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Wondering which is the best place to buy tailored suits in Savile Row? Well, Davies & Son is your perfect solution! We offer the quality services our clients deserve, shopping with us is no more than a happy experience that you cannot miss! Visit:

Best Place to buy tailored suits

Welcome to Davies & son

Davies & Son is indeed the best place to buy tailored suits, due

to our long years of experience and high-quality services. Due

to our passion and love for what we do, we became client’s

Number One Choice on Savile Row.

Davies & Son has the longest history of any independent Tailor on Savile

Row and we are proud of it. Our story began in 1803.

Davies & Son has the longest history of any independent Tailor on Savile

Row and we are proud of it. Our story began in 1803. In over two

centuries of bespoke tailoring we have made garments for 4 Kings, 7

Crown Princes, 18 Knights of the Realm and 2 US presidents. Sir Robert

Peel, The Duke of Windsor, Clark Gable, David Tennant, Bryan Ferry and

Michael Jackson have all worn clothes made by us. Looking forward to

listen from you!

Best Bespoke Suits in London

‘Why do our customers come to us for their bespoke clothes or suits in

London? It’s because it’s our passion and what we love to do’

Where will you be wearing your best bespoke suits? Of course the

answer can be ‘everywhere’, however in the majority of cases the you

will have a primary purpose in mind; Business and business travel, social

use, for a wedding or special occasion – even country pursuits.

The First Fitting

It’s all about the baste

We believe that the business of buying a bespoke suit should not be

cloaked in mystery. In our experience, a little knowledge of the bespoke

process is a good thing as it helps you – the customer – to get the best

out of it. The more relaxed you are about being able to let your cutter

know what you would like the more likely the suit is going to be exactly

what you require.

This is first fitting after being measured, it is also the first time you will

see your garments taking shape. As your pattern is cut from scratch, the

first fitting is a crucial stage in the bespoke process as it reinforces the

fact that the garment is being made entirely in accordance with your

personal measurements and specification. We are also lucky to be able

to bring you these pictures of a first fitting. Many thanks to Freddie Fox

Patrick’s customer in this case – photographs courtesy Guy Hills of

Dashing Tweeds who also made the cloth.

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