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Charity highlights worrying decline in

understanding of the Armed Forces

Story: Northern Echo - Georgia Banks

Veterans march

against witch


Story: The Express

THE witch hunt against Northern

Ireland veterans brought

up to eight thousand ex-servicemen

to London yesterday

to condemn what they call The

Great Betrayal.

Massed ranks of former soldiers

were joined by ex-Navy

and RAF personnel for a march

along the Mall to Parliament

to show their anger at the

injustice of targeting veterans

of the Troubles while terrorists

go free. The demonstrators

first marched to Buckingham

Palace where they sang God

Save the Queen, then to Parliament

Square. Ex-Grenadier

Guardsman Roy Brinkley, 62,

commented: “This is tremendous

support for our cause, a

tremendous turn-out.

“It’s fantastic and really heartwarming.

Only by working

together we will beat this


The Daily Express Betrayal Of

Our Veterans crusade has won

praise from servicemen for

championing their cause - but

the witch hunt goes on.

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An Armed Forces charity has voiced its

concern following new figures which show

the public have little understanding of the


The Royal British Legion said the study carried out

by YouGov could lead to a decline in support for

serving personnel. The research found that 69 per

cent of people know little or very little about what

the Armed Forces do on a day-to-day basis.

The study also found that 80 per cent of people

agreed that serving members of the British Armed

Forces make a valuable contribution to society in the

UK. Alexander Owen, head of Armed Forces engagement

at The Royal British Legion said: “Whilst

it’s fantastic that people think our Armed Forces

make a valuable contribution to society, the lack of

understanding of what they actually do is concerning.

“If this figure continues to decline, I worry that

support for those who serve will diminish too.

They support us every day. The least we can do is

support them in turn.”

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