Signs that Demand You to Opt for Professional Car Air Conditioning Service


When should you consider showing your car's air conditioner to a professional mechanic? Find it by reading this piece of content.
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Signs that Demand You to Opt

for Professional Car Air

Conditioning Service


Sometimes, there are instances where you are not able to

identify the need of the car repair, service or maintenance.

But, as the car is your priceless possession, it becomes

obvious for you to ensure that you keep its condition intact.

For this, this blog talks about one of the important service

that you must immediately resort to, if any issue occurs.

This is nothing but undertaking the

car air conditioning service in Footscray

So, how will you identify that your car's air conditioning

system is not working properly? The below-mentioned

signs indicate the need of repair or service, so if you think

your car is facing any of these, resort to a professional

mechanic for the same.

1. Blowing warm air

This is an obvious sign but car owners who just take short

trips in their car are likely to ignore it. The real issue

might be a lack of refrigerant. So, it is best to check the

refrigerant level to make sure you have enough to keep

your air conditioner performing properly.

2. Less air flow

Opt for car air conditioning service in Footscray when you

are unable to get enough air flow as there can be a leak in

your system. Signs that you have a leak include slightly

warmer air blowing out of your vents or your air

conditioner not blowing as hard as it used to be.

3. Ice on compressor

If your car is experiencing a leak that is causing excess

moisture to get on the compressor, your car's air

conditioner can stop working because of ice. Poor system

flush is another reason for excess moisture. In both the

cases, you'll need to service your compressor.

4. Blocked hose

Remember, your car's air conditioner uses drip

condensation. So, if a hose is blocked, water won't be

able to get into it. So, as soon as you feel any mildew

smell or unexpected wet carpets, make sure that there is

no blocked hose.

5. Strange noise

If you hear strange noise from your air conditioner, it

definitely is an alarm to get it checked. A grinding or

squealing sound means your car is facing issues with fan

and belts respectively. So, before your air conditioner

gets out completely, get it checked.

So, if you are looking for an expert that can help you

with car air conditioning service in Footscray, Care Plus

Auto Services can come at your rescue. We are

professional team of mechanics who have the

proficiency to deal with all sort of mechanical issues. For

more information, visit our website or simply call our

friendly team for immediate assistance.

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