10 Golden Rules for Writing Capstone Project Paper


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10 Golden Rules for Writing Capstone

Project Paper

Capstone project papers are ways for professors or advisers to gauge the

competencies and the skills a student has learned in the whole duration of a

course. This can be shown in many forms including research papers, case

studies, focus groups, surveys, and evaluations. Here are some of the basic rules

when ​writing capstone project paper​.

10 Rules of Capstone Project Writing

1. Select a Relevant Topic

Select a topic that is related to your course. There are ​capstone project

ideas which you can use on your prospective workplace in the future. Make sure

that it is interesting to you. Search for ways on how you can apply the topic to

your own life.

2. Create an Excellent Proposal

You have to submit a proposal first before writing the paper. It can be

about two hundred words or more. You can include why you chose this specific

topic among others and you can highlight the resources and the available

information about it.

3. Research Your Chosen Topic Well

Read through ​literature about the subject. You can start by researching

your topic on books, websites, forums, articles, magazines, and a lot more.

4. Define a Structure for Your Proposal

In order to make a well-defined structure you should include the

following on your capstone paper:

• The title page

• Introduction

• Review of related literature

• Methodology

• Results

• Conclusions

• Recommendations

• References

Note that each structure of capstone papers can vary but these are

generally the pieces of information that you can see inside the paper.

5. Plan Your Time Well

Creating a capstone paper needs planning and managing your time well.

You might need to have a calendar of deadlines and task in order to complete

the paper faster.

6. Do the Writing of Your Proposal

Introduce your paper through a ​thesis statement​. Choose a statement that

is specific. Make sure to include a review of related literature, and cite accurate

sources. Add recommendations for further research.

7. Proofread the Text

After making the first draft, read through it. Make sure that the paper has

proper punctuation, grammar, and logical sequences. The good news is that

there are lots of ​capstone editing services that are available today which can

help make your work easier.

8. Check with Your Research Instructor

Show the paper to your instructor. He can add valuable comments and

insights that you can include in the paper.

9. Finalize the Project Paper

After your instructor has added corrections, you can write the final paper

that you will show for your defense.

10. Make Preparations for Your Defense

The defense can include telling the committee about your topic, whether

it is about ​information technology capstone project or other topics relevant to

your course. You should also include the research that you have done, the

methods that you have used, the findings, and the conclusions that you have



There are other things that you can do in order to make a great capstone

paper. You can get the help of experts online if necessary so that you can save a

lot of time and money in the process.

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