Top 7 Common Windows 7 Problems and Solutions


Today here I'm going to share most common bugs and quick steps about how to repair & fix most common Windows 7 issues. All in one solution is the customer support process of the Microsoft From windows for Mac download to the proper installation process or the further technical issues after installation, you can call the Windows 7 Customer Service or can seek help online from the company for a quick and faster solution.

Top 7 Common Windows 7

Problems And Solutions

Today here I'm going to share most common

bugs and quick steps about how to repair &

fix most common Windows 7 issues

1. DVD Drive Not Found

In most of the cases, it happens when your system may not

found DVD drive & your CD or DVD drive is not recognized by

Windows even when it's visible in the BIOS and using the

standard drive.

Solution: To do so press Windows logo + R and type 'regedit' in

the Run dialog box.

2. Graphic Card Issues

Troubleshoot video card problems - Due to various visual effects,

your graphic card and system memory can start creating

problems for you.

Solution: To do that go to Start button >> Search for Performance

>> Select Adjust the appearance and performance of windows >>

this way performance options window will open.

3. Aero Not Working

Fix No Aero Transparency - Aero theme make your system look

better. If your Aero theme is not fully enabled on your system

try following;

Solution: Try to do it by going to Start button >> type Aero >>

now, click on 'Find and fix problems with transparency and

other visual effects' link >> fill in administrator details and click

Next to launch Aero troubleshooting wizard.

4. Windows 7 theme changes your

custom icons

Customize Your Icons in Windows 7 - There can be certain

side-effects of installing new themes on Windows 7.

Solution: To prevent this situation right-click anywhere on the

empty part of the desktop >> Select Personalize >> Change

Desktop Icons >> Clear the "Allow themes to change desktop

icons" and click OK.

5. Taskbar issues

Fix Your Windows 7 Taskbar - New Windows 7 taskbar can be

problematic for few people as it doesn't clarify whether the icon

on it is running a application or a shortcut is pinned.

Solution: To restore more standard taskbar buttons right-click the

taskbar >> Select Properties >> and set Taskbar Buttons to 'Never

Combine' or 'Combine when taskbar is full'.

6. Missing Explorer Folders

Sometimes it happens when your important folders like

Control Panel and Recycle Bin doesn't display on the left-hand

Explore pane.

Solution: To fix it launch Explorer and click Tools >> Folder

options and check 'Show all folders' >> Click OK and all your

primary system folders will reappear.

Microsoft Windows 7 Technical Support

Phone Number

For more details and information, you can call on the customer

care number +1-800-329-1530. We can easily overcome various

challenges and will give you the best result out of everything.

We think out of the box, and provide you with the best offer

every day.

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