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Canadian Vineyard and Winery Management Magazine

editor’s message

Another year,

another harvest.

2018 was ripe with wine production.

Of course, there were a few

obstacles along the way as well

that proved to be a damper in the

Canadian wine industry.

In this issue of Crush magazine, the

Canadian winery and management

publication, we explore how

the 2018 wildfires in B.C. could

potentially affect this year’s

harvest; will smoke taint transform

the quality and taste of 2019 wines?

And what about global warming?

Wineries across the world have

started to notice that they have

gotten an increase in growing days,

allowing the grapes to fully ripen


We also take a look at some

unconventional wines, such as

orange wine and what makes it

unique, as well as a winery in

Ontario which make traditional

wines in an untraditional way. Of

course, let’s not forget the feature

on Winnipeg’s only winery, which

considering the climate of the

prairies, is an interesting business

venture to get into.

We hope you enjoy this issue of

Crush magazine and I invite you to

visit us online at crushmagazine.

ca for more current Canadian wine

news year-round. As always, we

welcome any feedback or story

ideas you may have, so feel free to

drop us a note!


Shayna Wiwierski



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