2019 Annual Report


Rutland Regional Medical Center's 2019 Annual Report

2019 Annual Report

Collaborating for a Healthy Community

Our Vision

To be the Best Community Healthcare System in New England

Our Mission

To improve the health of the Rutland Region and surrounding communities by providing

appropriate, superior, integrated, preventative, diagnostic and therapeutic health

services in a caring environment through the strength of our people, technology and


Our Key Goals

• Quality – We will provide superior, integrated, health services which meet our customer

needs through: excellent clinical outcomes, up-to-date technology, well-maintained

facilities, effective processes, competent, engaged and caring staff.

• Customer Service – We will consistently deliver an exceptional customer experience

which results in high levels of satisfaction.

• Market Share Growth – We will develop new services and expand existing services in

collaboration with others to meet appropriate customer needs resulting in increased

market share and expansion into new markets.

• Information Excellence – We will support the organization’s key processes by providing

excellent information which results in effective delivery & coordination of care, informed

clinical decision making, efficient operations, and improved patient involvement.

• Financial Strength – We will achieve financial strength and stability by maintaining

the health of our community, by optimizing reimbursement and improving our cost

structure to produce sufficient margins, and by increasing philanthropic giving.

• Employee Engagement – We will create an environment where employee engagement

flourishes and we commit our hearts and minds to meeting and exceeding the needs of

our customers and each other.

Sunflower Sunset by Donna Wilkins Photography, North Clarendon, VT

To Our Community…

April 2019 marks my one-year anniversary as CEO here at Rutland Regional Medical Center,

and I continue to be impressed with the organization and our community. This year also

marks my 30 th year in healthcare administration, and I can honestly say that there are

few community hospitals that perform as well as Rutland Regional in the areas of patient

satisfaction, employee satisfaction, quality, and physician engagement. I am privileged to be

leading such a high functioning and well-regarded organization.

The healthcare system in the United States is in the midst of unprecedented uncertainty and

change. Nine years after its passage, the Affordable Care Act continues to be hotly debated in

Washington. Here in Vermont, several of our hospitals are experiencing significant financial

challenges. Rutland Regional is fortunate to have built a strong balance sheet that will help us

weather the storm.

Although we have achieved much success over the years, we are not resting on our laurels

but instead are making strategic investments to position Rutland Regional for continued growth and success. One of the most visible

of these initiatives is the new medical office building project that is starting this year. Named after former president and CEO Tom

Huebner, this new 34,000 square foot facility will provide needed space for our ENT & Audiology, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation,

and Vermont Orthopaedic Clinic medical practices. This is a significant investment that will help ensure the future of specialty

physician services in our community for years to come.

Another important initiative that may not be as visible is our entry into the OneCare Vermont Accountable Care Organization

(ACO). The ACO provides a structure for Rutland Regional to partner more closely with the Community Health Centers of the

Rutland Region, along with other health and social service agencies, to provide more coordinated care to our patients in order to

improve quality and reduce unnecessary spending. Rutland Regional Medical Center’s participation in the ACO will result in better

care for our patients and is in alignment with the healthcare reform goals of the State of Vermont.

This year’s Annual Report is titled “Collaborating for a Healthy Community” and highlights some of the people and initiatives that are

improving the delivery of healthcare here at Rutland Regional. I invite you to read more about how your hospital is working to create

a healthier community.


Claudio Fort,

President and CEO


Our Leaders

Business Leaders, Community Members & Our Employees

Medical Executive Committee

Eric Marsh, MD


Philip Lapp, MD, ECNU, FACE

Vice President

Mark C. Stickney, MD


Bradley A. Berryhill, MD

Chair, Affiliate Medical Staff Committee

Julie Poulin, MD, PhD

Chair, Department of Medicine

Matthew A. Conway, MD, FACS

Chair, Department of Surgery

Jasminder Multani, MD

Member at Large, Department of Medicine

Michael DiMeola, MD

Member at Large, Department of Surgery


Carol Egan, MSN, MSA, RN, NE-BC

VP/Chief Nursing Officer

Claudio Fort


Cort Jones


Melbourne D. Boynton, MD

Chief Medical Director

Harvey Reich, MD, FACP, FCCP

Credentials Committee Report

Scott J. Graham, MD

Chief Medical Information Officer

Section Chiefs

Anesthesiology –

Timothy A. Daly, MD

Cardiology –

Stanley M. Shapiro, MD, FACC, FASNC

Diagnostic Imaging –

Daniel R. Mitchell, MD

Emergency Medicine –

Alison Davis, MD

Endocrinology –

Philip Lapp, MD, ECNU, FACE

General Surgery –

Matthew A. Conway, MD, FACS

Laboratory Medicine & Pathology –

Tony Masuck, MD

Hospital Medicine –

Rick Hildebrant, MD

Obstetrics & Gynecology –

Mary M. Beerworth, MD, FACOG

Orthopaedics –

Eric Marsh, MD

Pediatrics –

Anna McCloy, MD

Psychiatry –

Julie Poulin, MD, PhD

Leadership Council

Claudio Fort


Melbourne D. Boynton, MD

Chief Medical Director

Carol Egan, MSN, MSA, RN, NE-BC

VP/Chief Nursing Officer

Scott J. Graham, MD

Chief Medical Information Officer

James Greenough

VP, Corporate Support Services

Judi Fox

VP, Fiscal Services/Chief Financial Officer

Barbara Robinson

VP, Clinical Services

Brian Kerns

VP, Human Resources

Jeffrey McKee

VP, Community & Behavioral

Health Services

John Wallace

General Counsel, Chief Compliance Officer

Stanley M. Shapiro, MD, FACC, FASNC

Medical Director, Rutland Heart Center

Philip Lapp, MD, ECNU, FACE

Medical Director, Rutland Diabetes &

Endocrinology Center

Mike Solimano – RRHS/RRMC Chair

Joseph Kraus – RRHS/RRMC Vice Chair

Mark Foley, Jr. – RRHS/RRMC Secretary

John W. Casella – Immediate Past President

Mary Beerworth, MD, FACOG

Ron Cioffi

2018–2019 RRHS/RRMC Board of Directors

Denise Clark

Daniel Doenges

Paul Gallo

Joan Gamble

Bob Hedden

Cort Jones

Michael Kenosh, MD

Philip Lapp, MD

Stephen Leffler, MD

Eric Marsh, MD

Edward J. Merrens, MD

Michele Nelson


Leadership From the Community

Rutland Regional Medical Center is

privileged to recognize the individuals

who continue to work diligently to

advance our mission and steer the

organization toward the future. As the

largest community hospital in Vermont,

Rutland Regional is dedicated to

providing the best possible healthcare

to patients throughout our local region

and beyond.

Each member is deeply invested not

just in the success of our hospital, but

also in the success of our community.

“This volunteer board gives of their time,

passion, and intellect to bring forth

innovative ideas that have helped to

make us the best community hospital

in New England,” said Claudio Fort,

Rutland Regional Medical Center

President and CEO. “Rutland Regional

is fortunate to have the leadership and

expertise of business developers and

owners, healthcare experts, financial

authorities and legal professionals, each

bringing their own depth of knowledge

and experience to help guide our


“Rutland Regional Medical Center provides a vital community

service, so it is critically important that our Board of Directors

ensure the highest quality of care and financial sustainability for the

hospital. It is a privilege to serve our community in this way, and a

responsibility that I and members of the Board take very seriously.”

– Mike Solimano, Chair,

RRHS/RRMC Board of Directors

A special acknowledgement to our Board of Directors, most of which are pictured above.

Front Row: Cort Jones, Philip Lapp, MD, ECNU, FACE, Edward Merrens, MD, Board Chair Mike Solimano, Ron Cioffi, Michael Kenosh, MD, Vice Chair Joe Kraus

Back Row: Michele Nelson, Eric Marsh, MD, Paul Gallo, Joan Gamble, Secretary Mark Foley, Jr., Robert Hedden, Mary Beerworth, MD, FACOG

Missing: Immediate Past Board Chair John Casella, Denise Clark, Dan Doenges, Stephen Leffler, MD, TJ Sabotka, CPA, MST


Giving Back for the Future

The Rutland Area Medical Community

Scholarship Campaign came to a close

on December 12, 2018 by raising a total

of $153,542. This completes a threeyear

fundraising campaign to establish

an endowed fund in support of annual

scholarships for students pursuing a

career in the healthcare field.

We are grateful to the many Rutland

area medical community donors –

physicians, retired physicians, and

medical professionals for their generosity

in support of the campaign. Heartfelt

thanks to the scholarship committee

of volunteers who have overseen and

supported this scholarship program

for the past three years, with special

acknowledgment to Dr. Stanley Shapiro

for his vision, leadership and enthusiasm

in guiding the committee and directing

efforts throughout the campaign.

“We are incredibly grateful to the Rutland

area medical community for their

ongoing support of this scholarship

fund,” said Claudio Fort, President

and CEO of Rutland Regional Medical

Center. “Through their commitment and

collaboration, opportunities have been

created to help individuals pursue their

goal of higher education in healthcare.”

Dr. Stanley Shapiro, Medical Director

of the Rutland Heart Center and

Chair of the Rutland Area Medical

Community Scholarship Committee

added, “With the completion of the

three-year campaign, our medical

community has achieved a lasting

benefit that will make a difference for

others from this time forward. There

are a great many to thank and share

in this achievement, and it has been

a very meaningful experience for all

who have been involved.”

“The achievement of this

goal is just the beginning. As

a medical community, we

hope to grow the scholarship

endowment over the next

several years to provide

even greater benefits to the

recipients. The continued

generosity of our Rutland

area medical community,

including physicians,

retired physicians, nurse

practitioners, and physicians

assistants, is a demonstration

of our commitment to the

larger community.”

– Stanley Shapiro, MD, FACC, FASNC


The Rutland Area Medical Community Scholarship Committee is comprised of the following: Stanley Shapiro MD, FACC, FASNC, Committee Chair,

Frederick H. Bagley, MD, Mary M. Beerworth, MD, FACOG, Bradley A. Berryhill, MD, Laura M. Cohen, DNP, ACNP-BC, ANP-BC, Audrey C. Dudzik, MD,

Daniel R. Mitchell, MD, Julie Poulin, MD, PhD, Victor J. Pisanelli, MD, FACS, Heather M.P. Smith, MD, FACP, FHM, Bethany Stack, PA-C, Matthew G. Zmurko, MD

Our New Providers

March 2018 – February 2019

Rutland Regional is pleased to welcome these new providers and to work with them for the health of our community.

They join our Medical Staff of more than 286 providers with expertise in over 37 specialty areas.

Jessica J. Baughman, PA-C

Critical Care

Gerard R. Beaudry, ACNP, FNP

Critical Care

Audrey C. Dudzik, MD

General Surgery

James Flannery, MD

Hospital Medicine

Julia Frankel, PMHNP


James A. Geiling, MD, MPH

Critical Care

Nicole D. Hadeka, FNP


Michael Hurtado, MD

General Surgery

John W. Karl, MD, MPH


Hilary L. Linderman, PsyD


Lee F. Morissette, PA-C

Emergency Medicine

Nina Narasimhadevara, MD


Adam J. Pruett, MD, MPH


Saumya Saini, MD, MPH


Darius Seidler, MD


Leah A. Skypeck, PA-C

Critical Care

Matthew D. Sommons, MD


Jeffrey A. Spencer, PA-C

Emergency Medicine


General Surgery

Rutland Regional Medical Center

has had great success in recruiting a

number of exceptional clinicians to

our hospital. In fact, over the past

year, 18 new medical staff members

have joined our ranks in the specialty

areas of endocrinology, general surgery,

orthopaedics, pulmonology and

psychiatry, among others.

Rutland Regional is pleased to highlight our

two new surgeons, Audrey Dudzik, MD

and Michael Hurtado, MD. Dr. Dudzik

received her undergraduate degrees in

Microbiology and Spanish from Michigan

State University, a Masters from Wayne

State University, and Medical Degree from

Brown University. She completed her

residency in general surgery at Memorial

Health University Medical Center in

Savannah, Georgia, and is board-certified

in general surgery.

Dr. Hurtado received his BS in Biology

from the University of Miami, Hialeah,

Florida and his Medical Degree from the

University of Miami School of Medicine.

He completed his residency in general

surgery at Mount Sinai Medical Center

in Miami Beach, Florida and is boardcertified

in general surgery.


“We are fortunate to have two new surgeons in our practice, both just

out of training. They are very personable, dynamic young surgeons

who bring incredible assets to our established practice. These

individuals, Audrey Dudzik and Michael Hurtado, are both fitting

in well and working hard to be successful and provide good care

in the tradition of Rutland General Surgery. Both myself and Brad

Jimmo, MD continue to strive to provide great care for our patients

and community along with helping our new partners be successful.”

– Matthew Conway, MD, FACS, Medical Director, Rutland General Surgery

Rutland Community Collaborative

The Rutland Community Collaborative

(RCC) was formed approximately five

years ago to improve collaboration

among the community agencies that

both directly and indirectly impact the

health of our community. Over the

years it has built on the success of the

relationships it has fostered to become

the cornerstone of Rutland’s healthcare

reform and population health efforts. Its

multi-layered mission involves bringing

together stakeholders from the Rutland

region to improve the communication

and care delivered across the healthcare

continuum. This is achieved, in part,

by establishing clear, measurable, and

actionable goals for improvement that are

shared among all providers.

The RCC is overseen by an Executive

Committee which brings together the

executive level leadership of all major

healthcare providers in the region to

ensure alignment and engagement

of each organization. The goals and

priorities are developed by the Core

Team which is comprised of operational

leaders representing the different subcommittees:

Behavioral Health, Clinical

Case Review, Transitions of Care, Palliative

Care & Hospice, Data, and Education &

Patient Engagement. Sub-committee work

is brought back to a monthly Collaborative

Stakeholder meeting. While the primary

focus of the Collaborative Stakeholder

meeting is to ensure transparency and

public accountability of our efforts,

it is also a wonderful opportunity for

networking, relationship building, and

celebration of successes. “We know that

change takes time,” added RCC Facilitator

Andrea Wicher, MSW. “People in the

collaborative are aware of this and keep

pushing forward.”

“The enthusiasm of the

RCC participants, and

commitment to the health

of our community is evident

at the many meetings

I have the privilege of

attending. Whether we

are discussing patient

engagement, education,

quality metrics, social

determinants of health, or

palliative and hospice care,

the conversational focus is

patient and family oriented.”

– Kathleen Boyd, MSN, RN, NE-BC,


Director, Case Management


Volunteers Making a Difference

Navigating the many changes in

healthcare is challenging to all hospitals,

health systems and providers, yet

through it all, volunteers continue to be

a strong and supportive presence to staff

at the center of the hospital’s mission

– patient care. Rutland Regional’s

Volunteer Program has been invaluable

since the day Rutland Regional opened

its doors over a hundred and twenty

years ago. The program goals haven’t

changed much in all that time; however,

the department accomplishments have.

When many leisure activities compete

for people’s time, our volunteers

consistently remain committed and

engaged with the hospital’s work.

This year 350 volunteers contributed

52,181 hours of service supporting staff

delivering quality patient care. The

volunteers offer a diverse and wide

range of support for staff, and services

for patients. Their stories are memorable

and their impact immeasurable!


By age:

20% Teens

37% Adults 19-65

43% Adults 66+

Oldest: 94

Youngest: 14

Programs: 35

Volunteer Services Supports Departments Hospital Wide

• Social Work

10,960 hours – 40 volunteers in the

Bridges & Beyond Program assisted

350 clients and drove 209,000 miles

providing transportation

• Emergency Department

3,169 hours – 27 volunteers

• Data Entry/Administrative Support

2,227 hours – 19 volunteers in

11 departments

• Surgical Services

1,091 hours – 16 volunteers in

Surgical Waiting Room

• Food & Nutrition Services/

Environmental Services

1,000 hours – 10 volunteers

• Ambulatory Care Unit

949 hours – one volunteer

• Marketing & Public Relations

800 hours – three volunteers

• Endoscopy

571 hours – 11 volunteers

• Gift Shop

552 hours – three volunteers

• Courier, Animal Assisted Therapy &

Information Desks

30,195 hours – 247 volunteers

• 34 volunteers were placed in eight

other programs – Music, Events,

NAMI, AA Peer Support, Cuddler,

Lactation Support, Medical Oncology,

Community Health Team



Hospital stays can be trying. You don’t

have your favorite pillow, book, or even

shampoo. It’s these little things that can

make a big difference for patients. The

Complimentary Cart Program at Rutland

Regional Medical Center is a welcome

presence that is available to all inpatients

every day.

It began in memory of former Food

& Nutrition Services employee and

beloved volunteer Janet Martin. Janet’s

life was devoted to Rutland Regional, so

friends and family wanted to honor her

legacy by donating funds to start this

program. Volunteers offer items from

the cart to inpatients including books,

magazines, playing cards, lip balm, and

other personal care items. Books and

magazines are donated by staff. Comfort

and activity items are made possible

by donations to the Rutland Health

Foundation specified for this program.

Donations may also be made to the

Rutland Health Foundation’s Grateful

Patient Program which was designed

to offer patients, as well as their friends

and family, a way to pay it forward and

make a difference to other patients.

The Complimentary Cart has also

made it possible for volunteers to

connect with patients and families on

a personal level. It has helped to start

many conversations, provide sources of

comfort, and bring some laughter into

people’s lives.

“There so many stories to tell about our experience as volunteers. We feel we

ease the patients stress and lessen the time staff spends in calming patients

frazzled nerves and anxious feelings; we bring a measure of hope, caring

and even distractions to those patients battling serious illnesses; and we

provide the joy of lively discussions, reminiscence and laughter to others. It

doesn’t matter what we have to give from the cart, it’s more about what we

have to give from our hearts – the shoulder to cry on and the listening ear.

In most, if not all cases, we have been enriched just as much as the patients.”

– Bonnie and Bob Lucas, Complimentary Cart Volunteers


Rutland Regional Medical Center Financial Statement

Balance Sheet 2018 2017


Current Assets 50,478,396 51,983,973

Property Plant & Equipment, Net 81,446,095 81,137,226

Other Assets 3,395,244 5,465,041

Assets Limited As To Use 145,181,512 135,849,615

Total Assets 280,501,247 274,435,855

Liabilities & Net Assets

Current Liabilities 33,593,121 31,690,784

Other Liabilities 5,788,853 8,585,012

Accrued Pension Obligation 595,421 7,244,302

Long-Term Debt 34,468,653 36,264,083

Net Assets 206,055,199 190,651,674

Total Liabilities & Net Assets 280,501,247 274,435,855

Statement of Operations 2018 2017

Gross Revenue 548,537,242 511,529,874

Less: Contractual Allowances 285,705,008 262,280,032

Less: Provision for Uncollectible Accounts 8,597,207 7,056,413

Net Revenue 254,235,027 242,193,429

Other Revenue 15,620,077 12,199,374

Total Revenue 269,855,104 254,392,803

Expenses 268,118,334 250,112,125

Income (Loss) from Operations 1,736,771 4,280,678

Non-Operating Gains (Losses) 10,152,871 16,036,721

Excess of Revenues & Net Gains Over Expenses 11,889,642 20,317,399

Rutland Regional Health Services Financial Statement

Combined Balance Sheet (RRHS & RRMC) 2018 2017


Current Assets 48,345,424 54,048,947

Property Plant & Equipment, Net 81,754,785 81,527,728

Other Assets 3,395,244 5,465,041

Assets Limited As To Use 167,735,612 151,591,071

Total Assets 301,231,065 292,632,787

Liabilities & Net Assets

Current Liabilities 33,675,368 31,740,095

Other Liabilities 7,830,843 10,401,526

Accrued Pension Obligation 595,421 7,244,302

Long-Term Debt, Net Current Portion 34,468,653 36,264,083

Net Assets 224,660,780 206,982,781

Total Liabilities & Net Assets 301,231,065 292,632,787

Combined Statement of Operations (RRHS & RRMC) 2018 2017

Gross Revenue 548,537,242 511,529,874

Less: Contractual Allowances 285,705,008 262,280,032

Less: Provision for Uncollectible Accounts 8,597,207 7,056,413

Net Revenue 254,235,027 242,193,429

Other Revenue 16,545,803 16,791,412

Total Revenue 270,780,830 258,984,841

Expenses 269,407,523 251,838,068

Income (Loss) from Operations 1,373,308 7,146,773

Non-Operating Gains (Losses) 12,790,808 18,435,264

Excess of Revenues & Net Gains Over Expenses 14,164,116 25,582,037

For More Financial Information, Visit the About Us section at www.RRMC.org

Rutland Regional Medical Center’s Fiscal Year 2018 accounting records were audited by BKD, Certified Public Accountants. Complete reports are on file and available for

inspection. On request, this publication is available in an alternate format. Rutland Regional Health Services provides convenient physical access to all of its facilities.


Bowse Health Trust

The Bowse Health Trust was developed in 1996 by Rutland Regional Health Services, the parent company of Rutland Regional

Medical Center. It provides seed money to fund projects in the Rutland region that are aimed at improving the health status and is

guided by the community health needs assessment. Since 1996, a total of 63 programs have been funded, which target residents of

all ages in a variety of Rutland County communities; 78% of those programs are still operating in some capacity. With the additional

$269,994 awarded in this round, the Bowse Health Trust has now committed over $4 million to improve the health of the community.

The next grant cycle will be announced in April 2019. This year’s three grants were awarded to:

Rutland Suicide Safe Care

Hosted by the Center for Health and Learning – $99,774 over three years

The goal is to reduce barriers to mental health services and to decrease the deaths by suicide in

Rutland County. By training a multitude of healthcare, mental healthcare, and social service providers

in the principles of Zero Suicide, the Rutland region will be ready to respond and provide suicide safe

care to all community members. Partners: Community Health Centers of the Rutland Region, Rutland

Mental Health, and Rutland Regional Medical Center.

Mill River ENGAGE!

Hosted by Mill River Unified Union District – $72,220 over three years

The goal is to provide robust out-of-school-hours, opportunities to enhance the academic, social,

emotional, and mental health needs of students in grades 5-8. The program hopes to re-engage youth

with creative endeavors, physical activity, and STEM applications, in order to positively impact the

behaviors and emotional concerns faced by middle schoolers. Partners: Wonderfeet Kids’ Museum,

College of St. Joseph, the MINT Maker Space, Vermont State Parks, and Vermont Fish and Wildlife.

Farm-Based Experiential Learning

Hosted by Vermont Farmers Food Center – $98,000 over three years

The goal is to provide ground-to-table experiential learning surrounding local produce for K-12

students in Rutland County. By helping students discover and participate in how their food is made,

and the relationship of food and agriculture to their own bodies and health, VFFC is looking to

develop a life-long investment in nutrition. Partners: Rutland City Rotary, Green Mountain College,

University of Vermont Extension Program, Come Alive Outside, College of St. Joseph, and Rutland

County Schools.

The Bowse Health Trust Committee members volunteer their time to ensure that funds are distributed to organizations that improve the health of

our community. The Rutland County Partnership for Health Steering Committee works with Rutland County to identify key community health needs.

Bowse Health Trust Committee

Joan Gamble – Chair

Vicky Young – Vice Chair

Claudio Fort, Rutland Regional Medical Center

Judi Fox, Rutland Regional Medical Center

Jeff McKee, PhD, Rutland Regional Medical Center

Nanci Gordon, Vermont 211

Jo Ann Riley, Castleton Community Center

Rick Lovett, MD, Rutland Regional Medical Center

Pam Reed, Rutland City Public Schools

Renee Bousquet, Vermont Department of Health

Caprice Hover, United Way of Rutland County

The Rutland County Partnership for Health Steering Committee

Marlee Mason, VNA & Hospice of the Southwest Region

Brennan Duffy, Rutland Redevelopment Authority

Anne Bannister, RN, Retired School Nurse

Melanie Gaiotti, Vermont Department of Liquor Control

Martha Coulter, Castleton University

Brian Nolan, Porter Medical Center

Sarah Roy, ADAP, Vermont Department of Health

Doug Norford, Rutland Mental Health

Ann Warrell, Vermont Country Store

Lynne Klamm, Retired Vermont State Employee

Peggy Young, RN, Retired Nurse

Matt Prouty, Rutland City Police Department

Randal Smathers, Rutland Free Library

Shannon Kennelly, NeighborWorks of Western Vermont


Community Benefits

Rutland Regional Medical Center’s commitment to promoting health and providing the best care possible is something we

provide all our patients and our community.

As a nonprofit hospital, Rutland Regional is required to record its contributions back to the community it serves. Community

benefits are defined as programs or activities that provide treatment and/or promote health and healing as a response to

identified community needs.

Improving Access to Health Services

Rutland Regional works to promote better access with programs such as the In-Home Asthma Program, Advanced

Directive Volunteer Explainers, and Bridges & Beyond.

Advancing Medical or Health Knowledge

Rutland Regional provides opportunities for continuing education for professionals and providers, as well as classes for the

community on topics like Alzheimer’s, dementia, diabetes, chronic pain, depression and wellness.

Enhancing the Health of the Community

Rutland Regional donates resources and space to many community groups that are working on improving health and

encourages employees to volunteer their time for health programs.

Relieving or Reducing the Burden of Government or Other Community Efforts

Rutland Regional provides low- and no-cost care for eligible residents of our area through a financial assistance program.

True community benefit programs succeed when the activities are aligned with the needs the community has identified. With

the 2018 Community Health Needs Assessment complete, the focus will shift to include the new priorities of supporting an

aging community, mental health, housing as healthcare, and childcare and parenting supports.


Community Health Needs Assessment

Rutland Regional Medical Center has been performing these assessments since 1996; the voice of the community has long been

important to the hospital. The priorities laid out also inform the work of the Bowse Health Trust.

The full report is available at https://www.rrmc.org/about/community-health-needs-assessment

Priorities of Focus for the Next Three Years

Supporting an Aging Community

The population in the Rutland region is aging, with the baby boomers comprising the dominant

generation. Nearly 40% of Rutland county residents aged 65 and older live alone, and there is a 67%

shortfall of geriatricians in the area. Feedback from focus groups and community leaders reflected that

older Vermonters are more likely to want to stay in their homes and maintain their independence than to

move to assisted living. Social isolation and falls are two leading concerns for this population, as well as

supporting social determinants of health including food security and housing.


Nearly one-fifth of Rutland county residents reported severe housing problems in 2018, and nearly half

of renters in the county pay one-third or more of their income towards rent. The aging housing market

and high prevalence of homes with lead paint issues can cause structural issues that can impact people’s

respiratory health and safety, as well as increase the prevalence of pests. There is a growing surge of

bedbugs around the country, and Vermont is no exception. Infestations and unsafe conditions create

barriers for agencies to enter the home to work with families, which creates gaps in social and health

care for people dealing with such housing issues. The needs assessment process and stakeholder group

have identified that stable, healthy and safe housing are a priority for the health of our community.

Childcare and Parenting

More than 70% of Vermont children under six years old have all parents in the workforce. This creates

a significant gap between the amount of childcare provider slots and those who need childcare; in a

national survey, lack of childcare was the primary reason for young women to leave the workforce which

has a negative impact on the economy. Families also take many different forms; there is an increase in

grandparents and extended family who are parenting, as well as families created through fosters and

adoptions. Parents of all forms need support, both with childcare and socially, to help promote a healthy

culture for our next generations to grow.

Mental Health

The Rutland region has the state’s lowest ratio of full-time equivalent mental health counselors to

population at 28.5 FTE to 100,000 people, and slightly more than half of people with mental health

diagnoses are currently in treatment. Nearly one-third of students in Rutland county reported significant

depression symptoms, and 13% reported having a suicide plan. The demand for mental health services

heavily outweighs the available resources. While looking to increase the number of providers available

in the Rutland area, the stakeholders also emphasized the need to look within our community for peer

supports and community involvement for those suffering from mental health issues.


Passing the Baton in Nurse Leadership


Carol Egan, MSN, MSA, RN, NE-BC has

a plan. As the Chief Nursing Officer at

Rutland Regional Medical Center, she

will hand over the position to Betsy

Hassan, DNP, RN, NEA-BC at the end of

July 2019. However, Carol will stay on

in a consultative position throughout

the transition. This carefully planned

exit strategy will allow a seamless

progression as Betsy, currently the

Senior Director of Nursing, Quality, and

Training & Education, assumes the duties

of Chief Nursing Officer.

“Betsy is a natural leader, a great listener,

and very bright,” said Carol. “I’m excited

she will be my successor.”

Rutland Regional is applying for its

third Magnet ® Designation from the

American Nurses Credentialing Center

(ANCC) which is the highest and most

prestigious distinction a healthcare

organization can receive for nursing

excellence and high-quality patient

care. Carol will be working closely with

Betsy in helping to prepare its Magnet

submission and helping to prepare the

organization for the ANCC site visit in

January 2020.

Among the accomplishments Carol is

most proud of are the two previous

Magnet Designations; the strong

relationship with Castleton University’s

Nursing Department enabling us

to recruit new graduate nurses, as

well as offer continuing education

opportunities for current staff; and the

implementation of the Nurse Residency

Program where new graduate nurses

convene monthly for trainings, support,

and relationship building.

“These designations have been critical in

helping us to retain and recruit nurses,”

Carol added. “They provide a sense of

the community we have built within the

hospital. We all know and care about

each other.”

After the baton is finally passed, Carol

plans on spending more time with her

grandchildren, trying to get to every

basketball game and horse show.

“I’ve loved it here. This has

been my family. I know our

transition plan is strong, and

I’m confident in Betsy. I am

also very proud of the nurses

at Rutland Regional.”

– Carol Egan, MSN, MSA, RN, NE-BC,

Chief Nursing Officer

Come Alive Outside Partnership

Over the past three years, Rutland

Regional Medical Center has partnered

with Come Alive Outside, an organization

dedicated to helping adults and children

connect with healthy outdoor activities.

During the spring, scores of elementary

school children converge on land the

hospital sets aside to plant pumpkins

and sunflowers that will be harvested in

the fall. There are also a host of other

activities built into these events that

teach children about nature, recycling,

and sustainability. These collaborations

would not be successful without strong

community alliances with organizations

like Carpenter & Costin, GE Aviation,

Rutland Recreation & Parks Department,

Rutland County Solid Waste District,

Vermont Department of Health, and

Wonderfeet Kids’ Museum.

In addition, Come Alive Outside and

Rutland Regional have launched

programs that incentivize and track

healthy, active behaviors all year long. In

2018, the 100 Miles in 100 Days program

engaged over 800 participants in Rutland

County to establish daily walking habits.

The Park Rx program, supported through

the Bowse Health Trust, works with

primary care providers to write patient

prescriptions for increased outdoor

activities. The Passport Program reached

over 4,000 elementary students allowing

them to earn points and win prizes for

visiting parks and engaging in healthy

outdoor activities during summer and

winter vacations.

“Our partnership with

Rutland Regional Medical

Center is the driving force

behind our efforts to

incentivize wellness through

the joy of spending time

outside. The hospital has

been ahead of the curve for

years by being out in the

community actively driving

the health and wellbeing of

the population that it serves.”

– Andy Paluch, Executive Director,

Come Alive Outside


With Sincere Thanks

Caring for the residents of our local communities has been, and will always be, the mission of Rutland Regional Medical Center.

Every day, our friends and supporters make a difference in advancing the level of patient care at Rutland Regional.

Our Donors

Community support is an important part of our ongoing success, and we continue to be grateful for the overwhelming generosity

we receive each year. With your help, our loyal friends and supporters, Rutland Regional is improving even more lives throughout

our region. Your support, including monetary gifts of all sizes to gifts in memory or honor of a cherished loved one, impacts the

level of care we provide.

With sincere appreciation, we acknowledge our generous donors for their gifts of $100 or more, received between January 1, 2018

and December 31, 2018. If we omitted or misspelled your name, we apologize. Please contact us at 802.747.3634 to let us know so

we may update our records.

$50,000 and above

Mr. Brian Kerns

Dr. Richard Lovett & Bess Lovett

Mark Foley, Sr. & Nancy Foley

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Kraus

The Marsh Family

David & Lyn Wolk

Rutland County Maple Producers

Mr. Bob McConnell



Robert & Louise Bossardt Trust

Happy Cow Cones, LLC

Janet Jillson Memorial Tournament

Ms. Sibyl Kirby

Mr. Walter Nelson

Rutland Radiologists, Inc.

Subaru of America, Inc.


Robert & Victoria Young


Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Giancola

Killington/Pico Ski Resort Partners


Dan & Lori Mitchell

Northern Ski Works

Rutland County Medical Society

Dr. Stanley Shapiro &

Ms. Cathy Baker

Mr. & Mrs. D. Robert Sherman

Mr. & Mrs. Phil Swords

Vermont State Colleges


Dr. Timothy A. Daly & Dr. Margaret A. Daly

Foley Services

Claudio & Brenda Fort

IAABO VT Board 105

Mike & Kristen Kenosh

Ryan Smith & Carbine, Ltd.

William T. Burns Foundation


Alan Woodard Memorial Ride

Ms. Sharon Baker


John & Mary Beerworth

Dr. & Mrs. Brad Berryhill

Dr. Ernie & Kathy Bove

Mel & Lynn Boynton

John & Sue Casella

Laura & John Cohen

Mr. & Mrs. Steve Costello

Judi & David Fox

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Gallo

Mrs. Shelley Gartner

Matt & Marie Gilmond

Gilmore Home Center

Ms. Elizabeth A. Glynn & Mr. Whit Batchelor

Todd Gregory, MD, FACEP, FAAEM

Dr. Deb Henley & Mr. Thomas Deck

Tom & Tricia Huebner

Mr. & Mrs. Sherman R. Hunter

J M Smith Foundation

Dr. & Mrs. Mark Jacob

Ms. Kathleen Jenks

Jewish Community Fund of Greater Kansas City

Suzanne & Cort Jones

Lake St. Catherine Country Club

Dr. Jeff McKee & Mrs. Rebecca Smith-McKee

Mill River Union #40

Traci & Scott Moore

Mary E. Moran

Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Morgan


Shari & PJ Owens

Dr. & Mrs. Michael E. Robertello

VT Society for Cardiovascular &

Pulmonary Health Rehab

Mr. & Mrs. Phil Wagenbach

Mr. Bruce T. Welsh

Whitehall Amish Community

Dr. Matthew Zmurko & Family


Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Gillam

Mr. Andrew Newman

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Swartz

Dr. & Mrs. Fred Bagley

Preston T. & Maryanne F. Billings

Dr. John Coco


Mr. & Mrs. Leo Denis

Michael & Rhona Dorion

Ms. Jeanette L. Griffin

Mrs. Priscilla Hughes

Mr. & Mrs. Dan Latkin

Drew & Jessica Lighthart

Mrs. Dolores K. Mahlmann

Owens Family Foundation

Mr. Howie Stratton

Alison & Charles Davis

Proctor School District

Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Tarr

Mrs. Anne Day

Ms. Bernadette Queen

Town of Rutland

The Family of David & Monica Day

Dr. & Mrs. Harvey S. Reich

Vermont Orthopaedic Clinic

Dr. Sarah Decker & Ms. Martha Ratner

Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Reynolds

Mr. John Wallace & Mrs. Rosemary Kennedy

Suzanne Grace

Rutland Town School

Mr. George Whaling

Douglas Dier, MD

Shinn Family Foundation

Dr. & Mrs. Stephen Wood

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Dimick

Michael & Cara Solimano

Ms. Cynthia Zahn

Dr. Henry R. Dimuzio, Jr.

Ms. Bethany Stack

Dr. & Mrs. John Sussman

Mr. John Turner

Walmart #253


Ann Clark, LTD

Mrs. Bonnie Austin Cluxton

Jack & Alice Blount

Mrs. Kathleen Boyd

Stephen M. Brittain & Laurie A. Brittain

Ms. Jen Burrier

Mr. & Mrs. William Canfield

Castleton University

Dan Cole

Leah Denton

Dr. Michael DiMeola & Dr. Ashley DiMeola

Jim & Carol Egan

Mr. & Mrs. Stan Faryniarz

Dr. Jennifer M. Fauntleroy

Frank N Wilson Trust

Dr. Courtney & Devon Fuller

Mr. Richard Gallo

Gary L. & Cynthia Gillen

Scott & Sarah Graham

Mr. & Mrs. Kamran Hassan

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Hedden

Heritage Family Credit Union

Andrea Hooker

Ms. Jodi Hyndman, APRN

J.K. Adams Co.


Dr. & Mrs. Gordon R. Kelly

Miss Mary Beth E. Kinney

Michele & Dan Nelson

Order of the Eastern Star

Grand Chapter of Vermont

Peace of Mind AA Group

Suzanne & Victor Pisanelli, MD

Mr. Phil Pope

Rutland Regional Medical Staff

Ms. Gerianne Smart

Dr. Heather Smith

Mr. & Mrs. Bob Stedman



Mr. Charles Ams, III

Mr. & Mrs. John Arapoff

Mr. & Mrs. Guy Babb

Ms. Dawn Babcock

Dr. & Mrs. Roger Baker

Ms. Thea T. Baker

S. Carol Bam

Jacqueline M. Becker

Mr. Gary Belock

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bixby


Mr. & Mrs. George Boltres

Mrs. Nancy Bridges

Mr. Thomas Brown

Mr. & Mrs. Jerome Brown

Mark & Joan Brown

Ms. Amanda Brown

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Burns

Care Management Solutions

Carl Durfee’s Store Inc.

Mr. & Mrs. Nick Carmolli

Mr. & Mrs. Herb Carrara

Mr. Brian Carroll

Castleton Elementary School

Mr. & Mrs. Randall Chadburn

Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Chader

Dr. & Mrs. David Charnock

Chittenden Senior Citizens

Ron Cioffi

Mrs. Lise Cioffi


Mrs. Audrey Clawson


Mr. & Mrs. Adelbert Cook

Dr. Seth Coombs & Mrs. Nina Coombs


Ms. Michelle Cordeiro


James & Jessica Cromie

Mr. Neil Cunningham

Mrs. Andrea D. Cupak

Mrs. Linda A. Dotson

Tom & Maureen Dowling

Ms. Reggi Dubin


Dr. & Mrs. Allan Eisemann

Dr. & Mrs. Gregory H. Ellis

Mrs. Nancy Fisk

Mr. & Mrs. Norman Fontaine

Ms. Doris Fricke

Mr. & Mrs. Dave Fucci


G. Stone Motors, Inc.


Mr. Fred Garrow


Green Mountain Sugar House

Drs. Sean Toussaint & Megan Greenleaf

Sara Grey

Mr. Francis Haas

Joshua L. Harris, MD

Michele Havens, PharmD

Heaton & Fisch Dental Associates

Drs. Robert & Katharine Hession

Dr. & Mrs. Baxter Holland

L. Michael Hone

Mr. & Mrs. Henry Hotchkiss

Hubbardton Congregational Church

Hubbardton Forge Corporation


Ann & Martin Irons

Dale & Anne Marie Janik

Ms. Andrea Janny

Mrs. Gay Johnson

Mrs. Kristie Johnson

Mrs. Edith M. Johnstone

Audrey Kerns

Central Vermont Eye Care

Dr. Kim E. Kurak

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Ladd

Lake Bomoseen Ladies Golf League

Philip & Michele Lapp

Mr. & Mrs. John Larkin

Dr. & Mrs. Michael Lees

Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Lloyd


Ms. Kate Logan

Drs. T.Ray and Indra Lovko

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence MacFarlane

Dr. Cesar Magsino, Jr.

The Honorable & Mrs. Theodore Mandeville

Jill Markowski

Mr. Keith Martin

Mrs. Amy Martone

Miss Emily Matthew

Mrs. Irene McCarthy

Mr. & Mrs. Greg McClallen

Ms. Kim McDonnell

Middletown Springs Elementary School

Mr. & Mrs. John Miller

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Morris


Mr. & Mrs. Mike Nagar, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. David Naylor

Neshobe School

New Found Freedom Group

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Noble

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Nordmeyer

Tracy Norton

Mr. & Mrs. Cal Organ

Dr. & Mrs. William O’Rourke

Otter Valley Football Club

Mr. & Mrs. Roger Patch

Marie T. Pavini

Ms. Deborah Payne

Peace of Mind Group of Alcoholics Anonymous

Dr. Patricia Pisanelli

Dr. Julie Poulin & Mr. Jean-Sebastian Gagnon

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Pulcer

Ms. Debbie Quirk

Mrs. Carolyn Ranftle

Jim & Betsy Reddy


Mr. & Mrs. Mike Roberts

Mr. Kenneth Roberts, Jr.

Ms. Barbara M. Robinson

Thomas Rounds

Mrs. Katie Ruby

Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Ruesch

Rutland Country Club

Ms. Debbie Schoch & Mr. Stevenson Walsh


Mrs. Kelly Shannon

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Shortle, III



Mr. & Mrs. John Socinski


Stevens Wilcox Potvin Cassidy & Jakubowski

Ms. Suzanne Sullivan

The Swenor Family

The Vermont Country Store

Mr. & Mrs. William Thomas

Mr. Alan Tiber

Mr. & Mrs. Bruce R. Tobin

Ms. Jessica Trefethen

Mr. & Mrs. Paul and Barbara Trepanier

Mrs. Roxanne Tresch

Mr. Mark Triller


Vermont Railway

Ms. Julie Wafer-Trayah


Mr. Wayne Weseman

Dr. & Mrs. D. Billings Wheeler


Kira Wozmak, MD

Laurie Wright

Tribute Gifts

The following individuals were honored by friends and loved ones who made gifts to Rutland Regional Medical Center in 2018.

In Memory of:

David Austin

Jeanne Bigelow

Jean Birdsey

Jean Blackmer

Diane Bodette

Roberta Briggs

Kay Bruce

James Bucci

Alice Cioffi

Nancy Clancey

John Crocco

Richard Crossman

Jayne Davidson

Marilyn Doaner

Judy Dreher

Richard Duell

Ned Dyer

Patricia Faivre

Shirley Fowler

Ruth Fucci

Judith Gecha

Ernie Gibeault

Richard Gillam

Joseph Grey

Sharon Griffin

Richard Grimley

Glenn Hampton

Kitty Huff

Christine Katz

Martin Keith

Michael LaBate

June Larson

Jeff Larson

Susan Mackey

Daniel McCarthy

Stephen Medlin

Aida Pemberton

Faith Pitlak

Judi Reynolds

Nicholas Ross

Joan Sabotka

Nancy Swords

Louise Thompson

Angelo Tiraboschi

Anita Turner Stanislas

Bob Ward

Robert Wedin

Carol Welsh

Bruce Wetherby

Patricia Wimley

Margaret Wing

Jane Wysolmerski

In Honor of:

Dr. Allan Eisemann

Tom Huebner

Debbie Martin

Ted Salerni

Richard Snow

Erica Zimmer


2018 Special Events Sponsors


The Green Mountain Gala – June 8, 2019

The 26 th Annual Rutland Health Foundation

Golf Invitational – September 20, 2019

VT Great 2•4•6•8k – September 21, 2019


H.P. Cummings Construction Company

GE Aviation – Rutland


BlueCross BlueShield of VT

Carpenter & Costin

TD Bank

Ryan Smith & Carbine, Ltd.

VNA & Hospice of the Southwest Region

Casella Waste Systems, Inc.


Lavallee Brensinger Architects

Cerner Corporation

Heritage Family Credit Union

L.N. Consulting, Inc.

Leonine Public Affairs

New England Air Systems

Strategic Benefit Advisors, Inc.

Family Dental Associates

Moon Brook Contractors


Active Healthcare Receivables

Alderman’s Auto Group

BKD CPAs & Advisors

Carris Financial Group

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center

Downs, Rachlin & Martin

Echo Financial Products, LLC

Fidelity Investments

Foley Services

Interstate Electrical Services Corporation

Mid-Vermont Pathology, PC

People’s United Bank

Rutland Radiologists, Inc

Sibson Consulting

Southwestern Vermont Health Care

The Bank of Bennington

The Pines at Rutland

Thomas Dairy

Vermont Orthopaedic Clinic

Vermont State Colleges

Westminster Cracker Company, Inc.


Kinney Motors

O’Brien Shortle Reynolds & Sabotka PC

New England Retirement Consultants

Artisan Engineering, PC

Back On Track Physical Therapy

Bill Lohsen Plumbing & Heating Inc.

Carpet Warehouse, Inc.

Cornerstone Dentistry

Edgewater Ranzal

Fabian Earth Moving, Inc.

Facey Goss & McPhee, PC

Fiduciary Investment Advisors

Green Mountain Drywall

Green Mountain Power

Killington/Pico Ski Resort Partners

Kitchen Encounters, Inc

Krebs & Lansign Consulting Engineers, Inc.

Niteowl Cleaning

Orthopaedic Health Services

Symquest Group, Inc.

The Royal Group, Inc.

Wilk Paving, Inc.


Sweet Support

Fundraising With a Twist

For Mark and Nancy Foley it began in

2016, with a bright yellow ice cream

truck and a clever name, Happy Cow

Cones. Having been long time and

very generous benefactors of the Foley

Cancer Center at Rutland Regional

Medical Center, they decided to come

up with a creative and fun way to raise

additional funds.

So for the past three summers Mark and

Nancy have crisscrossed the state of

Vermont, parts of New Hampshire and

New York peddling their delicious twist

soft serve ice cream and other ice cold

treats with all proceeds of their sales

100% benefiting the Foley Cancer Center.

Affectionately named “Mr. Moo”, Mark

frequently wears a cow hat, much to the

amusement of his younger customers.

To date more than $92,000 has been

donated to the Foley Cancer Center from

Happy Cow Cones sales.

As Mark aptly put it, “To be honest, I

don’t think we ever realized what would

be involved with this. We get so excited

when we make a deposit and get closer

to our goal. The time we spent on this

is much more than we ever anticipated,

but it feels so good. This has been an

extremely rewarding experience.”

“The money raised from these

last three years of the Happy

Cow Cones activities amazed

us all. We thank Mark and

Nancy so much for their

hard work and dedication

to the Rutland community,

and especially to the Foley

Cancer Center.”

– Allan Eisemann, MD

Generosity Made in Vermont

The Rutland County Maple Producers’

Sugar House at the Vermont State

Fairgrounds is a beloved landmark. For

over 50 years it has been a very popular

destination during fair week featuring

lots of maple syrup, maple candy, maple

creemees and sundaes. In addition, the

sugar house has also been a source of

continuing education about the maple

sugar industry.

The Rutland County Maple Producers

who oversee the sugar house are

a tireless and dedicated group of

individuals who support a number of

organizations in our community, one

being the Foley Cancer Center at Rutland

Regional. Since 2015, they have donated

more than $16,000 of proceeds from

maple product sales to the Foley Cancer

Center in support of cancer treatment

and care. In the fall of 2018, the Rutland

County Maple Producers unveiled their

new maple syrup jug and announced a

portion of those sales will also support

the Foley Cancer Center.

They are a shining example of the

generous and giving spirit of our region.


Rutland Regional complies with Federal and State civil rights laws and does not discriminate or treat people

differently on the basis of race, color, marital status, national origin, religion, age, disability, sex, sexual orientation,

and gender identity. Rutland Regional provides free aids and services to people with disabilities to communicate

effectively with us, such as: (1) qualified sign language interpreters; (2) written information in other formats

(large print, audio, accessible electronic formats, other formats); and (3) free language services through qualified

interpreters to people whose primary language is not English. If you need these services, contact the Social Work

Department or the Switchboard. If you believe that Rutland Regional has failed to provide these services or

discriminated in another way you can file a grievance with the Risk Manager.

Attention: If you speak a language other than English, language assistance services, free of charge, are available to you. Call

1.866.237.0173. Identification number 05701.

French – ATTENTION: Si vous parlez français, des services d’aide linguistique vous sont proposes gratuitment.

Appelez le 1-866-237-0173. Numéro d’identification 05701.

Spanish – ATENCIÓN: Si habla español, tiene a su disposición servicios gratuitos de asistencia lingüistica. Llame al

1-866-237-0173. Número de identificación 05701

Chinese – 注 意 : 如 果 您 使 用 繁 體 中 文 , 您 可 以 免 費 獲 得 語 言 援 助 服 務 。 請 致 電 1-866-237-0173. ID 号码 05701

Vietnamese – CHÚ Ý: Nếu bạn nói Tiếng Việt, có các dịch vụ hỗ trợ ngôn ngữ miễn phí dành cho bạn. Gọi số 1-866-

237-0173. Số ID 05701

Nepali – ध्यान दिनुहोस्: तपार्इंले नेपाली बोल्नुहुन्छ भने तपार्इंको निम्ति भाषा सहायता सेवाहरू निःशुल्क रूपमा

उपलब्ध छ । फोन गर्नुहोस् 1-866-237-0173. आईडी नम्बर 05701

Serbo-Croatian – OBAVJEŠTENJE: Ako govorite srpsko-hrvatski, usluge jezičke pomoći dostupne su vam besplatno.

Nazovite 1-866-237-0173. ID broj: 05701

Cushite – XIYYEEFFANNAA: Afaan dubbattu Oroomiffa, tajaajila gargaarsa afaanii, kanfaltiidhaan ala, ni argama.

Bilbilaa 1-866-237-0173, 05701

Italian – ATTENZIONE: In caso la lingua parlata sia l’italiano, sono disponibili servizi di assistenza linguistica

gratuiti. Chiamare il numero 1-866-237-0173. Numero ID 05701

‏-‏‎1-866‎مقرب لصتا ‏.ناجملاب كل رفاوتت ةيوغللا ةدعاسملا تامدخ نإف ‏،ةغللا ركذا ثدحتت تنك اذإ ‏:ةظوحلم – Arabic

05701 ددع ديدحت .237-0173

Russian – ВНИМАНИЕ: Если вы говорите на русском языке, то вам доступны бесплатные услуги перевода.

Звоните 1-866-237-0173. Идентификационный номер 05701

Tagalog – PAUNAWA: Kung nagsasalita ka ng Tagalog, maaari kang gumamit ng mga serbisyo ng tulong sa wika

nang walang bayad. Tumawag sa 1-866-237-0173. Numero ng ID 05701

Portuguese – ATENÇÃO: Se fala português, encontram-se disponíveis serviços linguísticos, grátis. Ligue para 1-866-

237-0173. Número de Identificação 05701

Japanese – 注 意 事 項 : 日 本 語 を 話 される 場 合 、 無 料 の 言 語 支 援 をご 利 用 いただけます。1-866-237-0173. まで、

お 電 話 にてご 連 絡 ください。ID 番 号 05701

Polish – Uwaga: Jeśli mówić językiem innym niż angielski, usługi językowe, pomoc bezpłatnie, są dostępne dla

Ciebie. Zadzwoń 1.866.237.0173. Numer identyfikacyjny 05701.

Armenian – ՈՒՇԱԴՐՈՒԹՅՈՒՆ՝ Եթե խոսում եք հայերեն, ապա ձեզ անվճար կարող են տրամադրվել

լեզվական աջակցության ծառայություններ: Զանգահարեք 1.866.237.0173: Նույնականացման համարը


1.866.237.0173 ەب یدنەویەپ ‏.ەتسەدرەب ۆت ۆب ‏،ییاڕۆخەب ‏،نامز یتەمرای یناکەیرازوگتەمزخ ‏،تیەکەد ەسەق یدروک ینامز ەب رەگەئ ‏:یراداگائ – Kurdish

.05701 ‏,ەکب

Rutland Regional continues its commitment to our community by using paper that has

a post-consumer recycled percentage of 100% for this Annual Report. The paper selected

preserves trees for the future, saves wastewater flow and conserves energy.

Departments of Rutland Regional Medical Center

Center for Sleep Disorders

160 Allen Street, Rutland, VT


Community Health Team

71 Allen Street, Rutland, VT


Comprehensive Care & Infectious

Diseases Clinic

160 Allen Street, Rutland, VT


ENT & Audiology

69 Allen Street, Suites 1, 3 & 4, Rutland, VT


51 Tennis Way, East Dorset, VT


Foley Cancer Center

160 Allen Street, Rutland, VT


Killington Medical Clinic/iSport Training

3902 Killington Road, Killington, VT


Laboratory Services

160 Allen Street, Rutland, VT


Marble Valley Eye Care

1 Albert Cree Drive, Rutland, VT


Marble Valley Urology

145 Allen Street, Rutland, VT


Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

160 Allen Street, Rutland, VT


Rutland Diabetes & Endocrinology Center

8 Albert Cree Drive, Rutland, VT


Rutland Digestive Services

1 Albert Cree Drive, Rutland, VT


Rutland General Surgery

and the

Wound, Ostomy & Continence Clinic

6 Commons Street, Rutland, VT


51 Tennis Way, East Dorset, VT


Rutland Health Foundation

160 Allen Street, Rutland, VT


Rutland Heart Center

12 Commons Street, Rutland, VT

802.747.3600 or 1.855.RHC.BEAT

Rutland Kidney Center

160 Allen Street, Rutland, VT


Rutland Pulmonary Center

160 Allen Street, Rutland, VT


Rutland Regional Behavioral Health

1 Commons Street, Rutland, VT


Rutland Regional Neurology Center

1 Albert Cree Drive, Rutland, VT


Rutland Women’s Healthcare

147 Allen Street, Rutland, VT


51 Tennis Way, East Dorset, VT


Vermont Orthopaedic Clinic

3 Albert Cree Drive, Rutland, VT


51 Tennis Way, East Dorset, VT


West Ridge Center

Howe Center, 1 Scale Ave Bld. 10, Rutland, VT


Affiliates of Rutland Regional Medical Center

The Gables at East Mountain

1 Gables Place, Rutland, VT

802.770.5263 www.thegablesvt.com

The Meadows at East Mountain

157 Heritage Hill Place, Rutland, VT

802.775.3300 www.themeadowsvt.com

Vermont Sports Medicine Center

Brandon, Castleton, Killington & Rutland

5 Albert Cree Drive, Rutland, VT

802.775.1300 www.vsmc.org

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