2018

Ryan shares a few of his favorite photos from


Mobile Electronics

Design Considerations for Your Car’s Interior

By Brandon Green of The Car Audio Shop

JANUARY 2019 Issue #26

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Photo by: Ryan Ledesma | 2018 Easter Show



Winterizing Your Daily Driver

Protecting Your Wheels & Tires

Most people are unaware of how damaging

road salt and frigid winter air can be for your

wheels and tires. Just like your paint, you will

want to apply some sort of protection to keep

them looking their best through winter.

In order to help prevent the buildup of ice and

salt, a sealant such as those mentioned above

can be applied directly to a clean wheel. They

can be used year-round to also help reduce

brake dust build up and increase the ease of


Using an environmentally friendly, non-solvent

based tire shine will also help keep your

tires supple despite the dry winter air. This is

necessary to help prevent cracking from the

cold during the winter months.


inter is fast approaching and will be here

before you know it. Now is the perfect

time to get your car protected from the harsh

winter conditions we will all soon encounter.

From road salt to ice storms, these winter

preparations are going to keep your daily

driver looking fresh through winter, while also

increasing safety when driving in the elements.

Protecting Your Paint

Winter in the Midwest can be very harsh on

a vehicle’s finish and it is an absolute must to

apply some sort of paint protection before

winter. I highly recommend using a synthetic

sealant over the traditional carnauba-based

waxes. These sealants are much more resilient

to chemicals and should not need to be

reapplied in the middle of winter. Silica and

polymer-based sealants are going to be the

easiest to apply and offer tremendous results.

CarPro Reload and IGL Premier are great

silica-based spray sealants that can be layered

and used as a drying aid. If you fancy more

traditional paste or liquid wax, HDPoxy is hard

to beat.

To ensure proper bonding of these sealants,

it’s necessary to use a clay bar to remove all

surface contamination. This allows the sealant

to bond with the paint directly and will ensure

maximum durability throughout winter. If you

are unsure what a clay bar is or how to use

it, reach out to a local detailer, most would

be more than happy to talk you through the


Keep in mind, the ultimate in paint protection

comes in the form of ceramic coatings.

Professional level ceramic coatings will keep

paint protected year-round while making the

washing process much easier. While there

are consumer grade coatings available, the

professionally installed coatings hold up much

better and offer the greatest level of protection

for your vehicles paint year-round.

Interior Care

The best way to prevent

salt and grime buildup

in your vehicle’s carpets

is to invest in a set

of all-weather floor

mats. WeatherTech

is an industry leader

and makes custom fit

mats for most makes

and models. They have

raised lips to prevent

melted snow and ice

from getting onto

your carpets making

them an indispensable

investment for the

interior of your car.

For those that prefer fabric mats, spray on

fabric protectants are going to be the only

safeguard from salt stains. Regular cleaning

and reapplication of fabric protectants should

keep your mats looking like new.

Article by Nick Book of A & G Auto Spa.

For more information please visit

Pictures Provided by: A & G Auto Spa

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Jan 2019 AutoUrge 5



By Ron Tucker |Photos by Ryan Ledesma



e have had the pleasure of


featuring some rare cars in the

past, however, I dare you to

find another 70’s custom van

in the area. Marc Quennoz of

Warren County, MO is the proud owner of this

well preserved 1975 Dodge custom van, lovingly

named the “Time Machine”.

This time machine started life in the St. Louis area having

been built by the Chrysler/Dodge manufacturing plant of Fenton,

MO. The van was then purchased new in Maine as a new 1975 Dodge

Tradesman 100, ½ ton cargo van. Lightly optioned with 318cu v8, PS, PB,

cruise, chrome grill and bumpers, swivel captain chairs and dealer installed, steel chrome


Continued on Page 10.

Jan 2019 AutoUrge 7

Photo by

The original owner then had the van customized with a host of

customizations popular at the time such as— custom dash and gauges,

an overhead console, CB and 8 speaker stereo, overhead custom lighting

and a number of custom toggle switches to operate various add-ons.

On the exterior, two sunroofs mounted in the vinyl roof, sun visor, hood

scoop, molded in fender flares and spoiler, side pipes, pop open mirrored

rear door windows, mag wheels, custom paint, side porthole windows

and Marc’s favorite feature….the custom hand-painted murals on both

sides of the van.

However, that’s not all! The owner wanted to use the van for outdoor

adventures such as hunting and fishing too. In fact, the mural on the

driver’s side depicts the area the original owner would have camped. The

custom touches continue with parquet wood flooring, z-brick walls, an

electric heater, ice box, propane 2-burner stove, under seat storage, rear

bench seats and a table that converts to a bed. Additionally, there are

clearance lights, a roof rack, and a rear tire carrier. Oh, and finally, SHAG

carpet throughout.

In 2007, the original owner sold the van to the second owner who

wanted to use the van for tailgating. He updated the stereo and added

a shift kit. This owner gave it the name “Time Machine” as well. Some

years passed and he was unable to complete the necessary repairs the

van needed to keep it road worthy. So, in 2012 he put the van up for sale

on eBay Motors. This is where Marc first saw the van. Marc was living

up north at the time and the van was only 30 minutes from his home.

Upon arriving to see the van in person, Marc knew as soon as he saw

it, he would buy it. Marc, having owned a few early 70’s vans prior, was

immediately taken by this time machine. After the purchase, Marc added

new brakes and tires. Shortly after, Marc was transferred back to his

home state of Missouri. Thus “Full Circle Shag”.

After moving back to Missouri, Marc took the van into Don Flier Motors

of Pacific, MO to have them thoroughly go through the whole van. Marc

than added new headers, radiator, side pipes, various new wiring, custom

steering wheel and some damage to the front fiberglass was repaired.

All was needed to get the van back to being road worthy. Otherwise, the

van is as original as it would have been back in the late ’70s. Now, Marc

wouldn’t be a true/typical car guy if he didn’t want to add more power.

Ironically Marc is looking to add a few power adders sometime down the

road. Other than the future addition of more horsepower, Marc’s goal is

to keep the van as original as possible.

We are thankful Marc found this van and brought it back to both Marc

and the Van’s birthplace — Missouri!

This is definitely one you need to see in person. Especially that custom

bronze paint and murals. Hard to believe they are over 40 years old.

Thankfully, Marc attends various car shows and cruises throughout the

season in our area. You don’t need to look too hard for it at a show, it will

find you.

As Marc would say “Keep on trucking”. ■

We hope you enjoy the photos. For even MORE photos, see the Full

Photo set at

10 AutoUrge Jan 2019

1975 - A Few Fun Facts

- The hit TV Show, Starsky and Hutch, drove a 1975 Ford Gran Torino.

The show used 1974-76 models.

- Vehicles introduced in 1975:

AMC Pacer

BMW 3 Series/E21

Cadillac Seville

Ferrari 308 GTB/GTS

Ford F150 pickup truck

Jaguar XJS

Nissan 200SX Porsche 911 Turbo (930)

- The best selling American Car in 1975? The Oldsmobile Cutlass

- A gallon of gas was .44 cents on average.

- The average cost of a new car: $4,250.00

- Fastest car of 1975? Hard to determine as Lamborghini and Ferrari

were still striving to hit the 200 mph mark. Lamborghini claimed

179mph in 1974. We found data stating that the Ferrari GT4 Berlinetta

Boxer claimed a top speed of 179mph as well. Both manufacturers’

top speed claims seemed to fall short during this time. So, depending

on who tested the car and who you believe at the time would be your


- Hi-Performance Police car of 1975: The Chevrolet Nova 9C1.

Powered by a 165hp 350ci V8 with the larger brakes from the fullsize

Impala and various parts from the Camaro z/28— this was the

high-performance answer for law enforcement at the time.

- Notable Automotive advertising slogan from 1975: “The ultimate

driving machine”– BMW

Non-automotive fun facts of 1975:

- Movie ticket: $2.00

- People started avoiding beaches due to the film “Jaws”

- Japan develops the VCR

- The average cost of a new house: $39,300.00

- More than a million people bought Pet Rocks as a Christmas Gift in



Through the Lens

twenty Eighteen: Ryan’s Favorite Pics

Another great year is in the books. Thank you for your continued support!

Enjoy a few of our head photographer/Ryan Ledesma’s favorite shots from 2018. See the full-size images at

12 AutoUrge Jan 2019

mobile electronics

Design Considerations

for your car’s interior

I hope everyone had a happy

holiday season! While everyone is

hopefully working hard on their

vehicles and getting them ready

for the upcoming spring, I wanted

to throw out a few design aspects

I like to use when approaching

a vehicle and explain why they

are important. This will hopefully

give everyone something to think

about as you work on your vehicle

over the offseason.

There a million and one products

on the market available to accent

or completely replace pieces

and panels in a vehicle to give

it a unique appearance. Things

such as vinyl wrapping on both

interior and exterior panels,

different paints and textures, and of course leather and material vinyl

can all be used on parts to accent or change your vehicle. For our custom

fabrication, we like to use the aesthetic design cues from the vehicle to

add to it and make it pleasing to the eye and enhance the vehicle. Taking

these design cues from the manufacturer is important in the design and

fabrication process in order for additions or modifications to be part of

the vehicle and not look added on. We like to think

of how the manufacturer would have done it had

they offered that as an option. Different processes

obviously take more time than others, but in order

to create something that flows with the interior of

the vehicle and doesn’t make you gag when you

see it – the extra time and expense is worth it in

the end. Take the time to do some research and

see what others have done and what you like.

The Car Audio Shop

MECP Master Certified Technician

Have a question or topic idea for

Mobile Electronics?

Email us at

As Mark Twain said, “There is no such thing as a new

idea. It is impossible. We simply take a lot of old ideas

and put them into a sort of mental kaleidoscope. We

give them a turn and they make new and curious

combinations. We keep on turning and making new

combinations indefinitely, but they are the same old

pieces of colored glass that have been in use through

all the ages.”

Additionally, spend some time visualizing what

you want, and if you are having someone else

build it for you, get them some pictures and ideas

of what you like, so they have a good direction for

your project.

Enjoy the garage time and I can’t wait to see all

the vehicles out on the roads and at the shows this

spring with what everyone has changed. ■

Thank you for reading,

Brandon Green/ Owner

Jan 2019 AutoUrge 15

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