Top Benefits of Bluestone Pavers in Melbourne

In this video you can find information about Benefits of Bluestone Pavers. HL Stone World offer highly durable and weather resitant bluestone pavers in Melbourne area.
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Top Benefits of Bluestone Pavers in


HL Stone World

Are you looking for reliable provider of

bluestone pavers in Melbourne

HL Stone World is one place where you will get wide

range of bluestone pavers, travertine, sandstone and

granite pavers in Melbourne

Where can you use bluestone pavers?

Following are a versatile option and can be considered

for the following architectural applications:-

• Swimming pool

• Driveways

• Garden paths

• Sidewalks or pavements

• Courtyards

• Patios

• Steps

• Entertainment areas

• Fireplaces

Benefits of Bluestone Pavers

• Density:-

Bluestone is considered to be a very thick material. It has the ability to

hold back inconsiderate and unfriendly weather condition. Moreover, it is

even resistant to freeze-thaw cycles.

• Safety:-

• As it comes with a natural rough texture, it is considered to be safe for any

flooring application including the pool areas. Once it gets sealed, it

provides you with the safety you desire around the swimming pool.

• Versatility:-

Bluestone pavers are most suited for outdoor applications. Their texture

and strength make them highly versatile for many applications as

mentioned above. So whether it is a garden path, steps, sidewalks,

walkways or backyard, they turn out to be the ultimate solution.


• Package deals as on Internet – only this month – Supply

and Install – All glue sand- cement- grout included

• Coping Deals- $100 deal

• Sandstone Package deal : coping supply and install

including dip sealing – 600x230x30 bulnose – $100+/lm

• Limestone Package Deal : coping supply and install –

600x230x30 bulnose – $100+/lm

• Paving Deals: – $100 deal

• Sandstone Natural 400×400 – supply and install –


• Sandstone Honed – 300×300 – supply and install –



Stone Paving & Random Crazy Sale

• Item Size Normal $ Special $

• Suede Honed 300×300 $45/m2 $38/m2

• Sahara Honed 300×300 $45/m2 $38/m2

• Blue Stone Lime 400×400 $49/m2 $36/m2

• Blue Stone Lime 600×300 $55/m2 $37/m2

• Blue Stone Lime 500×500 $55/m2 $39/m2

• Blue Stone Lime 800×400 $55/m2 $45/m2


Kitchen Benchtop

• Natural Granite – Cut Polish & install

• Angel white – 1/2 price

• Siberian Forest – 1/2 price

• Surf Green – 1/2 price

Pool Cooping Sale

• Item Size Normal

• Blue Stone Lime 600x340x30B $25/pcs $15/pcs

• Blue Stone Lime 600x240x30B $22/pcs $14/pcs

• Black Stone Lime 600x300x30B $25/pcs $14/pcs

• Black Stone Lime 600x230x30B $22/pcs $14/pcs

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HL Stone World

Address :- 190 McIntyre Road, Sunshine North,

Victoria 3020


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