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Beyond<br />

your imagination<br />

FIRST<br />

ISSUE<br />

TM<br />

International HUDD<br />

Investigate people from<br />

diverse nationalities<br />

Responsibilities<br />

& Rights<br />

Fashion brand<br />

The Dress Box<br />

Welcome to Music in<br />

the Hudd!<br />

A Step into the Past<br />

– A Brief History of Castle Hill<br />

+ April Events Canlendar

3 - history<br />

Step into the Past<br />

- Castle Hill<br />

Map of Content<br />

10 - Diversity<br />

International<br />

Hudd<br />

3<br />

A Step into the Past<br />

A Brief History of Castle Hill<br />

– Seen But Not Known<br />

Identity card<br />

Name: Victoria Tower/Jubilee Tower<br />

Opened: 1899<br />

Designed: Isaac Jones<br />

Built: Ben Graham Firm and Son of<br />

Folly Hall<br />

Cost: £3298<br />

Height: 106ft<br />

Grade II Listed Building<br />

The first article will explore the landmark<br />

of Castle Hill. Castle Hill is an iconic<br />

view in Huddersfield that everyone is familiar<br />

with. It is a symbol of home for many, as it<br />

is visible from many points within the town.<br />

Castle Hill is universally known to those who<br />

live in Huddersfield but how well is its history<br />

known?<br />

4 - Humanity<br />

Rights and<br />

responsibilities<br />

8 - Fashion<br />

The dress box<br />

&House of herb<br />

Castle Hill has become a protected<br />

archaeological site, as it has historical remains<br />

aging back to the late Bronze Age – meaning<br />

it holds over 4000 years of history! During its<br />

early history it is thought to have been a site of<br />

camping for hunters and gatherers. During the<br />

12th Century it became a site of fortification<br />

with the establishment of a castle and<br />

settlement yet was soon abandoned in the 14th<br />

century. Castle Hill found its new purpose in<br />

the early 19th century as it became integrated<br />

into a network of warning beacons.<br />

Its most recent historical relevance created<br />

the landmark we all recognise today. In 1899<br />

to commemorate Queen Victoria’s Diamond<br />

Jubilee the Victoria Tower was built and<br />

remains to this day as a permanent memorial<br />

to her reign.<br />

6 - Music<br />

Music in the Hudd

Responsibilities<br />

4 5<br />

Rights<br />

Rights and<br />

responsibilities are two of the main foundations of<br />

our modern society, but they are rarely discussed.<br />

Young people of today aren’t educated or made<br />

aware of their rights; putting them in a vulnerable<br />

position to be taken advantage of and at risk<br />

of having their rights violated. Similarly, many<br />

people are unaware of their social responsibilities<br />

meaning they are often neglected, but this can be<br />

easily solved. With this article we aim to enlighten<br />

the unknowing on their social entitlements and<br />

responsibilities.<br />

> What is hunam rights?<br />

According to the Equality and Human Rights<br />

Commission, human rights are ‘the basic rights and<br />

freedoms that belong to every person in the world<br />

from birth until death.’ Rights are a central aspect of<br />

protecting our humanity, yet how much do we know<br />

about our rights? Human rights are built around the<br />

inherent values of society, based upon qualities such<br />

as, equality, fairness and respect. The Declaration of<br />

Human Rights lists 30 articles, including rights such<br />

as, ‘Everyone has a right to life, liberty and security<br />

of person’ (Article 3), ‘Everyone is presumed<br />

innocent until proven guilty’ (Article 11) and<br />

‘Everyone has freedom of opinion and expression’<br />

(Article 19).<br />

> The importance of rights<br />

Human rights should be universally applied,<br />

regardless of your background, beliefs or way of<br />

life and they can never be taken away. However,<br />

how far is theory put into practice? As there are<br />

many examples in history of when rights have been<br />

taken away from people, based on such criteria.<br />

The importance of educating people on their rights<br />

is reinforced by the events of the past. Thus, as<br />

a society it is important to know our rights and<br />

responsibilities in order to empower ourselves and<br />

others, to ensure that they cannot be taken away in<br />

the present or the future.<br />

> The difference between rights and<br />

responsibility<br />

While rights are established in law, responsibilities<br />

reflect more upon the expectations of society.<br />

Moral and ethical practice takes the place of law<br />

when discussing responsibilities. However, nobody<br />

is legally bound to responsibilities, yet ethically<br />

individuals are accountable for fulfilling their civic<br />

duty and the actions of an individual should benefit<br />

the whole society.<br />

> What is responsibilities?<br />

The definition of responsibilities, according to<br />

Cambridge Dictionary, is ‘something that is your<br />

job or duty to deal with’ and linking this to social<br />

responsibilities we become obligated to act for the<br />

benefit of society both socially, economically and<br />

environmentally.<br />

> Two types of<br />

social responsibility<br />

There is more flexibility within responsibilities, as<br />

they are expectations not laws, which is evident in<br />

the two types of social responsibility: Active and<br />

Passive. Active social responsibility is by taking<br />

part in activities and working towards goals that<br />

will directly impact society in a positive way. For<br />

example, donating to charity, volunteering, giving<br />

blood and recycling. Passive social responsibility is<br />

the act of avoiding actions that are socially harmful.<br />

It is acting in the expected way, for example it is<br />

expected of us to put rubbish in a bin and not litter;<br />

acts that, for many of us, are engrained within us so<br />

we don’t even view them as responsibilities.<br />

> Conclusion<br />

Rights and responsibilities elevate and uphold<br />

humanity’s key values, which if lost would be<br />

detrimental to society. The video shows that young<br />

people are generally aware of what rights and<br />

responsibilities are but there are questions and<br />

issues that one definitely has to think upon before<br />

answering. This shows that, yes, we may have a<br />

basic understanding of rights and responsibilities<br />

but it is not a solidified and confident knowledge.<br />

To empower ourselves and society we need a<br />

strong understanding of what our rights and<br />

responsibilities are in order to maintain the security<br />

and protection of current and future generations.<br />

> Video:what are you rights & responsibilities?<br />

I wanted to discover how much young people knew about rights and responsibilities so I asked my<br />

colleagues a few questions about their thoughts and opinions surrounding these issues and here is what I<br />

found. Please click the buttom below to see what they say.

Welcome to Music in the Hudd<br />

6 7<br />

Music in the Hudd<br />

is a two-page spread<br />

celebrating the<br />

music of Huddersfield.<br />

Through investigations,<br />

feature<br />

pieces and reviews we<br />

will show you how<br />

Huddersfield’s music<br />

scene is fruitful and<br />

flourishing.<br />

Written and edited by<br />

independent record label<br />

InfiniteVibrations, in<br />

collaboration with KLTV,<br />

we are here to serve<br />

An independent<br />

record label based in<br />

Huddersfield, UK. We<br />

pride ourselves on being<br />

built around a growing<br />

community of creatives<br />

and industry innovators.<br />

Driven by our passion<br />

for music, we do this as<br />

the scene to its fullest<br />

potential. We are<br />

passionate about<br />

music and driven by a<br />

responsibility to find and<br />

appreciate the music of<br />

Huddersfield.<br />

You can find us within the<br />

<strong>ACE</strong> <strong>magazine</strong> every …..?<br />

on the Huddersfield eye<br />

website at ….? You will<br />

also be able to find Music<br />

in the Hudd through<br />

InfiniteVibrations and<br />

KLTV’s social media.<br />

Here’s what Milton brown<br />

“We are InfiniteVibrations.”<br />

we feel it is our social<br />

responsibility to help<br />

up-and-coming artists<br />

gain a footing in the<br />

scene. We want to build a<br />

society of passionate and<br />

dedicated creatives to help<br />

improve the music scene<br />

for everyone; providing<br />

had to say “Huddersfield<br />

has had a massive<br />

tradition in music; as far<br />

back as I can remember<br />

back in the 60s it was the<br />

teddy boys, bluebeat, ska<br />

and reggae. Then it got<br />

into house,<br />

hip-hop and rap. Now,<br />

we see the emergence of<br />

Iranian<br />

music, Hungarian music<br />

and Kurdish gypsey<br />

music… it’s all here! There<br />

is a wealth of diversity<br />

which isn’t being heard<br />

opportunities for people<br />

within the music industry<br />

and creative sectors.<br />

Our overall vision for<br />

InfiniteVibrations is to<br />

become a large creative<br />

community, with inhouse<br />

facilities ranging<br />

from all areas of the music<br />

and we want Music in<br />

the Hudd to address<br />

that.” Now you know a<br />

little more about Music<br />

in the Hudd, it is time<br />

you learned about how<br />

to get involved! Have you<br />

released new music? Are<br />

you hosting an event?<br />

Do you want your voice<br />

heard? If you feel you<br />

have something to bring<br />

to Music in the Hudd<br />

contact us at<br />

InfiniteVibrations0@<br />

gmail.com.<br />

and media industry, to<br />

become the Motown of<br />

this generation.<br />

Find out what we had to<br />

say in an interview by<br />

Journalist Lucy Boyd:<br />

Somewhere between<br />

Leeds and Manchester lies<br />

Huddersfield, a town<br />

that is booming in many<br />

ways. One cultural area<br />

where Huddersfield is<br />

growing is in the local<br />

music scene, with venues<br />

such as The Parish and<br />

Northern<br />

Quarter playing host to<br />

some high-profile acts and<br />

artists like Zebrahead and<br />

Dana Ali.<br />

Another venue that plays<br />

its part for the town is<br />

Small Seeds. Jonas Lapinas<br />

has worked at the venue<br />

as an events promoter<br />

Birds and Beasts<br />

Comprised of Anna and Leo Brazil,<br />

as well as many other collaborating<br />

artists from Huddersfield’s local<br />

scene, the band channel their ideas<br />

and views through songs written<br />

from the perspective of animals.<br />

Described as “if David Attenborough<br />

was in a band” they’ve recently<br />

released their debut album ‘Entwined’,<br />

which is available to purchase online.<br />

Written by Journalist Josh Murphy<br />

and sound engineer for<br />

four years, which includes<br />

the previous incarnation<br />

when it was known as Bar<br />

1:22. Back then, it had<br />

a somewhat industrial<br />

atmosphere with very little<br />

in the way of decoration, it<br />

was effectively just a room<br />

with a stage for bands<br />

to come and perform.<br />

Nowadays, the interior<br />

features a forest-like theme<br />

with trees,<br />

completely unrecognisable<br />

from over three years ago.<br />

“We welcome upcoming<br />

artists and hope to help<br />

them<br />

develop,” Lapinas describes<br />

the concept behind Small<br />

Seeds. “And there’s also a<br />

history behind that with<br />

quite famous artists like<br />

Jon Gomm. He was from<br />

Leeds and he used to come<br />

down to the acoustic club<br />

every week.”<br />

The acoustic club is run<br />

by Lapinas every Tuesday<br />

but he doesn’t want music<br />

to be an exclusive feature<br />

for Small Seeds. “We aim<br />

to be as much as possible a<br />

creative space as well,” He<br />

explains.<br />

“We very much welcome<br />

other people to put on<br />

Here’s the Steeple (Run the River)<br />

Here’s the Steeple, formally known<br />

as Run the River, is a genuine<br />

musician with raw talent and a love<br />

for his craft. Described by 2018’s<br />

Onwards festival as: “Soaring Vocals,<br />

Heartfelt songs”. His newest release<br />

‘High Hopes’ is released on the 26th<br />

January.<br />

events like alternative<br />

nights, film previews,<br />

poetry nights, electronic<br />

Future plans for the Small<br />

Seeds venue include<br />

merchandise; t-shirts,<br />

mugs, guitar pics, tea<br />

towels, and notebooks<br />

made from recycled paper<br />

are just some of what is<br />

under discussion. Also on<br />

the agenda is a café, with<br />

food fairly different to that<br />

of Bar Maroc, the upstairs<br />

counterpart to Small Seeds.<br />

Overall though, Lapinas’<br />

vision of the venue is<br />

mostly about “encouraging<br />

people to focus on mental<br />

health and address issues<br />

around the world.”<br />

Written by James Brickles<br />

Steen<br />

A well-known and respected<br />

cellist who also collaborates with<br />

Huddersfield’s artists, Steen is a<br />

classically trained cellist with a<br />

feat for exploring her own styles.<br />

Embellished by her skill with a looper<br />

pedal – Steen’s music is creatively<br />

captivating and truly unique. She<br />

begun playing music at 8 years old<br />

and at first shied away from the Cello<br />

until it was the only free instrument<br />

left in her class. Influenced by the<br />

darker tones of music.<br />

To learn more about InfiniteVibrations, check out our website here<br />

Contact: <strong>ACE</strong><strong>magazine</strong>0@gmail.com

8<br />

9<br />

Who We be is a new motivational column, written by upcoming fashion<br />

brand The Dress Box. The column intends to encourage positive selfimage<br />

and artistic expression among readers. Over the next coming months,<br />

we plan to unify a community of like-minded expressionairies. Consequently,<br />

creating a platform for local creative artists and designers to showcase their<br />

talents. We will be a source for all the latest fashion related gossip, events and<br />

news in Huddersfield.<br />

Within every ‘I’ is an individual.<br />

Who will you be?<br />

Over the last 4 months, 18-year-old, front end web developer and designer,<br />

Elliott Sheeran has been working tirelessly to produce a stunning new website<br />

for The Dress Box. With a sleek design and enhanced shopping interface,<br />

customers will find it easier to browse through attitudinal garments and<br />

accessories.<br />

Elliott is offering a percentage off deal on web development with his hosting<br />

company, HSXT for any new customers. If you’re interested send him an email<br />

at: contact@elixt.co.uk<br />

The ribbon has been cut…head over to our brand-new site:<br />

www.thedressbox.com<br />

Want to know more about our movement? Watch<br />

the <strong>ACE</strong> interview below and head over to our<br />

social media @the dressbox.co to keep updated<br />

with all the latest content<br />

Interested in living more naturally? Curious about the harmful chemicals in your trusted household<br />

products and toiletries?<br />

If you would think twice about ingesting a harmful substance, then surely you would think twice<br />

about topically applying a harmful chemical. The skin is an organ that absorbs everything, what we<br />

put on our body is just as important as what we put into our body.<br />

From mothers, grandmothers to great grandmothers, washing powder has always been their trusted<br />

house hold friend when it comes to fresh bedding, clean uniforms and no muck, no mess. But have<br />

you ever really stopped to analyse the ingredients in your trusted laundry detergent?<br />

Just how do the whites come out so bright?<br />

The first ingredient label we are putting under the spotlight is Surf’s liquid<br />

detergent. Magnifying glass at the ready…<br />

Optical brighteners – Deceivingly make whites appear brighter. The brightener<br />

is transferred to the fabric during the wash and gives the effect of brighter whites.<br />

The chemicals absorb UV light making the clothes appear brighter. Optical<br />

brighteners or optical illusions?<br />

Perfume – Smell like your favourite flowers? That’s thanks to niffy chemicals<br />

such as Benzyl Salicylate, it is commonly used in cosmetics as a fragrance<br />

additive or an artificial flavour. Butylphenyl Methylpropional (Lily aldehyde) is<br />

also responsible for the potent floral scent in your favourite washing powder. It<br />

replicates the smell of flowers, making it a synthetic fragrance.<br />

Preservatives- Commonly found in cosmetic and household products. It inhibits<br />

bacterial growth in cosmetics by controlling and killing harmful microorganisms.<br />

The family of Isothiazolinones are responsible for keeping chemical mixtures<br />

such as washing powder, fresh before sell by date.<br />

High exposure to these chemicals is toxic to humans. Skin irritation, biocide and<br />

dermatitis are just some of the harmful side effects.<br />

Natural Alternative<br />

Fear not, there is a natural alternative to<br />

washing your clothes. Homemade and<br />

simple, it will rid you of all nasty chemicals<br />

and save you money in the future. Watch<br />

our tutorial video below to find out how to<br />

make your own washing powder at home.

International HUDD<br />

10 11<br />

Investigate people from diverse nationalities<br />

Huddersfield, located in West Yorkshire, is the<br />

tenth largest town in the UK. According to<br />

2017 Kirklees Factsheets, there were 437,047 people<br />

living in this district.Except from the majority<br />

of White, Asian, Black Brithish, 20,000 people<br />

are international residences who come from 56<br />

different countries.<br />

YOU<br />

AND<br />

Based on above background, the new column<br />

named International HUDD has come out. It is<br />

written by people from different countries and<br />

aims to offer a new perspective to explore life in<br />

Huddersifled. The following questions were asked:<br />

why they come to Huddersfield? what do they think<br />

of Huddersfield? What are their special memories of<br />

Huddersifeld.<br />

YOUR<br />

It is not surprising to find that there are many<br />

other cultural events or festivals that take place<br />

every month. Events such as International food<br />

festival, contemporary music festival and so on,<br />

the following issues will lead you to experience and<br />

investigate more.<br />

The first issue is about two cultural festivals held in<br />

University of Huddersifeld. One is Oman National<br />

Festival, the other is Korea and Japan National<br />

Festival, where people can taste delicious food, get<br />

involved in games and make friends with others<br />

who grew up in different culture backgrounds. Let’s<br />

follow my steps to experience and listen to people’s<br />

story from Huddersfield.<br />


WITH<br />


Want to know more details and information or join us to become an editor for this page?<br />

Welcome to contact us via <strong>ACE</strong><strong>magazine</strong>@gmail.com.<br />

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

April Events Canlendar<br />

4th<br />

5th<br />

7th<br />

9th<br />

University Choirs and Early Music Ensemble<br />

St Paul’s Hall 7:30pm<br />

A programme of classical choral music.<br />

Small Seeds in Huddersfield<br />

120 New street 8:00pm til 11:45pm<br />

Sound of underground groove, drum’n’bass, topped<br />

with sweet lashings of sonic wonder<br />

The Holocaust Exhibition<br />

Huddersfield University 12:00 till 4:00pm<br />

Survivor Iby Knill describes her<br />

experiences as a concentration camp<br />

prisoner at Auschwitz-Birkenau.<br />

National Dance Company Wales<br />

awakening<br />

Lawrence Batley Theatre 7:30pm<br />

A unique theatrical experience.<br />

cOMING SOON...<br />

Little britain gig<br />

Spangled Bull<br />

5:00pm til 7:00pm<br />

A Wakefield live band playing<br />

songs from British acts<br />

What's next ?<br />

Much Ado About Nothing<br />

Lawrence Batley Theatre<br />

7:30pm 16th to 20th (5 days)<br />

Production of Shakespeare’s glorious<br />

romantic comedy.<br />

Etching Weekend<br />

75A Huddersfield Road, Mirfield<br />

27th to 28th, 10:30am till 4:30pm<br />

Course about learning the basics of etching<br />

https://www.facebook.com/<strong>ACE</strong><strong>magazine</strong>/<br />

https://twitter.com/<strong>ACE</strong><strong>magazine</strong>0?lang=en<br />

https://accounts.snapchat.com/accounts/<br />

login?continue=https%3A%2F%2Faccounts.snapchat.<br />

com%2Faccounts%2Fwelcome<br />

https://www.instagram.com/ace<strong>magazine</strong>0/?utm_source=ig_profile_<br />

share&igshid=cjlelikfh5ce&fbclid=IwAR1_Y9FooYr2cpY1BpWfPvIb7412X0<br />

mNqlGRv3JArWVceYbAr9g2i-n6vV0<br />

Source: www.creativekirklees.com and www.skiddle.com<br />

14th<br />

16th<br />


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